My House Guard Broke Into My House When I Was Alone Around 7: 30pm, I Begged Him But He Refused- Lady (Watch Video)

In a viral video, a young lady identified as Oyin narrated a horrific experience that she had few years ago when she was attacked by her own house guard who was a Fulani man, named Sani.

In this video, the lady said she was alone in her house around 7: 30 on the 4th of February, 2018 when she was attacked. She said she was in the house when her Security Guard and his colleagues broke into her home and attacked her.

The lady said that his guard, Sani invited his colleagues to come and attack her and they forced their way into her house. When they got inside, she said she screamed for help but there was no one but her house girl in the house.

She said that when they entered, they raped her house girl and they also attempted to rape her but when she proved stubborn, they started hacking and stabbing her with cutlass. In order to show the authenticity of her story, she showed the scars that the Machete left on her body since then.

She said they later left after raping her house girl and their efforts to rape her proved abortive. She was in the pool of her own blood as she drove herself and her house girl to the hospital.

Little did she know that she was pregnant as at that time, it was when she was receiving treatment in the hospital that she found out that she had been pregnant before the attack. She said she was so depressed and traumatized with the experience. She has now left Nigeria for United States because of the bad experience.

She alleged that the police escorts that were sent to her even attempted to sleep with her house girl that was raped. She said they started extorting her and she was paying irrelevant fees just because she wanted to fight for justice.

She said that the Police told her that the case is beyond the Police and it ought to be with SARS. She said she was paying them money but the result was not satisfactory, so she later dropped the case.

After she left the house, she said she sent her brother to pick something from the house but when he got there, he realized that those guys later came back to her apartment and carted away and vandalized her properties.

She said that she alerted the Police again and they told her that she needed security because it seems the attackers are after her life. She said that the Police even suggested that maybe she had an affair with the man, Sani, which she denied.

watch the video below;

She said she always treated the man like a family. She said she even invited her to some of her outings so that he would not be bored at home. She treated him very well but he repaid her with evil. She said her husband was meant to move in few days before the attack and the Police thought that was what triggered the attack.

She said that the Police suggested to her that maybe she led the guard on and got his hopes high of marrying her but later got annoyed when he found out that her husband was coming home. She said this was what the Police suggested.

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“I told him I had HIV but he still forcefully slept with me” lady accuses popular gospel singer

According to a news that was posted by the Sahara reporters this afternoon, it has been alleged that a popular gospel singer whose name was given as Biodun Badejo popularly referred to as Jovani, on Tuesday forcefully slept with her, after they both went to his house to use his laptop.

According to the information she gave, she revealed it that on Tuesday, she called the gospel musician to follower how to a store where she can get a brand new phone, and after they finished buying the phone, she remembered that she wanted to use his laptop and due to that, she followed him home.

When they got to his house located in Fagbuyi street, Ipaja area of Lagos State around 6pm, she said he started undressing himself and she asked why he was ? But he said he wants to bath.

Immediately he finished bathing, she said the gospel singer grabbed her from the back and she told him to stop but, he didn’t listen to her, as he had turned another person entirely and became more aggressive on her, and when she saw that he was not willing to stop, she started shouting for help but she was surprised that his neighbours didn’t come to rescue her.

In order to prevent him from forcefully sleeping with her, she said she told him that she was HIV positive but he still didn’t listen, she also sat down on his electric socket and threatened to commit suicide but, he didn’t stop until he dragged her to his bed to satisfy his desires.

She made it known that after he finished, she ran outside and went to a police station to report the case but, the questions the woman was asking her like….. “why did you go to his place ?” “Why didn’t you go to your family house to report?” made her uncomfortable and she left the police station and went back home crying.

The lady whose name was not revealed further said that, although the singer is always asking her out, but she hasn’t given him any response.

However, when Biodun Badejo popularly known as Jovani was contacted, he made it known that he didn’t forcefully sleep with her like she claimed because, they both knew what they were going home to do after she bought her phone and that, he has WhatsApp chats that he can use as evidence against her claims, as he was surprised when they got home and the lady refused.

He further said that, he really loves the lady very much and that, they both knew what they were going to do in his house but he was surprised seeing her not happy about what they both did to the extent of taking legal actions on him.

SHOCKER!!! Woman Rape 11-Year Old Boy And Got Pregnant | See What Happen Next

Strange But True!

It was a shocking story as a Florida woman accused of having s3x with an 11-year-old boy was arrested on a slew of new charges.

An additional 14 charges were filed against her of s3xual battery on an 11-year-old that led to her having the boy’s child.

The relationship started in 2014 and Hillsborough County Sheriff’s deputies said the baby boy was born later that year.

Investigators arrested 25-year-old Marissa Ashley Mowry. She was originally charged with s3xual battery on an 11-year-old child.

Mowry was charged Wednesday with three counts of s3x assault by 18 years of age s3x battery victim under 12 years of age, and 11 counts of s3x assault by custodian s3x battery victim 12 years of age and under 18 years of age.

Investigators said Mowry admitted to having a s3xual relationship with the boy.

In January 2014, investigators said, who was 22 at the time, had s3xual intercourse with the 11-year-old at a home in Hillsborough County. As a result, Mowry got pregnant and gave birth in October 2014.

Deputies said Mowry and the victim continued to have s3xual contact several times until this year when the victim was 14.

Mowry currently lives in at the Regency Palms Apartments in Port Richey, but she was living in Brandon during the time of the encounters.

Investigators said the victim was also a Brandon resident but deputies would not elaborate on how the two were connected in an effort to conceal the victim’s identity.

Investigators said that in April of this year someone anonymously reported the encounters through an abuse tip line in Pasco County.

Pasco County deputies sent the report to Hillsborough County where the encounters took place.

In Mowry’s original statement to law enforcement, she told deputies that at one point the boy forcibly had s3x with her while she was “highly medicated” on Benadryl and Amoxicillin due to a cold.

She said she was sleeping and woke up to the boy touching her sexually and that’s when he forced himself on her and had s3xual intercourse. She said she told the victim to “stop.”

Mowry later denied that any of it ever happened during a recorded conversation with the boy. Investigators were listening in on the other line, according to arrest records.

Deputies said they now have new information after interviewing Mowry but are not yet ready to disclose those details.

Deputies said Mowry is currently pregnant but said the baby is not related to the young father.

News Channel 8 spoke with a person who knows Mowry very well. They say the woman was a runaway who used drugs and was in and out of the juvenile court system many times. They tell us she had a troubled childhood, and say her mother is devastated.

Neighbours said Mowry’s boyfriend recently got back from a military deployment and was shocked to hear the baby was fathered by a child.

The Hillsborough County Sheriffs Office’s Child Protective Division is also involved in the investigation.

Deputies said the baby of the young father, who is now nearly 3- years old, will be placed with a responsible adult.

Mowry’s s3xual battery charge is a capital offense and comes with a mandatory life sentence if convicted.

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Three women gang rape one man for 3 consecutive days,fed him with energy drink

A gang of women kidnapped a man and raped him for three days while force-feeding him energy drinks, police said.

The victim, 23, was found traumatized and exhausted after being dumped in a field semi-naked after his 72-hour ordeal, according to cops in South Africa.

Detectives investigating the case said the 23-year-old man had got into a 15-seater communal taxi with three young women.

Police spokesperson Captain Colette Wellback said: “En-route into town the driver changed direction and the young man was told to get in the front.

“One of the women then allegedly injected him with an unknown substance and he passed out and woke up in an unfamiliar room in a single bed.

“The female suspects then allegedly forced the man to drink energy drinks before taking turns raping him numerous times every day for three days.”

The victim, from Nellmapius in Pretoria, South Africa, was dumped in a field in Benoni where he flagged down passing motorists who called police.

He got into the taxi three days previously to get a lift into Pretoria and told officers he had not been allowed to sleep and was only allowed to consume energy drinks.

The police said he lost count of the number of times he was raped.

Captain Wellback said: “The South African Police Service take all sexual offences seriously regardless of the gender of the victim involved.

“We assure all victims of these types of sexual crimes that we will carry out robust investigations to bring all the offenders to justice.”

Any other victims of the female rape gang have been asked to come forward.

Violent crime, including kidnap and rape, is rife in troubled South Africa.

Just yesterday it was reported that a student was allegedly raped, stabbed and strangled to death after she was abducted in a violent carjacking.

Hannah Cornelius, 21, and a friend were kidnapped on Friday night and cops found the student’s body near a farm in the Western Cape province of Stellenbosch the next morning.

Last year three women were arrested for luring a man to a house in Durban, South Africa, and raping him after locking the door and beating him.

The video went viral and it was only when the footage surfaced that it was reported.

In October 2015 a 31-year-old male hitchhiker was picked up by three women in a BMW who gave him a soft drink which had been spiked with Viagra.

He was raped by all three women in the car at gunpoint.

Reese Mann, director of the South African Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse, said nearly 20 per cent of all sexual violations reported to police were on men.

He said: “Male victims of sexual abuse are much less likely than their female counterparts to report sexual abuse because police don’t take it seriously.

“It is a widely accepted myth that if males get an erection during the sexual abuse they must have enjoyed it – but a man being raped can still be erect.”

Meanwhile, police is South Africa are urging any other victims of the female rape gang or any witnesses to come forward.

Matters arising | How SARS Operatives Allegedly Raped And Killed Bride-To-Be, Stella Ifeoma Abudu, Weeks After Completing Her NYSC

The families of Late Stella Abudu arrested, assaulted, molested, allegedly murdered by SARS in Apo, Abuja, are demanding justice for their daughter who was arrested by three SARS operatives on Thursday, September 10, 2020, when they invaded the home of her fiancé, Afam Ugwunwa, at Wumba village in the Lokogoma district of Abuja to arrest him.

The Abudu family and their lawyer, Barr. Ifeanyi Cosmas of Cosmic Legal Consult, on Wednesday, had a meeting with Adada General Assembly, led by Hon. Lazarus Ogbonnaya, and other members including Mr. Eze Michael Obochi and Barr. Chidozie Onah


The family of Late Stella Ifeoma Abudu, the bride-to-be who was allegedly raped and murdered by operatives of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) has moved to petition the International Human Right Commission (IHRC); a civil society group, Transparency Internation; the National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking In Persons (NAPTIP) and other relevant bodies

The Adada Group maintained that it will ensure Late Stella gets justice, adding that a proper forensic examination and autopsy are carried out to get to the root cause of the deceased’s death.

The group has taken steps to reach the Enugu State Government liaison Office in Abuja to ensure that justice is receive for the deceased.

Recall that in an exclusive interview, Barr. Ifeanyi Cosmas Mamah Esq. told The Street Journal that the SARS operatives were in search of Stella’s fiancé on allegations that he was in possession of hard substances suspected to be narcotics.

Barr. Cosmas said“The case has been transferred from the Apo police division to the FCT Command and the Commissioner of Police, Bala Ciroma, has ordered for an autopsy to be done to ascertain the cause of her death.

“I can also confirm to you that the SARS officers who are responsible for her death and were at large have been identified, arrested and are currently undergoing interrogation at the station.

“Late Stella just rounded up her NYSC and did her introduction with her fiance on the 6th of September and her traditional wedding was billed for December, 2020.

“Residents in the area have affirmed that the SARS picked her up on September 10th but the police have continued to say they met her unconscious when they broke into her fiancé’s apartment and took her to the hospital.

“We have strong reasons to believe that Stella Ifeoma Abudu was sexually assaulted before she was killed. That is why we wrote a petition to the Inspector-General so that the case is transferred from the Apo Police Station to the Police Headquarters. We lost faith in Apo Division.

“They alleged that her fiancé was in possession of narcotics that is why they were looking for him.”

In addition, Senate has Commenced investigation of the alleged rape, murder of Late Stella Ifeoma Abudu by SARS

The Nigerian Senate has mandated its Committees on Police Affairs and Judiciary, Human Rights and Legal Matters to investigate the alleged arrest, detention, rape and murder of Ifeoma Abugu by the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) FCT Command in Abuja.

It also mandated the committees to investigate the status of the presidential directive on the reorganisation of SARS in light of the recent public outcry over atrocities perpetrated by the squad.

This was sequel to a point of order raised by the senator representing Enugu North senatorial district in the Nigerian Senate, Chukwuka Utazi.

Ms Abugu was said to have been arrested and whisked away from her fiance’s apartment by three SARS operatives at Wumba, Lokogoma Area of Abuja on September 1.

She was arrested in place of her fiance, Afam Abugu, who was the initial target of the police officers. She was detained, allegedly raped, and murdered by the SARS operatives.

Ms Abugu, who had just completed her national youth service, was planning her wedding, which was scheduled for December. She was killed days after her introduction.

Although the FCT Commissioner of Police, Bala Ciroma, had ordered a discreet investigation and post-mortem on the corpse to unravel the true cause of her death, the anti-robbery squad claims that she died of cocaine overdose.

The motion

In his presentation, Mr Utazi faulted the arrest of Ms Abugu in place of her fiance, which he said is contrary to Section 7 of the Administration of Criminal Justice Act, which prohibits the arrest of family and friends of a suspect in order to get the suspect to surrender.

Before the gruesome murder of Ms Abugu, he said, there have been persistent complaints by the general public including news reports in print and electronic media of the attrocities of operatives of the squad including illegal arrests, detention and extra-judicial killing of Nigerians under very questionable and controversial circumstances.

He also recalled that in 2018, the federal government, in response to public outcry and media reports on the unlawful activities of SARS, set up a presidential panel on reform of SARS and the report of the panel formed the basis of the presidential directive on the overhaul of the activities of SARS to ensure that the squad is intelligence-driven, human rights sensitive and restricted to the prevention and detention of heinous crimes such as armed robbery and kidnapping and apprehension of offenders linked to the stated offences.

“Despite all efforts to reform SARS, the notorious squad has remained brutal in its operation with very little or no regard to the observance of human rights and suspects, contrary to its scope of activities and the presidential directive regarding its operation and has even veered away from its core mandate.

“There is an urgent need for the Senate to investigate the incident in order to ensure that justice is given to the family of the deceased and to establish the status of SARS reform in the light of the recent public outcry over atrocities perpetrated by SARS operatives,” he said.

DISTURBING! SARS Operatives Break Into Female Corps Member’s Lodge At 2am, Torture Her Nak3d [PHOTOS]

Some SARS operatives attached to Ogbaru LGA in Anambra State reportedly brutalised a serving NYSC corps member while also falsifying her police statement.

The corps member, Akinlabi (other names concealed), said the operatives harassed her on Thursday, September 17 when they broke into her compound while she was asleep.

The SARS officers, Akinlabi said, claimed they were on the hunt for some “yahoo boys”.

She told SaharaReporters: “On 17th of September 2020 by 2:00am, a team of people broke into our compound claiming to be SARS and searching for yahoo guys broke my window net, pointed their torchlight at my face while asleep and commanded me to open the entrance door for them.

“I was scared to do as commanded because I couldn’t identify who they were, rather, I shouted and ran into the passage for help.

“On getting to the passage, I saw another set of people at the window threatening to deal with me if I did not open the door. As I continued to shout for help, one of my neighbours opened her door for me and I entered her room and was shocked as they still came to the window of the woman insisting that we must open the door or they would break the door.

“Some of them later broke into an empty room by cutting off the burglary and entered the passage. The others broke the burglary of the room we were, opened the door for others to have access to the room. They started assaulting me by slapping and hitting me with cutlasses and sticks.

“At this point, I was practically nak3d and had to plead with them to allow me to put on my clothes which they eventually allowed but violated my privacy as I was forced to dress up in their presence. The beating continued after that and I got handcuffed like a common criminal for an offence I knew nothing about. They threatened to lock me up for 48 hours for refusing to open the door for them.

“I and another guy in the lodge were taken to their van and they asked us to stand in the rain for hours. They insisted on us giving them money for fuel before we could be released. We were released when they realised we were not ready to give any money.”

Despite reporting the incident to NYSC officials in the state, Akinlabi said her report was falsified and never shown to her.

“The following morning, I called my LGI first and my PPA principal and they both asked me to go to the police station to make a report. On getting there, one officer initially refused to take my complaint until she was informed that the DPO was aware of the incident.

“In spite of this, she insisted on writing my statement by herself and in her own way. Please note that I never wrote or signed any statement at the police station as the officer refused to allow me to do so,” she said.

Fearing for her safety and that of her family, Akinlabi called on the Inspector-General of Police, rights groups and the international community to investigate the brutal invasion of her residence and assault against her and bring the officers involved to book.

She also asked the IGP to see to it that she was duly compensated for damages done to her physically and on her properties in the process of the crime committed against her while serving her country.


SEE THEIR FACES: Security Agencies Parade Suspected Rapis.ts

Ambulance Driver Rapes Teenage COVID-19 Patient On The Way To Hospital

A 19-year-old girl has allegedly been raped by an ambulance driver conveying her to the hospital, after she tested positive for COVID-19 in India.

The teenager was attacked by the driver identified as V Noufal, 29, while on their way to the Firstline Covid Treatment Centre in Pathanamthitta district, Kerala, on September 5, 2020.

Noufal was arrested on September 6, after the victim told a staff of the hospital about the alleged incident, when she arrived at the facility.

After the driver was arrested, police said he had not obtained the mandatory clearance certificate as a driver.

KK Shailaja, the country’s health minister, described the incident as “shocking” and “inhuman.”

The Indian Express quotes a health department official as saying that the driver is usually sent alone to a particular locality to pick up patients, so as to limit the exposure of health workers. 

“The driver’s chamber is partitioned and no other staff or nurse accompanies the driver while ferrying patients to hospital. 

“This is to limit the exposure of health workers to infected persons. In rare cases, if the patient is serious, we send a nurse. In this case, both patients were stable.”

 The sexual attack is the latest in a series of high profile sexual offenses in India.

Last week, a three-year-old girl was raped and strangled in the Lakhimpur Kher district of Uttar Pradesh.