After an unmarried female Police officer got dismissed for getting Pregnant, See what Aisha asked

Recently, A female Police officer got dismissed from service after she got pregnant. You may be wondering why she was sacked from service, simply because she got pregnant. Well according to the news report, the female Officer was not married. And so when she got pregnant, they saw it as an embarrassment to the Police Force, and she had to be relieved from all her duties. I guess she might be regretting her actions now, because it has caused her her work.

A Police Public Relations Officer, reacted to the news, and he defended the Dismissal of the Female Officer who got pregnant out of wedlock. According to the Police PRO, he said that getting Pregnant without being married is disgrace to the force. And so, the Police force was right in the decision they took against her. Activist Aisha Yesufu reacted to what the Police PRO said. She reacted to the news through her Twitter account.

Aisha in her reaction, asked the Police PRO a question, that was bothering her about the news. She asked that, what about Impregnating women out of wedlock? Here is the screenshot of her tweet.

From what Aisha asked, I guess that she feels that, what should be done to the Female should also apply to the male.

Here are some Reactions from of her followers

“You Owe Nobody An Explanation About The Father Of Your Baby” – Uche Maduagwu tells Etinosa

Controversial Nollywood actor now turned into social media adviser, Uche Maduagwu has told actress and new mum, Etinosa to ignore all the questions from social media users abiut the father of her child.

Recall that the actress took to her page to share photos of her baby bump and announced the arrival of her baby. Some of her followers asked that the father of the child should be seen and it seemingly did not sit well with her.

However, Uche Maduagwu has now defended her as he told her to ignore all questions because she owns no one an explanation.

He wrote ;

Dear Etinosa being a mother is the best job in the world you owe nobody a where the papa dey explanation because such private info is on a need to know basis and na your right not to share it with public, we may disagree on so many things but not on this because being a mum is awesome.😍


Lady Who Tried To Stop A Couple’s Wedding Did That Because She Is Reportedly Pregnant For The Groom.

An incident was reported to have occurred, which took place in a wedding venue. From what was said about the incident, it happened that a couple was holding their wedding and the pastor was about joining them together when another lady stormed the wedding.

While she came and was saying things relating to the groom, she was totally ignored as the pastor kept on with what he was doing. This didn’t stop the lady from saying that she is pregnant for the groom.

The groom also couldn’t utter a word or even turn around to see the lady, probably because she must have been saying the truth. However, another lady who was reported to be the bride’s daughter ran towards the pregnant lady as she screamed angrily at her for trying to disrupt her mum’s wedding.

Photos Of The Lady trying to stop the wedding below.

The lady tried to stop the wedding because she is reportedly pregnant for the groom.

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“What a Training” – People Reacts As 15 Police Women Got Impregnated By 2 Trainers

Harassing women for their attention on bed with bid to help them get higher recommendation by superior officers is not strange in this part of the world, in fact, some officers and some bosses at work likes to sleep with their junior officers despite having their own wife at home. Why is this rampant in this part of the world?

15 police women were impregnated at the same period by 2 trainers , does that really make sense at all? How many months is police traning? How come 15 trainee are pregnant at the same time? That means the harrassment must have been happening frequently.

The entire police force has been thrown into serious confusion after 2 police trainers who are also police officers are said to have impregnated over 15 women during their training.

The Head of Police Service was compelled to enforce compulsory investigation after these female trainees got pregnant at the same period. The Mozambique police boss have to send the alledged 2 officers on compulsory leave and then begin investigation into the mysterious matter of pregnancies that came at the same time.

The findings shows the decadency in police academy where trainers and senior officers coerced female trainees into having intercourse with them in order to give favorable terms.

The 2 trainers were placed between a panel of investigatt and were found guilty of the offense against female police women. A female non governmental organisation(NGO) was on the forefront seeking justice for the women.

The most shocking part of the story is that those 2 trainers were dismissed from the police service, how come they were dismissed? I thought they were going to land in jail.

See People’s reactions below: