Popular Igbo Prophet Caught Red Handed Performing Rituals For Church Members In The River – Video

Popular Igbo Prophet Caught Red Handed Performing Rituals For Church Members In The River – Video

Religion is gradually becoming something else, especially as it has been preached by many that we are currently in the end time. Many people no more have regards for how things are done and those who do either care little or have nothing to say to those who are misleading others.

With the many things happening around religion and especially in Christianity, I have gone the believe that we are actually in the end time as prophesied in the holy book, many would become lovers of themselves rather than the things of God, many also would begin to follow and believe in false prophets other than the truth.

A popular Igbo prophet has been spotted in the bush, in a river performing rituals with some of his church members, youths are lined up and naked waiting for the prophet in the river to perform the ritual. The Prophet is seen holding bundles of fifty naira (N50) notes.

The prophet was seen speaking in languages and spreading the fifty naira notes into the river, he ordered the clients not to look back, he was busy commanding blessings upon them as he continued.

The things people can do for money cannot be comprehended, one would not believe it if they were being told, I trust you also have not believed what I am writing about, wait until you watch the video for yourself. It is not a surprise since the Bible puts it clear that the love of money is the root of evil.

The popular Prophet Onyeze Jesus was seen wearing a white garment and holding bundles of fifty naira notes in his hands, speaking Igbo langue he made incantations and spread the notes both on the water and on the people in the water, the people lined up in the water consists of both men and women.

Many who have watched the video doubt if the people are aware of the camera recording them because he asked them not to look back, towards the end of the video, it can be seen where the prophet slapped one of the people who looked back, he slapped the person and said ‘evil spirit’.

On the camera also, different colors of materials were seen tired to a corner of the tree, some meters away from where the prophet was performing the ritual for the people, nobody knows if they are actually his members, all everyone is saying is that he is a popular prophet in Anambara and that he has been known for money miracles.

Many people have been going to him for solutions to different problems but especially for the one miracle of money, financial Miracles. With the sight, I strongly doubt if this is a real man of God and the way his people responding, I do not think it is the first time.

Check out pictures from the rituals here;

This video strongly agrees with many things that Nigerian pastors have been saying about end time; That many pastors would seek for powers elsewhere, they would go the extra mile to have the power to perform miracles.

The scripture has also warned that the people would be looking for miracles everywhere instead of seeking for God and to know more of Him. This is a clear evidence of the end time

See the video and what the pastor was doing here…

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You’ve got Choices to make…. Jesus, the word of God or others

Late Millionaire, Ginimbi’s Not a Ritualist, Housekeeper Of 15 Years Speaks On the alleged Juju And Sacred Rooms in the house (Video)

Businessman and Socialite Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure’s death has sparked debate on mainstream and social media regarding the source of his wealth and his life in general.


On social media, Genius Kadungure was the boss, he was a larger than life character, with followers who adored him.

While many saw him as a party animal, his manager of seven years Shaleen Nullens says he was a hard worker, with over 200 employees in Zimbabwe, Botswana and South Africa.

“Ginimbi was a hard worker, he was focused and wanted results; he was also very innovative and had a business acumen and knew which deals to strike,” she said.

His maid of 15 years, Ms Fatuma Chikowore dismissed allegations that her former boss was involved with the underworld.

“I have known Ginimbi for 15 years, he was a good boss with a good heart always ready to step in. What social media is saying about rituals is utter nonsense, there is no sacred room in this house and whenever he was around he would spend most of his time home,” she said.

Ginimbi Genius
Ginimbi Genius

The community says it has lost its anchor.

“He was our umbrella and whenever we encountered problems he would assist, he brought development to our area,” said the village head man.

While many will remember him as a flamboyant social media character, to the people of Domboshava he will forever be remembered as the man who brought America to Domboshava as evidenced by his expensive fleet of imported cars and his mansion.


Ginimbi is expected to be buried at his Domboshava homestead this Saturday.

Watch video below:

The father of Zimbabwean millionaire, Genius Kadungure a.k.a Ginimbi has confirmed that his son had one secret child before he died.

Speaking at an interview about his son’s death, Mr. Anderson seemed hard hit by the death of Ginimbi but not surprised with the cause of death as he knows him to be a speedster.

I received a call that he had been involved in an accident. We know he used to speed on the roads, so we were not shocked as the person who was phoning was crying,”

“When we arrived at the accident scene, we saw his car in flames and he was sleeping by the side. He was my second born. Now only two girls are left after the death of the two boys.”

When he was asked about a child who would survive Ginimbi, the father mentioned a secret son Ginimbi had but could not recall his name since he had little knowledge of him.


These boys would jump from one woman to the other, so you would never understand them. We only know of one, but I don’t know the name since we did not stay with him/her,”

A young lady by the name, Tinas he Sambiri claims to be the daughter of the late Zimbabwean millionaire, Ginimbi.

In a photo making rounds on social media, Tinashe claims to be the daughter of the late businessman as she shared a photo of herself with him with the caption “Why dad….Honestly broken”, with crying emojis.

See image below:

The ex-wife of the young billionaire of Zimbabwe Genius Ginimbi, Zodwa Mkandla popularly known as Zozo who is a successful entrepreneur from Zimbabwe who manages her company Traverse; a leisure and business travel.

Zozo was born in Bubi, Matabeleland in Zimbabwe. She studied at Mqwassini in the Bundus before moving to Harare to further her education. Her marriage with the deceased was not well known by the public until Zozo disclosed it in court when he was called in the dock as a witness to Ginimbi in 2018.

Nelia Kadungure, sister of Ginimbi shared her last chat with her brother before his death.

Nelia who is still mourning the death of her brother, has shared the screenshot of the last conversation they had on WhatsApp before his death.

The grieving sister also took to her Instagram page to state her disbelief about the news of her brothers death.

Sharing a photo of her lovely brother Ginimbi, she wrote,

“💔is this real😭”.

Until Ginimbi’s death, Nelia seemed to have a very close relationship with her brother, as a tour on her Instagram page shows she oftens shares photo of him and constantly showered praises on him.

Similarly, she usually posts lovely photos of herself chilling in her brother’s luxurious house.

However, fans and followers have taken to comment section to express their condolence.

See screenshot of their last chat below,

Lady shares screenshots of chat with man who offered her 150k per day to eat her Feaces (poo poo)

A Nigerian lady has taken to social media to call out a man who offered her 150k so she could do some very weird fetishes with him daily.

Sharing the story on Facebook, the lady, Britney Sophia Mark narrated how the guy known as Samson Obiaze had chatted her up, made his intentions known, then went ahead to make her an offer of 150k to eat her faeces, an offer she outrightly rejected.

He also offered her an extra 50,000 naira to make it N200k so that he can drink her menses, which really disgusted her.

The guy revealed that he wishes to suck her anus for one month and even after she visits the toilet.

She warned him never to send such disgusting messages to her, and he replied by blasting her that she just wants to throw away N150k.

Sophia shared screenshots of their chat and wrote;

“For the very first time… I’m dragging an idiot. A Ritualist! Samson Obiaze Because I warned him, nobody should preach to me o, why I should have just blocked him. I will Drag him here , then block him. Because this boy here wants to be Mad!

“This person is not even on my list. He came to my post & asked me to check my inbox. His profile wasn’t familiar but yet I checked my inbox, no message, then, I went to message request & this idiot is insulting his Head!”

See their conversation below;

I was blackmailed, I do not do blood rituals on my patients – Dr Anu

Dr. Anu Adepoju’s clinic in Lagos was the place to be for cosmetic surgery. Ladies stormed the place for liposuction, hips, butt and breast enlargement. Suddenly, stories of badly done surgeries started emerging. At a point, a lady allegedly died after a cosmetic surgery in the clinic. Thereafter, the clinic was shut and Anu arraigned in court. Is she guilty as charged? 

Instagram Investigative gist giver aka Gistlover accused cosmetic surgery doctor, Dr. Anu of Med contour – the one dragged for a botched surgery, for involving in rituals. The blogger had previously sworn to call out the doctor.

According to Gistlover, Dr. Anu, and Fifi, the moon have a herbalist whose shrine is at Ilasan close to Elagushi. She claims that apart from being a herbalist, ‘He dabbles in a loooooooot of dark craft on their behalf’.


Gistlover also claimed Dr. Anu, Fifi, and another lady named Constance (orisaronke) recruit other females in Lekki seeking riches. She said, Dr. ANu is a quack and that she extracts blood, hair, and other body fluids from her clients when they are unconscious for dark ritual purposes.

Read Gistlover’s full revelation here;

“Heloo Tueh Tueh, So Aanu doesn’t just have a policewoman backings, She and Fifi d moon have a Babalawo (herbalist) his name is Opemoluwa Kehinde Anipupo.

He is also the official herbalist of a popular monarch in Lagos (name withheld) His home and shrine is at ilasan very close to the egungun groove of ikate elegushi kingdom.

Asides from doing regular Ifa (herbalist) spiritual work for them. He dabbles in a loooooooot of dark craft on their behalf.

Fifi, Aanu, one Igbo girl, they call Constance (orisaronke) The three of them now recruit other females in lekki seeking riches or fame or just trying to sort out some life challenges. not only is Aanu a quack.

When people are laying unconscious on her table, she allegedly extracts blood, hair, and other body fluids for dark ritualistic purposes. And anipupo helps them do the dirty spiritual job. Their Babalawo. That’s his name.


When someone dies on Aanu’s table Anipupo is the one to make sure the case never succeeds. And not just that, don’t forget the patients are also being used for dark rituals, so they end up with energy drain, financial drain. Basically they become useless.

Except for people like that tee girl who has a strong and solid God behind them. So many of them cant fight. They just go away, with physical and/or spiritual deformities.

When the first story of the beauty queen broke, it was because Fifi and Aanu were fighting then so she stepped aside and withdrew Anipupo from doing the usual.

“I was blackmailed, I do not do blood rituals on my patients” – Dr Anu of Medcontour responds to allegations

Dr Anu Adepoju, Founder, Medcontour Medical and Laser Hospital in Lagos, has debunked rumours and allegations levied against her by social media users.

Aanu had to go back to beg Fifi, then they killed the case their usual way. They all work in a ring, with Anipupi for their rituals. And they have different ways of fulfilling their pledge.

In February 2019, Dr. Anu was called out for the death of an ex-beauty queen Nneka who developed complications after a botched surgery. This year, popular social media user @omohtee took to twitter to tell the world about the surgery she had allegedly undergone with Dr. Anu and the complications she suffered from it.


Omohtee said she has been visiting the hospital but nothing was done by Dr. Anu as she kept assuring her she’ll be alright. She is still receiving treatment from another hospital due to the bad surgery.

Though Dr. Anu, who is allegedly a 2016 graduate of the College of Medicine, University of Lagos, came out to refute some of the previous accusations and those calling her incompetent, saying the patients don’t take to instructions after surgeries leading to complications and which the blame the doctor.

On the part of being a ritualist, she refuted the claim saying that is a blatant lie and not a possible thing to do as there are nurses and other people usually around during surgeries. Moreover, patients are usually awake during surgeries so, taking of blood or doing anything unprofessional is very impossible.

On getting Omohtee arrested and FCCPC shutting down her clinic she said;

“Yes, I got her arrested because all she posted about me made FCCPC come to my clinic and shut it down. FCCPC without trying to call, or checking if those things were true just acted on what they saw on social media. They did no investigation. They even addressed me as Dr Anu Fella. My name is not Dr Anu Fella. I reported this to the Nigerian Medical Association and they have written to them. FCCPC also told them I was not a registered doctor and the NMA denied this.”

On the allegations by Gistlover she said;

“This blogger has been going on and on about me. People should be suspicious about why Gistlover seems to be particularly focused on me. I have proof to show that from the first video, this blogger blackmailed me. He or she asked me to pay N2 million to make the story go away and support my brand. I did not pay; it was reduced to N1.5 million. The moment I refused to make that payment, I woke up the next morning to see all the negative things they posted. They blogger is trying to show people that they are helping them when all they say is total nonsense.”

Dr Anu concluded the interview saying;

I just wish all this will go away. I want all the negativity to go away seeing that I did not do all the things I am accused of. I’ve not been able to share my own side of the story because my profession does not allow me to. I also see a lot of people saying I do not show any sympathy but the truth is as a Dr, you are meant to be emphatic and not sympathetic towards things. So you cannot exactly show emotions. It doesn’t mean that I do not feel what others feel, it doesn’t mean that I do not feel their pain. At the end of the day, I am a mother as well and I will pray never to lose my own children so why would I want anyone to go through that pain. I wish that patient never died, I wish Omohtee contacted us and we were able to reassure her before she went on social media.

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