“Let My Wife Come Home’: President Biden Says His Wife Spending Too Much Time With Navajo Nation

Jill Biden travelled to Arizona and then to Navajo territory on Thursday in order to discuss recovery from the pandemic with tribal leaders – but it seems that she is needed back at the White House, as the president misses his wife and can’t stand spending a weekend without her.

US President Joe Biden went off on an odd tangent on Saturday, as he jokingly asked the Navajo Nation to “let his wife come home”, hinting that First Lady Jill Biden had been visiting Window Rock for too long.

“I just want to say one thing to Byrd of the Navajo Nation, let my wife come home. She likes the Navajo Nation too much. She keeps being out there. She’s been out there for two days. She was out there before. I don’t know. You know what I mean? I called her, I said where are you? ‘I’m staying another day’. So, you know, let her come home, okay”, the president suddenly said during the “Leaders Summit on Climate” 

virtual event.

Biden joked that it’s too far for him to commute, but then once again changed the course of his monologue, returning to the discussion about climate issues.

COVID-19: US Hits 11m Cases As Restrictions Increase Ahead Of Thanksgiving Celebration

The United States surpassed more than 11 million COVID-19 on Sunday, as the third wave of the virus continued its uncontrolled spread, new restrictions were introduced, and Americans weighed whether and how they can celebrate Thanksgiving.

The U.S. recorded more than 1 million new cases this past week alone, including 156,416 on Saturday, which marked the eleventh day in a row that the United States recorded more than 100,000 daily cases.

More than a dozen states, including New Hampshire, Maryland, Colorado, and Montana, all broke daily records of cases on Saturday as well. Georgia was the only state in the country to see a decrease in cases over the past 14 days.

In Washington state, Gov. Jay Inslee announced the closure of indoor dining on Sunday, which will take effect at the end of Monday and last through Dec. 14.

He also limited in-store retail to 25 percent occupancy. Indoor fitness facilities and gyms are to fully closed. The decision comes shortly after Illinois did the same.

In Chicago, a stay-at-home order that will last 30 days begins Monday, with Mayor Lori Lightfoot warning that a huge increase in death could result without one.

In Mount Vernon, New York, next to early Covid-19 hotspot New Rochelle, the city also issued a “stay-at-home advisory” that will begin Monday. citing the virus’ resurgence in New York.

In New York City, Mayor Bill de Blasio said Sunday that schools would remain open, as the positivity rate creeps towards the 3 percent that would trigger a shutdown.

In Colorado, Gov. Jared Polis brought his state back into Phase 1, as 1,100 people in the state are hospitalized with the coronavirus. The governor is hoping to increase hospital bed capacity by at least 50 percent, and is asking hospitals to continue planning to convert medical and surgical beds to ICU beds if necessary.

And in Michigan, where officials said soaring case counts could soon lead to 1,000 deaths a week, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer announced a new order Sunday partially shutting down venues like restaurants, bars and schools. The three-week order also limits family gatherings, suspends organized sports that aren’t professional or university-level and extends a mask mandate for indoor and outdoor gatherings.

“We’re seeing more cases in more places than ever,” Dr. Tom Frieden, former CDC director under President Barack Obama, told the “TODAY” show Sunday.

More than 60,000 Americans are currently hospitalized with the virus, which Frieden predicts will rise to at least 100,000 in the next month.

“Unfortunately, that means changing our Thanksgiving plans,” Frieden said, who recommends that people do not travel for the holiday and avoid “crowded, indoor spaces.”

<p class="has-drop-cap has-vivid-red-color has-text-color" value="<amp-fit-text layout="fixed-height" min-font-size="6" max-font-size="72" height="80">“Traveling from one place to another, meeting inside with lots of families for a long time without masks is a formula for a massive explosion,” he said. “Unless we change our Thanksgiving plans, we are going to have a very unmerry Christmas, I’m afraid.”“Traveling from one place to another, meeting inside with lots of families for a long time without masks is a formula for a massive explosion,” he said. “Unless we change our Thanksgiving plans, we are going to have a very unmerry Christmas, I’m afraid.”

As numbers increase, so, too, has the emotional toll on families. In San Antonio, Texas, 4-year-old Raiden Gonzalez lost both his parents to the virus. His father died in June at 33, and his mother in October at 29.

“Just this morning he told me that he wishes he had his mom back and he just wanted her back,” Raiden’s grandmother Rozie Salinas, said.

Healthcare workers are feeling the burden too as the virus only gets worse. “Everyone feels like they ran a marathon and now we’re being asked to do an ironman, and now we’re just tired,” Dr. Michelle Prickett, of Northwestern University Hospital, told “TODAY.”

At Least 40 People Dead in California Wildfires

The wildfires, which started On Monday, also burnt 146 buildings, with more than 1,500 structures threatened

Wildfires this year have left at least 40 people dead in California, according to The New York Times. 

More than 7,000 structures have been destroyed. The wildfires have burned five million acres across California, Oregon and Washington. 

Two new California wildfires forced more than 70,000 people to evacuate, according to the Red Cross.

Four persons were confirmed dead recently after two wildfires spread through California.

The wildfires, which started On Monday, also burnt 146 buildings, with more than 1,500 structures threatened, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

Also, while the wildfires have burned five million acres across California, Oregon and Washington, the Red Cross reported that the two new California wildfires forced more than 70,000 people to evacuate.

“Firefighters stopped the forward spread and have approximately 50% containment. The threat to structures has been mitigated, and evacuation orders lifted, allowing residents to return home. One lane, controlled access on Hwy 16 at Ione Rd. to Old Sacramento Rd,” the fire service tweeted.

“We’ve evacuated, and we are watching the news and watching my district burn again,” Susan Gorin, a Sonoma County supervisor said Monday morning from a hotel in Novato where she had evacuated to.

“I fear that it’s heading into those areas that lost homes and were rebuilt, and I fear they will burn again.”

Cal Fire added that the fire continues to burn in the grass, oak woodland, chaparral and mixed timber.

“Hot and dry conditions are forecasted again today with temperatures climbing into the 90’s with afternoon humidity in the low-teens. Firefighters will aggressively work towards establishing more containment today,” it said.

Helen Reddy dies: Feminist singer of “I Am Woman” is dead

“I am woman, hear me roar” – “I am a woman, hear me roar”, with these words begins Helen Reddy’s greatest hit. The sentences were often chanted as a kind of motto by feminists at demonstrations in the 1970s.

Now the Australian singer Helen Reddy has died at the age of 78. Her family announced this on Wednesday. The feminist hymn “I am Woman” made her famous and in 1972 it was a number one hit in the USA. Reddy was the first female artist from Australia to win a Grammy Music Award.

“It is with deep sorrow that we announce the death of our beloved mother, Helen Reddy, on the afternoon of September 29, 2020 in Los Angeles,” wrote their children Traci and Jordan on their mother’s official website.

Born in Melbourne, Reddy won a talent contest in Australia that enabled her to pursue a career in the entertainment business in the United States. With a version of “I Don’t Know How To Love Him” ​​from the musical “Jesus Christ Superstar” she had her first hit in 1971, but the breakthrough came with “I Am Woman”.

The importance of the soft rock song was emphasized by musicians from subsequent generations such as Kathleen Hanna and Courtney Love, who said in interviews that it was their first contact with feminism. In the movie “Sex And The City 2” the stars sing the song on a karaoke night.

Helen Reddy had numerous other hits in the US, “Delta Dawn” and “Angie Baby” also reached number one on the Billboard charts, “Ain’t No Way To Treat A Lady” and “You And Me Against The World” were further top ten successes. In 1973 and 1974 she was the most commercially successful singer in the world. In Germany, however, it never made it into the charts.

Reddy used her fame as an activist. She told the Canadian radio station CBC Radio in 1972 that she wanted to get into the “hearts and minds” of women. Actress Jamie Lee Curtis said after the news of her death, introducing Helen Reddy at the 2017 women’s march in Los Angeles was “the honor of her life”.

At the height of her fame in the mid-1970s, Helen Reddy also made appearances in feature films. For her role in the “Airport” sequel “Giants in the Sky”, she was even nominated for the junior category of the Golden Globe Awards; she also played the forest ranger in “Elliot, the Schmunzelmonster” (1977).

In the past few years she had disappeared from the spotlight because of dementia. Her life was recently filmed.

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Firm Owned By Nigerian Lawyer Who Allegedly Bribed Judges Flagged In United States For Moving Millions Of Dollars Abroad

The SAR filed on Rickey Tarfa & Co showed 427 suspicious wire transfers, totalling $2,261,181.22, to multiple accounts within the space of six months in 2013.
A law firm owned by Rickey Tarfa, a senior lawyer facing trial over bribery allegations in Nigeria, has appeared in leaked suspicious activity reports filed with the United States’ Financial Crimes Enforcement Network.
Disclosing this, Premium Times unraveled new findings by FinCEN, which flagged some transactions linked to the senior politician as suspicious as it surveilled money movements within the international financial system.

According to the online medium, the SAR filed on Rickey Tarfa & Co showed 427 suspicious wire transfers, totalling $2,261,181.22, to multiple accounts within the space of six months in 2013.
These flagged transfers involving Mr Tarfa’s firm were made through his firm’s EcoBank Nigeria Plc account between May and November 2013.
AFA Press, a UK-based communications agency, received the sum of $4,359.00 into its Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC) bank account during this period from Mr Tarfa’s law firm.
“This SAR is being filed because the continuation of activity for a customer of HSBC BANK PLC-LONDON, AFA PRESS LTD, who received one (1) wire transfer totalling $4,359.00 on 5/31/2013 from RICKEY TARFA AND COMPANY, a client of ECOBANK NIGERIA PLC, and who between 05/31/2013 and 11/14/2013 originated 427 wire transfers totalling $2,261,181.22 to multiple counterparties which appeared to be structured. The activity for AFA PRESS LTD and RICKEY TARFA AND COMPANY was reviewed from 05/31/2013 to 11/18/2013,” revealed the SAR.
In 2016, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission accused Tarfa of bribing judges.
In the charge filed at the Lagos State High Court, the anti-graft commission accused the lawyer of bribing two federal judges to the tune of N8.83m over a period of four years.
Court documents filed by EFCC alleged transfer of money in trances of mainly N1.5m and N500,000 from Tarfa’s bank account number 1002926967 with Zenith Bank, to Awa Ajia Nigerian Limited, a company allegedly owned by Justice Nganjiwa Ajiya of the Federal High Court.
An affidavit signed by G.O Adebola, an assistant detective commander, claimed that the lawyer started making the suspicious payments on  June 27, 2012 with the sum of N1.5m from his account directly to Mr. Ajiya.
On the same day of the initial payment, Mr Tarfar, allegedly paid another N500,000.00 to Mr Ajiya.
Subsequently payment made to the judge were as follows: N500,000 paid on 6 August, 2013; N1.5m paid on 29 January 2014; N835,000 paid on 3 October 2014; N500,000 paid on 22 December, 2014; N1.5m paid on Awa Ajia Limited’s account number 0000971931 with Access Bank Limited paid on 27 October, 2015, N500,000 paid on 30th December 2015 to Awa Ajia Limited; and N500,000 paid to Awa Ajia 8th January, 2016, N200,000 to Justice Mohammed Yunusa on 30th November, 2015.
Other payments are: N500,000 paid on 15t December, 2015 to Awa Ajia Limited, and another N300,000 paid indirectly to Mr Yunusa, through Awa Ajia Limited.
The anti-graft agency claimed alleged that the monies were meant to subvert the course of justice as they were intended to refrain the judges from acting in the exercise of their official duties and therefore contravenes section 64 (1) of the Criminal Law of Lagos State, No. 11. 2011.

So Sad! See Face Of Man Who Allegedly Chopped Off His Girlfriend’s Head Before Dismembering Her (Photo)

Police officers have apprehended a man accused of killing and dismembering his girlfriend.



Police in Kentucky have arrested and charged a man in connection with the gruesome murder of his girlfriend who was dismembered before her body parts were hauled in suitcases all the way to south suburban Markham. 

Police said Melvin Martin Jr., 30, who was initially charged as a fugitive took his girlfriend’s remains on a Greyhound bus to visit family in Markham, traveling more than five hours with the body parts to the Chicago Greyhound station at 630 W. Harrison St. Markham spokesman, Michael Taylor said in a statement that Martin was arrested on Monday at the Markham Public Library after curious family members made the discovery. 

 The spokesman said some parts of the woman’s body were found in Illinois, while the other half was found in Kentucky.  ‘A severed head and other body parts were found in the bags, while police in Kentucky found the woman’s torso,’ he said.

 ‘Martin had been staying with family for about a week, and family members became curious after he asked them on at least two occasions to purchase clothing for him despite arriving on a Greyhound bus in Chicago toting the bags’.

‘Martin eventually moved the two bags to the home’s garage, and the family made the discovery after Martin had left for the library,’ Taylor added. Detectives believe the girlfriend was killed at least 30 days ago with Markham Police Chief Terry White saying the woman’s death could be the result of a domestic dispute that occurred about a month ago. 

When asked by police why he brought his girlfriend’s remains to Illinois, Martin Jr. delivered a shocking reply. “He indicated that, as grotesque as it might sound, that he still wanted to be with at least part of her,” said Markham police Chief. 

Nigerian Man Arrested For Killing Another Nigerian Man In Houston

Nigerian Man Arrested For Killing Another Nigerian Man In Houston

A 22-year-old Nigerian man identified as Ofon Phillip Idiong has been arrested for killing his age mate and friend, Brian Njoku.

The deceased was owing the suspect $40(N15k) and had reportedly been trying to pay via an online banking platform but the money kept reversing into his account.

According to reports, “Ofon picked up Brian and they went to a mutual friend’s house at 8811 Gustine Lane, to watch a basketball match on Monday, September 7,2020.

“The suspect asked for his money but Brian tried to explain the situation. An argument ensued and Ofon brought out a gun and shot him .”

According to City of Houston News, Houston Police Department patrol officers responded to a shooting call at the crime scene and found Brian suffering from gunshot wounds. They administered first aid and quickly rushed him to Memorial Hermann Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The suspect initially fled the scene but returned and was interviewed by Houston police detectives. He was subsequently charged for his role in Njoku’s death.

Nigerian Man Arrested For Killing Another Nigerian Man In Houston


The Houston Police Department wrote in a statement posted on its website: “Charges have been filed against a suspect arrested in the fatal shooting of a man at 8811 Gustine Lane that occurred about 10:30 p.m. on Monday (September 7).

“The suspect, Ofon Phillip Idiong (b/m, 22), is charged with murder in the 337th State District Court. A booking photo of Idiong is attached to this news release.

“The victim, Brian Njoku, 22, was transported to Memorial Hermann Hospital where he was pronounced deceased.

“The security guard stated that prior to the shooting Njoku and another man were overheard arguing in front of the apartment. ” the state read

Nigeria issues new travel protocol for China, US, Europe-bound passengers

The Comptroller-General of Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS), Muhammad Babandede, has directed all intending passengers to China, to obtain COVID-19 negative test certificate before departing for the Asian country.

They are required to take a Nucleic Acid test three days before departure with effect from September 1, 2020.

This was contained in a statement signed by the NIS spokesman, DCI Sunday James, on Friday.

It noted that Chinese citizens must apply for ‘Green Health Codes’ with ‘HS’ mark, while other foreign nationals including Nigerians, are to complete the health declaration forms.

Foreigners travelling to China and Chinese citizens must submit COVID-19 negative test certificates to the Chinese Embassy or Consulate in Nigeria, so they can be issued the required clearance for their journey to China.

It added, “Non-resident Nigerians in Europe and North America are to avoid transiting France pending the lifting of travel restrictions due to COVID-19. Transit passengers to Europe and North America transiting through Paris must endeavour to present a valid permanent resident permit for their final destination and COVID-19 negative test certificate to enable them to gain entry into France.”

The statement further disclosed that from September 1, only French nationals and residents will be allowed into France with respect to the note verbale from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The immigration service advised all China, Europe and North American-bound passengers, to abide by the rules to avoid denial of departure from Nigeria and repatriation from the countries concerned due to non-compliance.