Man lost 150 million Naira to an Investment Scheme Scam

It is one thing to make money and another to invest your money wisely, but in this part of the world, only very few people truly understand the latter hence the unending sad stories of investment scheme scams. Investment as we all know is a great way to wealth building and pathway to generational wealth if executed wisely and as a shrewd and cautious business owner or individual, before you invest in any platform or scheme you must first of all, perform thorough research about the platform to get to know how they work, their terms and conditions and other necessary information. This is to avoid “stories that touch the heart” as there are a lot of fraudulent platforms, groups, individuals masked under the umbrella of Investment platforms yet their major aim is to swindle innocent people of their hard-earned money.

Recently, a Nigerian took to Twitter to publicize after months of fighting depression how he allegedly lost the whopping sum of 150 million Naira to an investment platform which according to him is owned by one Mr. John Okechukwu from Abia State. Narrating his ordeal, the Twitter user who is identified as Samuel Daniel on the bird app stated that he met John Udochukwu Akokwu in July 2019 at Federal Government NPower NCreative Scheme where he tutored over a hundred students on 3D animation for a month. According to him, John Udochukwu was one of his students back then so they exchanged contacts and became friends. Narrating further, he revealed that In May 2020, Udochukwu approached him and made him believe he was a Forex trader while promising him a certain interest in weekly investments.

“I started investing with him, and also got friends to send me their money so I could help them invest. These friends also collected money from their friends and so the chain grew” he said. Fast forward to things, at the end of August, John Udochukwu Akokwu started giving excuses about his bank account being frozen which I announced to the investors numbering about 500 of them. According to him, after some days Udochuchukwu gave that claim, he got friends to check his bank account and they found out that his account is very fine and nothing is wrong with it as he had claimed. Sensing a possible scam tactics from Udochukwu he had to report the case at State CID, Alagbon Police Station, Antifraud department, where he was charged a lot of money to sign a petition against John and for numerous bank freezing court orders, yet nothing significant has been done about the case till date.

The Twitter user further revealed that he has been getting a lot of threats and facing attacks even with cultists and soldiers since the incidents and thus he had to flee to an unknown location for the safety of his life. According to him, he’s currently going through depression and considering suicide.

“The case seems impossible to solve, I’m just tired. Suicidal thoughts have taken over me, I cry every single day. Please, help retweet till someone that can help sees this. Thank you, ” he added in the tweet.

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Nigerian man allegedly swindles his US-based Nigerian married lover of over N40m, properties and more

A Nigerian man who allegedly defrauded a US-based Nigerian woman has been caught and taken into police custody.

The man, identified as one Sylvester Ehiarinmian, 43, made love advances to one Mary Ope, 40, who is married with children, promising to marry her, Assistant Inspector-General of Police in charge of Zone 2, AIG Ahmed Iliyasu revealed.

The married mother fell into the suspect’s scam net, police said and he allegedly swindled several millions of Naira and landed properties out of her.

The victim, who owns a farm in the FCT, Abuja, reportedly had the intention of setting up other businesses in Nigeria and she was introduced to Ehiarinmian as someone capable of providing security to and from her farm.

They got in touch and the suspect was said to have made a love advance to her, with a promise to marry her, even though she claims he was aware she was married. She claims she “hypnotically” fell in love with the suspect who dispossessed her of both cash and property.

AIG Ahmed revealed that the suspect obtained the sum of $15000 dollars from her to procure visa for the victim’s sister, another $10,000 he proposed to purchase carpets for an office they both agreed to operate and N40 million for the establishment of a medical laboratory.

When the scale fell off her eyes, Mary petitioned the Zone 2 Command, Onikan, Lagos, to fish out the suspect.

Ehiarinmian was arrested and the following items, belonging to the victim, were recovered: two Toyota Sienna Space buses (05/07 models) marked RBC 564 BB and YAB 101AZ; two unregistered Toyota Sienna Space buses (05/07 models); Toyota Highlander (01 model), with Registration No. YAB 768 SD; bunch of keys of a storey building comprising two bedroom flats and two self contained apartments.

Also recovered were one bedroom flats with boy quarters in Apo Resettlement Abuja; documents in respect of a ‘900sqm land, located in Wasa District, Abuja along with Certificate of Occupancy (C of O); documents of a 900sqm land, situated in Angwan Tiv area of Apo Resettlement Area, Abuja; a 900kVA generating set and nine copies of Deeds of Assignments for a property in Apo, Abuja.

Yet to be recovered from him are a Mikano Generating set, two duplexes in South Africa, the sum of $15,000 (obtained for the victim’s sister’s visa), $10,000 (for purchase of office carpets) and N40 million he collected from her for the establishment of a medical laboratory.

When questioned, Ehiarinmian denied the allegation, saying,

“I did not defraud her. She is my girlfriend. We had a misunderstanding and she boasted that she had powerful people who would deal with me. Let us go to court, that is what I want.”

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