LekkiMassacre : See The Doctor That Predicted The Killings And The Warnings He Gave To Protesters

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Top social media handles including Twitter and Instagram have experienced unrest since the massacre happened at the Lekki Toll gate, on the 20th of October 2020. It all started on that fateful day when unarmed and peaceful protesters were been shot by military men, at the late hour of the day. Masses were murdered in cold blood and most persons were left injured. The soldiers reportedly carried some dead bodies and blocked the access to ambulances and other first aid medical services.

Since then, there have been several posts and tweets from various celebrities and citizens, demanding for justice. They also condemned the act of the soldiers and channelled the blames to the State Governor, Babajide Sanwo Olu.

An operative removing the cameras before the massacre :

Babajide Sanwo Olu during a visit to the victims of the massacre:

The Lagos State Governor:

The case became worse after the Lagos State Governor denied that there were not fatalities and the forces were beyond his control. The president promised to address the citizens, but people were disappointed with the exclusion of the massacre in his speech.

Following the killings, several private and Government properties have been destroyed and looted. Nigerians keep on fighting for justice, day and night in order to ensure that the death of the deceased are not in vain.

As we all know, Twitter is a popular social media platform with millions of users. Since the killings in Lekki, millions of tweets have been added, with hastags #EndSARS, #EndPoliceBrutality.

While surfing the internet, in search for more details about the killings, I stumbled at the profile of a man,whose tweets was full of predictions concerning EndSARS protests and it’s activities. The most surprising and amazing part of this man was that he correctly predicted the Lekki Massacre, giving details of how it would occur in sequential order.

The purpose of this article is reveal his tweets hours before the massacre and the warning he gave to all protesters, after the announcement of curfew in Lagos, on the 20th of October 2020.

The game of politics is one which cannot be understood or comprehended by a mere citizen. To understand the game of politics, you must be involved in politics. This man’s case seems to be different. I likened him to a prophet, because his predictions were 100 percent accurate, as if he was the masterminder of the massacre.

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Who Is This Doctor?

This man is a UK based doctor and a social media ( Twitter) user. His name is ‘ Doctor Harvey Olufumilayo. Although I have little information about him, but i was amazed at his predictions. Regarding his profession, he has nothing to do with politics, but he predicted correctly.

Disclaimer : All information and predictions concerning Doctor Olufumilayo was gotten from his official Twitter handle. The images and predictions were from his Twitter handle.

What Were The Predictions And Warnings He Gave To Protesters?

His predictions were related to the plans of the Government. After the announcement of the curfew in Lagos, he advised and warned all citizens to leave the protest ground ( Lekki Toll gate) and go to their various houses. He also made mention of the involvement of soldiers and how the Government would deny it.

See Screenshots Of His Prediction And Warning Tweets Below:

After reading all these, I was marvelled at the degree of accuracy in his predictions. He is a qualified doctor and owns a large hospital in Lagos, but he predicts politics and political activities like an expert.

Note: You can verify his Twitter handle for clarification.

Picture credit : Twitter

Despite his predictions about the massacre, he is still predicting the next steps to be taken by the government

What do you have to say about these predictions?

Was the man a prophet?

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