No one is representing any zone, it’s all for their pockets and family — Sanusi

No one is representing any zone, it's all for their pockets and family — Sanusi

Muhammad Sanusi, the former emir of Kano, says every leader and group in the six geopolitical zones have no interest of the people at heart and that they are only motivated by selfish reasons, Daily Timesgathered.

Sanusi, a former governor of Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), was speaking at The Platform, an annual conference organised by Covenant Christian Centre in Lagos, on Thursday.

The virtual event hosted by Poju Oyemade, its convener, was to commemorate the nation’s 60th independence anniversary.

When asked about ways to solve the crisis and restore peace, Sanusi said Nigerians must recognize that irrespective of political office, every citizen must be good representatives of their beliefs, religion and ethnic groups.

He said those who claim to represent the interest of southerners and northerners due to the political positions they occupy are more concerned about their pockets than happenings in the various areas they represent.

“Ethno-religious crisis is not so much from Nigerians but the Nigerian elites. We have identities in Nigeria but the construction of opposing identities, the political process, is basically the Nigerian elite competing among itself for a share of the national cake,” he said.

“I don’t think that the people who say they are fighting for Hausa, Igbo or Yoruba are really interested. I mean when they get there at the end of the day, it is about them and their families.

“There is nobody out there that is really representing north or south or east. They claim to be if you look out there in the cabinet. In the history of Nigeria, there has never been a government that does not have people from every part of the country.

“So the first thing to recognize is that we must get away from the sense that holding political office is what makes you representative of a people.”

Sanusi while commending the federal government for its decision to remove fuel subsidy also said the reforms being adopted by the government will yield positive results also commended.

Kano Corruption Board ‘Hit’ Ex-Emir Sanusi Again, Accuse Him Of Illegal Land Sale

From all indications, it appears the fight against the former Emir of Kano, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi by the kano emirate, is far from over.

The Ex Emir has been slammed with a fraud allegation by the Kano State Public Complaints and Anti-Corruption Commission who gave him 2 days to respond.

He was earlier asked to appear before the Anti-graft commission in March this year after being accused of fraudulently selling land belonging to the emirate and failing to remit the funds into the emirate council account.

As seen in a letter to the Ex Emir dated September 8, the state corruption body said it was investigating “the mismanagement of some land reserved as ‘Gandun Sarki’ which were spread in many parts of the state” under the custody of the former emir.

According to the allegation, three associates of the ex-Emir were fingered in the fraudulent sales of the land.

The names of people involved are Shehu Muhammad Dankadai (Sarkin Shanu), Sarki Abdullahi Ibrahim (Makaman Kano) and Mustapha Kawu Yahaya (Dan Isan Lapai).

The men were said to have acted on the orders of the ex emir.

Other allegations leveled against the emir include:

In 2016, the Kano Emirate Council had rejected his application to pay a consultant (Messer Apple One Integrated Resources) the sum of N175,000,990.90.

He was accused of going behind the council to effect the payment through the three individuals mentioned earlier.

The proceeds of the sales from Countrywide House Ltd, a firm which is responsible for the development of Darmanawa Phase II made up of about 20 hectares of land and this amounted to N225 million was also said to be mismanaged by the fmr Emir.

The sum of N70,0000,000 was deposited to the account of Harara Turnkey Project Ltd. and as the council noted, the funds were on the same day, moved to Majeeda Farms Ltd.

Majeeda Farms ltd belongs to Sanusi and is being managed by the fmr emir’s brother, Mujitaba Abba.

Further investigations also revealed that the individuals mentioned above as co conspirators, further transferred back the funds to the fmr emir’s personal account No. 2666482899 in a Nigerian bank.

Recall the fmr emir was unceremoniously removed as Emir on the 9th March 2020, by the Kano state Governor Abdullahi Ganduje.

He has been given 2 days to respond to the allegations