Transformed Lady tells of strategies side chicks use to Lure innocent Husbands, advises wifes

The issue of cheating in marriages is the main cause of most divorce cases . A repentant lady has disclosed a strategy side chicks use to attract married men and how wives can stop their men from cheating. She took to her Twitter handle to drop a whole thread on this issue.

A lady identified as Deborah Moses revealed that many things get a man to cheat even if they are spiritual leaders eg Pastors and Deacons. According to Deborah, one common strategy “ladies in the world” use to attract these men is the understanding a man lacks in his marital home. “Speaking by experience, it’s the basic truth” she said.

According to Deborah, some married women tend to switch concentration at some point in their marriage especially when they start giving birth to children. The worldly girl knows that he is not given enough attention at home so she’ll try to get his attention. Since the married man is not contented with the amount of attention his wife gives him at home, there are tendencies of him getting attracted to the side chick.

She narrated a personal experience. She met a married man who just wanted someone he could talk with asides having intercourse. Since she was a type of girl that loves gisting, she gave him all the time in the world. He became so attracted to her that he sent his wife and kid abroad. She also revealed that many worldly girls are gifted with the ability of knowing what a man lacks in his marriage and then using that particular thing to attract him. This is one of their strategies.

She further urged ladies to spice up their marital life. Going out on dates, effective communication, having fun, random gists. She finally asked ladies to commit their marriages in the hands of the holy Spirit because it isn’t easy. According to her, she has repented from doing the things of the world.

Screenshot of her tweet

Side Chick Refuses To Leave a Woman’s House After She Was Caught With Her Husband

Marriage is not easy, it comes with different problems and struggles especially when married with a cheating partner. A lot of men go outside their home to mingle outside, some of them invite them to their home whenever the wife is not around.

A woman arrived at her house only to catch her husband with his side chick in their home, she became furious and took some of the side chick’s stuff and asked her to leave.

The girl refused to leave their house, saying that she has no right to touch her stuff and must give it back to her. The husband did nothing but support the side chick, which gave her audacity to insist on not leaving.

See video

After this video went viral on Instagram, many users reacted advising women to change the mindset of rushing into marriage because it is not an easy thing. They also expressed how annoying it is for the side chick to have such audacity. See some screenshots of the reactions below.

Lady Reveals How Married Men Usually Reduce Their Wives Just To Get A Side Girlfriend.

A lady known on Twitter as Jamila Motunrola has revealed what married men usually do that is disgraceful to their own wives just because they want to have a new side lover.

There are some married men who do not only go about chasing small girls but also stoop so low as to talk bad about their own wives just because they want to get that girl to accept their proposals.

The men who cheat on their wives sometimes go as far as denying their wives who are home working and taking care of the house and the kids.

To buttress this point, a lady who is a Twitter user took to her handle to point out most of the things that men say to the small girls they want to cheat on their wives with just for them to accept their advances.

According to her, the men go as far as calling their wives unprintable names, denying the existence of their marriage and even telling the new girl that they are no longer attracted to their wives.

She said “The way married men reduce their wives to nothing just to get a babe will make you question if marriage is really worth it.

“My wife is a pandemic”, “My wife will understand”, “I’m no longer attracted to my wife”, “I’m not really married”, “Marriage is not a prison,I’m a free man”

An Alleged Leaked chat between Omotola’s Husband and his side chic hits the Internet

Nollywood actress, Omotala Ekeinde has been a subject of discussion online in the last 24 hours. The movie star was accused by a blogger, Gistlover on Instagram of ‘mingling’ with former national chairman of APC, Mr. Adams Oshimole. The actress refuted and even called on her fans to report the page. Interestingly, the same blog has publicised alleged leaked chats of the actress’s husband, Captain Mattew Ekeinde with a side chic. This is happening hours after the first report.

In the chat, we see the alleged lovers playing and making plans for a reunion in the UK. The captain is seen inquiring about the girl’s boyfriend and insisting he’ll have to ‘shift’ when he arrives London after lockdown. Read the chats below:

Nigerians have reacted to the story, many emphasing that there is no faithful man in the world. They express disappointed and displeasure on the matter(If true). And fear for the actress’s marriage. Read reactions below:

Do you feel Captain Mattew would want to cheat on a beautiful wife as Omotala? And do you agree that they are no faithful men out there?

Married man nabbed on vacation with side chic after lying he contracted COVID-19

A married Indian man recently became international headline material for making his family believe he got infected with coronavirus as an excuse to run away with his lover.

Manish Mishra, on July 24, 2020, told his wife via phone that he had tested positive for Covid-19 and that he didn’t want to live anymore. After which he switched off his phone, which caused his family to panic.

His wife then sought help from her brother after receiving the bizarre call, and he advised her to file a missing persons report with the Navi Mumbai police.

Investigations however revealed that the 28-year-old supervisor had actually used the virus as a pretext to leave his family and elope with his mistress.

My coronavirus test report has come out to be positive, I can’t live anymore,” a weeping Manish reportedly told his wife during his last phone call, but police checked all the labs near his last known location, and none had tested anyone by the name Manish Mishra.

They then checked in with the logistics company where he worked and learned that he had recently been fired over his alleged involvement in attempted fraud.

But, after talking to some of his friends, it was gathered that he had been having an affair.

“We sent a team to his last known location, where we got his motorcycle and key, his backpack that he carried to work, and his helmet,” a police officer told Indian Express.

“A team tracked its owner to Ratnagiri. Meanwhile, we were also constantly questioning his friends and family. We came to know that he was having an extramarital affair. With the help of information provided by friends, we tracked him in Bhawarkua, Indore in Madhya Pradesh.

“Mishra was fired from work as he had indulged in a financial fraud recently. He had been having an affair for a couple of years and wanted to get rid of his wife and daughter. Which is why he plotted his illness and suicide,” Dhumal added.

Police finally tracked down Mishra to the city of Indore, where he was reportedly living with his lover.

On September 15, he was picked up and taken back to Navi Mumbai, to reunite with his family.