See What I Caught My Wife And Pastor Doing In The A Hotel Room

My spouse mosts likely to church every Friday, I followed her along with captured her with her pastor in a hotel space.

I’m a 42 years partner with three kids. We have actually been joined for 14 years with my other half. We made use of to head to the similar church. However the previous month my partner claimed she nolonger intends to go the church we utilized to go any longer. She informed me that she has located another pythonic church. I didn’t have trouble keeping that said given that I was nolonger mosting likely to church like I used to. I declared it’s alright as long as it is a superb church as well as she mores than happy.

Every Friday my better half would certainly inform me that there is a request solutions on Friday from 6pm to 10pm. I trusted her given that she would definitely take the youngsters with her as well as afterwards come back at around 10:30 pm. Fortunately I bumped in with her family member at neighborhood, she notified me that she is rushing house due to the truth that my partner is consisting of the youngsters whom she needs to look after while she continues to remain in church. I in fact did not state anything, I just specified ok I overlooked she educated. I was stunned because my partner educated me that she greater than most likely to church with them. I got unclear as well as followed her with an unidentified car the adhering to Friday. She went down the youngsters at her loved one. And additionally afterwards drove to South. I followed her progressively, when she got below, she struck the bell at eviction. A guy appeared as well as additionally used her a hug in addition to in addition a kiss. It was a heartbreaking moment to see, I was shattered. I drove gradually and also additionally pass them mosting likely to the space holding each various other. I parked the automobile at the vehicle washing and likewise stroll to the space. Luckily is expulsion was not locked as well as also the door.

I banged within, my loved one Yell believing it is burglary. When I went existed were, I found them with each various other. I angered along with meant to defeat her nevertheless the so called pastor was protecting. Individuals concerned work out the battle given that they heard noise. I left her in addition to additionally mosted likely to bring the children.

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Fake Prophet brutally attacked for ordering women to undress before him and take a bath during a church service

There was pandemonium on Sunday when a Bluffhill ‘fake prophet’ was thrashed in Mbare for undressing and sexually abusing women during church service.

iHarare learned from H Metro that Prophet Jerico Nyika of Chariot of Fire ministries ordered three women from Mbare to undress before him and take a bath during a church service in Waterfalls on New Year’s Day.

One of the victim’s lover who was shown whatsapp love texts sent by Nyika to the victim lured the unsuspecting prophet into a trap.

When the prophet fell for the trap he was bashed thoroughly and asked to pay US$100 for his crimes before rear tyres of his Merceded Benz were removed.


He later got his tyres back after he paid the US$100 fine.

The lover who set the trap for Nyika said he wanted to expose the ‘fake prophet’ for his indecency towards women.

<p class="has-drop-cap" value="<amp-fit-text layout="fixed-height" min-font-size="6" max-font-size="72" height="80">It is a shame that married women are being bedded in the name of deliverance. This came to light after my girlfriend disclosed how they were treated at a house in Waterfalls.It is a shame that married women are being bedded in the name of deliverance. This came to light after my girlfriend disclosed how they were treated at a house in Waterfalls.

They were asked to undress and put on white cloths he claimed were anointed to remove evil spirits which he said were causing bad omen.

They took a bath sprinkled with coarse salt in different rooms where Prophet Nyika would monitor and when he came to my girlfriend he asked to help her in taking the bath and she refused.

He later sent a love message to my girlfriend admiring her body and gave a false prophecy that her lover was not serious with her.

My girlfriend showed me the messages and narrated how they were treated at a house owned by a lady whose husband is based in the United Kingdom.

We agreed to trap the prophet and he drove to this place expecting to take my girlfriend out for quality time.

We removed wheels from his vehicle and questioned him over his conduct to married women and church members and he apologised for making false prophecies and bedding his victims,” said the lover who refused to be named.

The battered and bruised Prophet told H Metro that he was beaten up by two men who odered him to pay US$100 for allegedly sexually abusing one of the men’s girlfriend.

He said he was going to report the matter to the police.

I was assaulted by two men and the other claimed to be a boyfriend to the church member I gave prophecies about her love affair.

The two assaulted me, took some photographs of me and threatened to take me to the border arguing that I was not a local Prophet and I have bruises as we speak.

They went on to remove the back wheels of my vehicle and asked me to pay them for my freedom and I gave them US$100.

They promised to expose me accusing me of bedding his girlfriend in Waterfalls along with three other married women.

His girlfriend told me that she was single and I gave a prophecy concerning her lover that he was wasting her time.

I conducted prayers with the four at a house in Waterfalls; that is true after discovering that they were being tormented by marine spirits.

Uyu musikana wake wacho akamanifester achiratidza kuti ane mweya wech*****bi.

I have since informed my cousin Paradzai who is under CIO and he instructed me to lodge a police report against the two but I do not know their names and if they stay in Mbare where the lady stays.

I saw it better to give my side of the story since I am now living in fear following the assault, said Prophet Nyika.

Three women gang rape one man for 3 consecutive days,fed him with energy drink

A gang of women kidnapped a man and raped him for three days while force-feeding him energy drinks, police said.

The victim, 23, was found traumatized and exhausted after being dumped in a field semi-naked after his 72-hour ordeal, according to cops in South Africa.

Detectives investigating the case said the 23-year-old man had got into a 15-seater communal taxi with three young women.

Police spokesperson Captain Colette Wellback said: “En-route into town the driver changed direction and the young man was told to get in the front.

“One of the women then allegedly injected him with an unknown substance and he passed out and woke up in an unfamiliar room in a single bed.

“The female suspects then allegedly forced the man to drink energy drinks before taking turns raping him numerous times every day for three days.”

The victim, from Nellmapius in Pretoria, South Africa, was dumped in a field in Benoni where he flagged down passing motorists who called police.

He got into the taxi three days previously to get a lift into Pretoria and told officers he had not been allowed to sleep and was only allowed to consume energy drinks.

The police said he lost count of the number of times he was raped.

Captain Wellback said: “The South African Police Service take all sexual offences seriously regardless of the gender of the victim involved.

“We assure all victims of these types of sexual crimes that we will carry out robust investigations to bring all the offenders to justice.”

Any other victims of the female rape gang have been asked to come forward.

Violent crime, including kidnap and rape, is rife in troubled South Africa.

Just yesterday it was reported that a student was allegedly raped, stabbed and strangled to death after she was abducted in a violent carjacking.

Hannah Cornelius, 21, and a friend were kidnapped on Friday night and cops found the student’s body near a farm in the Western Cape province of Stellenbosch the next morning.

Last year three women were arrested for luring a man to a house in Durban, South Africa, and raping him after locking the door and beating him.

The video went viral and it was only when the footage surfaced that it was reported.

In October 2015 a 31-year-old male hitchhiker was picked up by three women in a BMW who gave him a soft drink which had been spiked with Viagra.

He was raped by all three women in the car at gunpoint.

Reese Mann, director of the South African Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse, said nearly 20 per cent of all sexual violations reported to police were on men.

He said: “Male victims of sexual abuse are much less likely than their female counterparts to report sexual abuse because police don’t take it seriously.

“It is a widely accepted myth that if males get an erection during the sexual abuse they must have enjoyed it – but a man being raped can still be erect.”

Meanwhile, police is South Africa are urging any other victims of the female rape gang or any witnesses to come forward.

A South African Lady Says, It Is Hard Dating A South African Man After Having Dated Nigerians.

Retired Makoti


A South African Lady who goes by the name, Retired_Makoti (Oluwaferanmi), and the Twitter handle @Retired_Makoti has taken Twitter, to express her need for help, in view of the difficulties she is currently facing in dating a South African man; after having dated only Nigerian men throughout her dating life this now. She noted that though her current South African lover is treating her perfectly well, still she is finding it hard to transition from having dated Nigerians to dating a South African. This is certainly a very huge appraisal of the Nigerian men who have often be told back home, that they don’t know how to treat women.

According to Makoti, “I am in a relationship with a South African man. That is a real transition considering that I have only been dating Nigerian men It’s hard man” Funny enough, she is not in a bad with a South African man, but in a very good one as she said; “He loves me me so much, gives me, does everything for me, everything is perfect but I’m struggling to transition….help” One will be curious to find out why should a lady be having problem in her mind over a relationship that is treating her to the best of her desire, as Makoti is experiencing? However, she went on to explain the root of her problem, by recounting an incident that happened when she went out with her South African man.

Makoti recounted that “Last night he took me out to this place. The bouncers were Nigerians. Most of the men were Nigerian. I was close to asking him to pick me later. Instead I asked if we could leave, because I knew, if one Nigerian men shows interest, I was going to slip off”. She took such decision because according to her, “i have grown too deeply with Nigerians.️ I have become accustomed to to them, I have become accustomed to their tradition. It is hard to unlearn what Nigeria has taught me, and how Nigeria has taught me to be this diverse woman. Even my Nigerian sisterhood is a deep part of me.”

When asked by one Twitter user, why didn’t She stick stick to one of the many Nigerian guys she had dated, if they were truly good as she claims, Makoti, explaines that she couldn’t stay with any because someone could be perfect, and still not be what she wanted. But that she never had any sad break up with any of her previous Nigerian lover; that they are all still good friends even after the breakups.

Invariably, there must be something with most Nigerian women who never see the Nigerian men are good and caring enough. To these set of women, Nigerian men are scums, as they often popularly referrenced on the social media. It either, most Nigerians men don’t appreciate what they have, or the are struggling with the reality of the inability to practice their fantasy of man and woman are equal.