Uyo Lady Arrested for Butchering Boyfriend(Viewers Discretion, Please)

An Uyo based lady has been arrested by men of the Nigerian Police Force for killing her boyfriend and escaping with his Mercedes Benz 4matic and the car papers.

The victim, with the name Chukwuemeka, according to a social media influencer, Vincent Aluu is the only son to the parents and was and importer of products.

All efforts to reach Chukwuemeka by his friends to come clear his consignments proved abortive. He was later found in his pool of blood inside his bed room.

Using the vehicle tracker, the accused was traced to a nearby hotel where she was cooling off.
According to reports, she is singing like a parrot at Ewet Housing Police Station.

Viewers discretion is advised.

You Said I Snatched Your Husband, Do You Want Me To Tell The world Why He Threw You Out-Mrs. Deborah

There was a certain time a lady on social media identified as Eno Patrick called out Mrs. Okezie for Allegedly snatching another woman’s husband, according to her, she commented on a post made by Edidiong Akpan, she said: Mrs. Okezie is trouble herself as she clenched the husband of my friend that was married for 15 years, she also included that God is the one battling for her friend and she doesn’t sympathize with the woman’s circumstances because she is a husband snatcher but only pities the little son who was assaulted.

Mrs. Okezie reacted to the comment yesterday after some weeks and said the lady who her friend accused her of snatching her husband should let her be, she added that the woman has been sending series of messages and her husband wedding photos to her friends and telling them all manner if lies, she added that she will open up on why the husband left the lady for her.

Mrs Deborah Okezie, the mother of Don Davis who allegedly got assaulted in a Deeper Life School has recently taken to her Facebook page as she reacts against a lady identified as Imaobong. According to her statement, she urged Imaobong to leave her son alone. 

She was focused on the fact that the lady had earlier accused her of snatching her husband from her since 15 years ago, but she ignored it. Mrs Deborah claims that the lady is now inboxing her Facebook followers and sending the pictures of her wedding to them.

Mrs Deborah threatens to tell the public why Imaobong’s husband threw her out of the house. She claims that she gave money to Imaobong and also assisted her when her elder brother was sick. Deborah urged her to be careful or else she will disclose her secrets to the public.

“Leave my son, Don Davis alone. I saw the write-up you posted that I snatched your husband from you 15yrs ago, I overlook it. You have being inboxing my follower your wedded pictures. Do you want me to tell Nigerians why he threw you out? 

“After which I gave you money to do business, after you left your elder brother became sick, I assisted you. For the past 15yrs you have been in the life of other men. Why did you choose to make a public show of yourself with Don Davies case? 

“Please be warned don’t let me dry your clothes outside!, respect your old age, let me remind you here that I am legally married. Keep to the order the court gave” — Mrs. Deborah Okezie Stated.

Here Is The Screenshot Of Her Post On Facebook:

The accusation was first made open to the public through a Facebook user identified as Eno Patrick, she claimed that her friend’s husband was snatched away by Mrs Deborah Okezie.

The merge photo above discloses the picture of a Facebook user who claims that Imaobong’s husband was snatched but pictures of Imaobong haven’t been disclosed at the moment.

The husband which is identified as Iniobong Archibong who was said Mrs. Okezie snatched reacted and said: what does she want to achieve in her actions? I have no regrets for my actions he added.

To me the man is old enough to know what’s good for him, another is they can never snatch who don’t want to be snatched and according to her husband, he is proud of his actions and 15 years ago is enough to let the sleeping dog lie.

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Final Year Civil Engineering Student Of Uniuyo Murdered By A Pastor (Sensitive) – Crime

Investigations are ongoing into the murder of Gabriel Bassey Edward in the Ifa community, Uyo, Akwa Ibom state.

A certain pastor from Winner’s Chapel, in the community of Ifa, Uyo, who is a suspected suspect, has been arrested.

Said pastor was last seen by a neighbor leaving Gabriel’s residence last week on Monday with blood stains on his clothes, after the neighbor on the roof shouted JESUS ​​loudly.

The neighbor asked why the pastor had blood on his clothes, but the answer was that he was working at the deceased’s premises and was injured.

Gabriel was assassinated with a machete and objects from the winners’ chapel that were kept in his apartment, as well as some plastic chairs and the church banner, were taken from him.

We have not yet heard from the police about the proceedings so far. We hope to hear a positive response from the uniformed officers to the extent that they have told me that the alleged could take advantage of the financial capacity to exonerate himself, revealed the brother of the deceased.

<p class="has-drop-cap has-vivid-red-color has-text-color" value="<amp-fit-text layout="fixed-height" min-font-size="6" max-font-size="72" height="80">The reason the pastor killed him is reportedly because the deceased wanted to expose the pastor.The reason the pastor killed him is reportedly because the deceased wanted to expose the pastor.

Gabriel reportedly allowed Winners Chapel to leave his items in his apartment, for security reasons. He gave the pastor the spare key for easy access.

After a while she realized that her household items were missing and this had never happened. He met the pastor and followed him to find out where he was living, but upon arrival, he saw his missing household items at the pastor’s home. He informed the pastor about the missing items and allowed him to take the items away.

“We are not sure if the pastor killed him so that his cover does not blow away, as he was killed 2 days after his visit to the pastor’s home.

I am aware that this process will not bring Gabriel back to life, but it would be inappropriate for us to let this slide when we have the opportunity to let his case be handled well and whoever is involved in his murder to be tried in court. I would like to urge all of us to seek justice for Gabriel Bassey Edward. “


Landmark Judgment: Court Orders Union Bank To Pay N5.5m To Two Customers For Failing To Open Account After Collecting Money

The court agreed with the claimants’ counsel that the failure by Union Bank to open an account for the claimants after they deposited money with the bank for that purpose amounted to a breach of contract for which the bank was liable.

The High Court of Akwa Ibom State sitting in Uyo in a landmark judgment delivered on Wednesday, the 25th day of November, 2020 has ordered Union Bank of Nigeria PLC to pay the sum of N5.5m to two men, Mr God’swill Augustine Inyang and Chief Asuquo Thomson Nkana as damages for breach of contract.

<p class="has-drop-cap has-vivid-cyan-blue-color has-text-color" value="<amp-fit-text layout="fixed-height" min-font-size="6" max-font-size="72" height="80">The judgment was delivered by Justice Winifred Effiong sequel to a Writ of Summons filed on the 1st day of February, 2019 by a litigation and public interest law firm, Inibehe Effiong Chambers, on behalf of the claimants.The judgment was delivered by Justice Winifred Effiong sequel to a Writ of Summons filed on the 1st day of February, 2019 by a litigation and public interest law firm, Inibehe Effiong Chambers, on behalf of the claimants.

On 16th March, 2016, the claimants had approached the Udo Udoma Branch of Union Bank Nigeria Plc in Uyo with intention to open a Cooperative Society Account for themselves. 

They were directed to meet one Idiongo Ebong Inyang, a staff of the bank in charge of customer care service. 

After negotiation, the said Inyang demanded and collected on behalf of the bank, the sum of N400, 000.00 and voters card from the claimants and issued them an endorsed deposit slip with a promise that their account number will be issued and communicated to them in a few days’ time.

The claimants waited for over a month without receiving any such message from the bank. 

They decided to go to the bank to enquire why it took so long and they were told to exercise patience, with assurance that the said account number will soon be processed and sent to them. 

This promise was not kept, hence the claimants decided to engage their lawyers to write to the bank for refund of their money but the bank remained adamant despite repeated demand letters and entreaties.

As all options failed, the claimants decided to instruct their counsel to seek redress in court and made sundry claims, including a demand for N400,000.00 being the principal sum they deposited, 10% interest of the principal sum on monthly basis, N20,000,000.00 as general damages and cost of action assessed at N500,000.00.

Union Bank, upon being served with the court processes, engaged the services of their counsel, Jerry Akpan Esq., to defend them in court. 

The case was heard and determined in less than two years which is not a common development in the Nigerian judiciary in cases of this nature.

The bank in their defense called one witness (a staff of the bank). 

They admitted that the said Idiongo Ebong Inyang was their staff at the time of carrying out the transaction but denied giving her such authority to either collect money from customers or open an account for them. 

Union Bank argued that the claimants acted fraudulently with their staff since she never had the prior authority to act in that capacity. 

The bank claimed that Ms. Inyang’s duty was to only receive customers, cross check their documents and then refer them to appropriate units for such transactions.

The counsel to the bank further submitted that the claimants were not customers of the bank since they had no existing account number with the bank. 

More so, that the said Ms Inyang had defrauded the bank sometime in 2017 and absconded with the bank’s money. 

Akpan urged the court to dismiss the suit with substantial cost against the claimants.

In response, Augustine Asuquo, who is the deputy head at Inibehe Effiong Chambers, argued that the act of an agent in law binds the principal based on the principle of vicarious liability. 

He argued that the claim that only people, who have account number with a bank are recognised as customers in law or can have a valid contractual relationship with a bank was erroneous and misconceived, as there are a plethora of ways one can be deemed to be a customer of the bank. 

He submitted that one of such ways is by depositing money for the purpose of opening an account as evidenced in the deposit slip issued to the claimants in the instant case.

The court agreed with the claimants’ counsel that the failure by Union Bank to open an account for the claimants after they deposited money with the bank for that purpose amounted to a breach of contract for which the bank was liable.

Justice Winifred accordingly entered judgment in the claimants’ favour and awarded the sum of N5m as general damages, N100,000 as cost of action and also ordered Union Bank to refund the N400,000 deposited by the claimants for the opening of the account which was never done.

Reacting to the judgment, Lagos-based lawyer and human rights activist, Inibehe Effiong, whose law firm represented the claimants, stated that the ruling will serve as a strong deterrence against corporate greed.

“This is another testament to the sacred role of the judiciary as the last hope of the common man. I hope Union Bank and other financial institutions will realise that they cannot do whatever they like with depositors’ funds. The learned judge has elevated justice and remedied the injustice done to the claimants,” Effiong said.

Udom Emmanuel On End SARS Protest



My dear Akwaibomites

On Thursday, October 22, Akwa Ibom State, an ally in every developmental effort in our country, the cradle of peace and stability, the nest of hope for a better Nigeria, became a victim of a coordinated and premeditated attack by hoodlums and criminals. These vandals came in the guise of #EndSARS protesters and exploited same to put a stain on our State and commit atrocious crimes.

Let me therefore on behalf of the Government and people of Akwa Ibom State express my deepest sympathies to all the victims of the #EndSARS protests all over the country, especially our citizens in Akwa Ibom State who yesterday were brutalized by hoodlums pretending to be protesters.

The #EndSARS protests we know and sympathize with. But the vandals of yesterday we do not know. #EndSARS is an attempt to stop terror. These vandals came to spread terror. EndSARS wants to stop the brutalization of citizens. These vandals brutalized the good, working people of Akwa Ibom State. EndSARS is about stopping extortion and stealing. These vandals stole and looted. #EndSARS is about peace and constitutionality. These vandals committed arson and horrendous crimes.

EndSARS began two weeks ago in our nation when youths protested against the abuse of citizens’ fundamental rights by the Special Anti-robbery Squad popularly known as SARS and against other acts of police brutality. The right to protest peacefully is constitutionally-guaranteed and the protest attracted local and international attention and sympathy.

When the protest came to our shores, I personally addressed the protesters and assured them that their concerns will be addressed expeditiously. I thanked them for the peaceful manner they conducted themselves.
Consequent upon that encounter and to live up to my words, we convened an Emergency State Executive Council Meeting (EXCO) where, among other resolutions, a Judicial Panel of Investigation headed by the retired Justice Ifiok Ukana was set up.

Our State has enjoyed the peace during the protest nationwide, until yesterday, when certain unlawful elements masquerading as protesters took the laws into their hands and attacked citizens and destroyed some private and public property.

Permit me to state here that the most critical responsibility of any Government is to protect lives and property. It is as a matter of fact, the first order of Government business.

There is no responsible Government that will stand idly by and watch the wanton destruction of private and Government assets and property without taking the necessary steps to restore law and order. The declaration of a State-wide curfew yesterday from 9pm to 12noon today which has further been extended to 7am tomorrow was necessitated by the desire of Government to exercise its primary responsibility of protecting the citizens and their property.

Let me commend our youths for the patriotism and resilience they displayed in the protection and defence of our private and Government assets. You all deserve our eternal gratitude and appreciation. You have by such display of fidelity to your State, proved that you are partners in the collective growth and development of our dear State.

Our youths are peaceful, they love their State, the progress we have made so far with the resources available to us, and I know I can count on you to continue to defend our State and all that we stand for.

Government is committed to continually engage our youths in our developmental plans through job creation and other employment opportunities. In the next few weeks, we will commence our bold high level skilled training employment programme tagged “Ibom 3000 Project” which will train Akwa Ibom youths, 3000 per quarter and 3000 per Senatorial Districts in the following sectors: Oil and Gas, ICT, Agriculture and Small and Medium Scale Enterprises. The trainings will prepare our youths for over 1,000 jobs that will be created in the Oil and Gas Free Zone and other job opportunities in the ICT and e-commerce sector.

Also, My Entrepreneurship Goals Programme (MEGP-Batch 111) will start next week, which is another bold and decisive step taken by Government to provide needed education and skills in entrepreneurship so our youths may use the skills acquired to create job for themselves. We hope our youths will avail themselves of these great opportunities.

Finally, let me assure you that we will review the situation and further announcements will be made if the curfew will be extended.

God bless Akwa Abasi Ibom State, God bless our youths, elders, and God bless us all.
Akwa Ibom edakadedda, ami mmedakanda.

Just In:Uyo is Boiling

Government should be decisive and steadfast. The threat of this miscreants may be intimidating,but their strength can’t suppress the will power of government to provide security.

You can’t tell me that this is a protest. It isn’t. It is a sheer act of cowardice. Attacking private businesses and structures in the name of protest is an act of cowardice and criminality.

There is a way to occupying the street in a sincere act of protest without inflicting this unnecessary pains on the already distraught and famished public.



Umo, Editor, National Times

Not that I’m against protest,after all,those who know me can attest to the fact that I used to lead fiercest protests in time past. Now,I may develop some restraints in spearheading this because of age and family responsibilities, but in reality, I don’t hate the ‘game’.

As we are going on with these protests, the kind that is canvassing for on the poster below,let’s do it with civility, let’s be circumspect and wary of antics of bad elements amongst us.

The caption:UYO INDEFINITE PROTEST depicts something serious. There are those who would carry on with the seriousness of the matter within the ambit of the law,also,there are those, especially the street urchins,who WILL seize the window to unleash terror on unsuspecting members of the society.

Pls the organizers of this particular protest should keep measures and parameters on ground to check the excesses of these sons lucifer.

That’s my take…..and I go in peace

Akwa Ibom Correctional Service Gets New Comptroller

CC Akinlola Orisabinone has been announced as the new comptroller of the Nigeria Corrections Service, Akwa Ibom State Command.

The development was confirmed in a statement signed and released by the Command Public Relations Officer, ASC Ogbajie Ogbajie. Orisabinone had taken over the mantle of heading the correctional centre from CC Alex Oditah since August 31, 2020.

The new comptroller was said to have obtained a Bachelor of Arts (History) from the University of Lagos and was enlisted into the service as an Assistant Superintendent of Corrections on the 24th of September, 1991.

Orisabinone is an indigene of Ondo State and have served in various capacities and formations in the NCS as Medium Security Custodial Center Lagos, Owo Custodial Center, State Headquarters, Ibadan, Disciplinary officer State Headquarters, Benin, Officer In-Charge, Okitipupa Custodial Center among others.

Orisabinone was before his appointment as the Acting Commandant at the Nigerian Correctional Academy, Ijebu Igbo promoted to the rank of Controller of Corrections and posted as a directing staff to Nigerian Correctional Academy, Ijebu Igbo in Ogun State.

The new comptroller’s posting to Akwa Ibom was confirmed in the statement which reads in parts, “The Controller General of Corrections, Ja’afaru Ahmed has posted a new Controller of Correctional Service to Akwa Ibom State. The newly posted Controller of Corrections, Akinlola Orisabinone took over from his predecessor, Controller of Corrections, Alex Oditah on the 31st August 2020.”

“The new Controller of Corrections, Akwa Ibom State Command, has served in many capacities and formations.

“He is a seasoned administrator who has attended so many courses within and outside the country. He loves reading, swimming and meeting people. Mr. Orisabinone is from Ileja LGA, Ondo State. He is happily married with children.”