Nigerian Pastor Kills Wife, Buries Corpse In Shallow Grave

Youths in Eket yesterday exhumed the body of a woman who was allegedly killed by her husband and buried in a shallow grave.
The Woman, is suspected to have been killed for ritual purpose at Okon Eket, Akwa-Ibom

The Suspect who is the founder and General Overseer of Omega World global Ministries, Pastor Enoch is from Abia state and is resident in Ikot Abia community, Okon Clan in Eket Local Government Area of Akwa-Ibom state.

The Victim had been declared Missing for over two weeks which urged the youths and Vigilante of the Community led by its President, Comrade Effiong Johnson to constitute a search team and swung into action. Efforts which yielded tremendous results.

Investigation discovery Shows that the husband knew the where about of his wife which led to his arrest by the youths of the community and vigilante group.

He confessed that he murdered his wife and led the group to the shallow grave.

Recovered from the grave in the presence of a small crowd of people yesterday was the body in its decomposing state

The Corpse which has decayed was exhumed and handed over to the authorities.

The scars of others should teach us caution!


Married man of God exposed for having an affair with half the women in his church, see screenshots

A man of God is a great pastor was exposed by one of his girlfriends that he was having an affair. This man of God was begging a married woman telling her how much he missed her and that she should come to his house. When the lady complain and tell him that her husband will suspect, he encouraged her to lie to her husband. The man of God even told this lady that his wife will be going to Nigeria so he and her can have the house all for themselves. The person who exposed them also told Mrs sadiki that you not the only person the man of God is having an affair with, they are other women too. The person also claimed that the pastor was giving Mrs sadiki many duties in the church so that he can be close to her all the time.

this must be a huge embarrassment for Mr Patrick sadiki as his name has been mentioned and he is also a pastor. What do you think the partners of this people should do? File for divorce? Please leave a comment below

Sources: Kenya expose

Pastor Allegedly Slashes His Wife’s Throat After Going Through Her Phone’s Inbox Messages

A pastor in Kisii County on Thursday is said to have slit his wife’s throat after going through her phone and finding weird messages.

According to media reports, the preacher is now under police custody after he tried to fake the suspected murder and make it look like a suicide.

People Daily reports that Pastor Joel Mogaka, 40, took his wife Irine Nyakwara, to one of the hospitals in Kisii town with pretence she had taken poison.

Kisii County Police Commander Jebel Munene who confirmed the bizarre incident said the suspect is now in custody pendingpostmortem to determine what killed the woman, who was a secondary school teacher.

The officer also said they are analyzing the suspect’s call history to determine if there were other people involved in the suspected murder incidence

The couple’s neighbours said the two had issues on Thursday after the man found some messages on her phone.

They also said they had other marital issues some time back which were solved by their relatives.

“They had been having marital differences on accusations and counter-accusations over infidelity. Elders attempted to iron out the issue in vain,” Tim Kironchi said as quoted by People Daily.

Six months after my husband’s death, my pastor proposed to me, should I marry him?

My husband and I lives in the united states of america, but recently moved back to Nigeria because of the illness my husband had. He decided to spend his final moment in his own town after being away for many years.

My name is Jessica and am already 60 years old, my husband died of the terminal illness he had and have be buried since 6 months now, my plans is to go back to America but unfortunately something weird happened, the priest we had in my family surprised me by making a proposal to me after the six months of my husband’s death, this gentleman is 40 year old.

Me and my husband actually came to Nigeria on his wish to know God more before he dies, immediately we landed in Nigeria, few day later we located a church in his hometown, there were rumors about how the church are good in preaching the truth.

What do you think I should do..? Should I go along with his proposal..?

Final Year Civil Engineering Student Of Uniuyo Murdered By A Pastor (Sensitive) – Crime

Investigations are ongoing into the murder of Gabriel Bassey Edward in the Ifa community, Uyo, Akwa Ibom state.

A certain pastor from Winner’s Chapel, in the community of Ifa, Uyo, who is a suspected suspect, has been arrested.

Said pastor was last seen by a neighbor leaving Gabriel’s residence last week on Monday with blood stains on his clothes, after the neighbor on the roof shouted JESUS ​​loudly.

The neighbor asked why the pastor had blood on his clothes, but the answer was that he was working at the deceased’s premises and was injured.

Gabriel was assassinated with a machete and objects from the winners’ chapel that were kept in his apartment, as well as some plastic chairs and the church banner, were taken from him.

We have not yet heard from the police about the proceedings so far. We hope to hear a positive response from the uniformed officers to the extent that they have told me that the alleged could take advantage of the financial capacity to exonerate himself, revealed the brother of the deceased.

<p class="has-drop-cap has-vivid-red-color has-text-color" value="<amp-fit-text layout="fixed-height" min-font-size="6" max-font-size="72" height="80">The reason the pastor killed him is reportedly because the deceased wanted to expose the pastor.The reason the pastor killed him is reportedly because the deceased wanted to expose the pastor.

Gabriel reportedly allowed Winners Chapel to leave his items in his apartment, for security reasons. He gave the pastor the spare key for easy access.

After a while she realized that her household items were missing and this had never happened. He met the pastor and followed him to find out where he was living, but upon arrival, he saw his missing household items at the pastor’s home. He informed the pastor about the missing items and allowed him to take the items away.

“We are not sure if the pastor killed him so that his cover does not blow away, as he was killed 2 days after his visit to the pastor’s home.

I am aware that this process will not bring Gabriel back to life, but it would be inappropriate for us to let this slide when we have the opportunity to let his case be handled well and whoever is involved in his murder to be tried in court. I would like to urge all of us to seek justice for Gabriel Bassey Edward. “


A popular Edo based female pastor, Apostle Debrah Eunice Gordon Osagiede has passed away

A Nigerian pastor and General Overseer of Spirit and Life Bible Church, (SLFBC), Her Grace, Apostle Mrs Debrah Eunice Gordon Osagiede is dead.


Until her death, She was also the Initiator/facilitator ‘Women in The New Nigeria”.

One of his children who is also a minister of God, Gordon Osagiede Jr confirmed the sad news yesterday. He added that her mother died at the early hours of Monday after a brief illness. She was aged 62 before her demise.

The late pastor died four days after celebrating his son, Bishop Gordon A. Gordon-Osagiede’s birthday.

Bishop Gordon-Osagiede is the  facilitator, New Men in Christ fellowship and Youth of Excellence Worldwide.

The late Apostle was preparing for the 29th anniversary celebration of the church.

The late pastor was the wife of well-known Man of God,Apostle Dr Gordon Erhauyi Osagiede who is now late.

The Minister of God has locations in Five continents of the world with over 500 in the Pastoral Team comprising of over 50 nations of the world.

<p class="has-drop-cap has-vivid-red-color has-text-color" value="<amp-fit-text layout="fixed-height" min-font-size="6" max-font-size="72" height="80">Her church in Abuja which is located besides Aso Radio in Katampe hills is headed by her son,Bishop Gordon Osagiede(Jr).Her church in Abuja which is located besides Aso Radio in Katampe hills is headed by her son,Bishop Gordon Osagiede(Jr).

The church boasts of state-of-the-art facilities and equipped with modern church instruments.

May God grant the deceased a perfect rest in paradise and continue to grant the bereaved family the fortitude to bear the irreplaceable loss.

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Pastor advises married men to save their concubines’ numbers as IGP, land guard

A popular man of God in Ghana identified as Rev Obofuor has advised married men to be smart when cheating on their wives by saving their concubines’ phone numbers as IGP, cement owner, and land guard.

The cleric gave the advice during a wedding ceremony, saying their wives would not suspect if names like that pop up on their phones, BBC News Pidgin reports.

This has, however, caused controversy people expect a man of God to condemn adultery instead of supporting it.

The cleric advised married men to be smart when cheating on their wives. Photo credit: BBC News Pidgin
Source: UGC

According Rev Obofuor of the Anointed Palace Chapel, when the concubine’s name is Linda, land guard should be used to save her phone number, while protocol should be used in place of Portia.

He said if the lady’s name is Anita, IGP should be used in saving her phone number.

<p class="has-drop-cap has-vivid-red-color has-text-color" value="<amp-fit-text layout="fixed-height" min-font-size="6" max-font-size="72" height="80">In other news, what is better than having a wife to go home to, a shoulder to cry on and a partner to spend the rest of your life with? A popular pastor from Botswana named Sekati Kemmonye believes the answer is two Wives. In other news, what is better than having a wife to go home to, a shoulder to cry on and a partner to spend the rest of your life with? A popular pastor from Botswana named Sekati Kemmonye believes the answer is two Wives.

Polygamy, an African tradition that had been turned into a big abomination is slowly creeping its way back to civilisation and even religious clerics are embracing it.

Kemmonye has become the talk of the town after proudly parading his two irresistible wives on social media.

It all started with a photo of the cleric draped in identical shirts with his ladies as they sat next to one another during a family safari.

Diabolic : “I’ve Killed Over 600 Children For Satanic Rituals”- Pastor Confesses

The pastor made the bizarre claim on video to an interviewer, saying that he had spent 17 years living with the devil. He claimed that he obtained the 675 people from satan-worshipping doctors and nurses that live in Ghana. The doctors and nurses belong to an occult group, according to the pastor.

The nation of Ghana, located on West Africa’s Gulf of Guinea, is known for many things, including its stunning tropical rain forest, rare and diverse wildlife, and secluded beaches such as those at Busua.

However, Ghana has a dark side as well, and rumors of ritual human sacrifices are widely assumed to take

To that point, a pastor in Ghana claimed to have killed more than 675 people in satanic rituals, with over 600 of the victims being children, reports the Daily Mail.

The pastor made the bizarre claim on video to an interviewer, saying that he had spent 17 years living with the devil. He claimed that he obtained the 675 people from satan-worshipping doctors and nurses that live in Ghana. The doctors and nurses belong to an occult group, according to the pastor.

Human sacrifice is considered illegal in Ghana, and the man added more insult to his alleged heinous deeds by disguising his identity from authorities under a child’s mask.

The Ghanian pastor, who appeared to be in his 30s, also claimed that he was born with evil spirits. The man additionally told the interviewer that he had over 650 demonic spirits he had personally named that answered his beck and call.

The pastor’s reasoning for performing the sacrifice was to maintain his power, according to what he told the interviewers in his confession. He said that he has since left the kingdom of Satan.

The video’s authenticity is debatable, but unfortunately, the business of child sacrifice in some African countries is thriving.

According to the Institute of Ethics and Emerging Technologies, “Ritual killing and related human rights abuses take place on the continent because many people still believe that the use of charms and the performance of ritual sacrifice can fortify them spiritually, enhance their fortunes in business and during elections, or protect them from harm, disease, poverty, accident, death or destruction.

Take Uganda, for instance. Child sacrifice is such a widespread and serious problem in the country that a task force was put in place to combat it, reports CBN News.

I’m After Pastors Because I Haven’t Found Any Muslim Cleric Who Owns Private Jet – Daddy Freeze

Ifedayo Olarinde, popularly known as”Daddy Freeze” made some revlations in a recent interview with SAharaTV in Lagos. Daddy Freeze who is the convener of the #Freesheepie movement laid out his reasons for starting the movement aimed at helping Christians entrapped by the deceptive gospel of prosperity preaching pastor to free themselves.

The outspoken broadcaster also revealed why his movement is against”Tithing”and the wrong practices going on in churches led by Pentecostal Pastors who are fleeting their congregants in Nigeria.

Daddy Freeze also mentioned some Pastors who he said collected tithes that were used to build schools that their members could not afford to send their kids and wards to and said he goes after these pastors who own private jets at the expense of their poor members.


Asked why he doesn’t preach against Muslim clerics and politicians with the same passion, he said that he is not too knowledgeable about Islamic doctrines but was quick to say he hasn’t seen a Muslim cleric with a private jet, regardless of the size of their congregation.

Recall that Scooper News reported that Daddy Freeze was at the centre of chaos last week after he insulted Bishop Oyedepo, which in turn made other pastors cursed him.

The first pastor that attacked him over his statement to Bishop Oyedepo was Pastor David Ibiyieomie who threatened to kill him and even called him a”b*stard.”

The Nigerian public was still debating on if it was right for Pastor David Ibiyieomie was right in insulting, threatening the ace broadcaster when another pastor joined the flurry.

Dunamis International Church founder, Pastor David Eneche was the next to attack the OAP for attacking Bishop Oyedepo.

BOOM!! RCCG Pastor Tells Enenche, Ibiyeomie To Apologise To Daddy Freeze For Using Curse Words

Meanwhile, A pastor in the Redeemed Christian Church by name Nkechi Jehovah has asked the duo of Pastor Paul Enenche and Pastor David Ibiyeomie to apologize to the Church and their congregation over the abusive and curse words they deployed on Daddy Freeze

Nkechi is said to be a former music director of a Region of the RCCG in Rivers State. She featured prominently in all the major programmes of the Church at the Redemption Camp.

But in a video post, she expressed great displeasure at the division in the Church in the last two weeks over the issue of Daddy Freeze as a result of the insults Freeze poured on Bishop David Oyedepo.

While demanding that the Pastors should apologize she said, ‘The Church is going through perfection. God is calling us not to counter our prayers as a result of what we say.

‘God is not happy that the Church is divided because a mortal man was insulted. God is our father. We can’t afford to dishonour God the father because a mortal man was insulted. Show me in the scriptures where Christians resisted persecution. Did Stephen curse his persecutors?’

“Did you not read that vengeance is of the Lord? A wild and abusive preacher will produce an abusive congregation. The Bible says you ought not to curse and. Bless at the same time.’

Nkechi who quoted several scriptures to buttress her position wondered why the pastors were using curse words on the pulpit.

She said they need to repent. ‘ God can use anybody to chastise his servants. He used the fish to teach Jonah a lesson. God used the thorn in the flesh of Paul to humble him. God used a donkey to warn Balaam.

What if God is using the insults to check the level of your humility? If you can’t take ordinary insult, can you surrender your head for Jesus like the apostles did?’ she lamented.

She said further, ‘what if God decides to expose your own secrets. Paul said I die daily.

Are we not supposed to carry our cross and follow the Lord daily? I wonder if the rapture took place while you were cursing, will you make it to heaven? What have you suffered for Christ?’

The RCCG pastor said Jesus was flogged, he was spat on, wondering what the pastors have gone through to warrant the rain of curse on the pulpit.

Pastors who curse according to her are sending a wrong signal. ‘We are not trouble makers. We are called to make peace. You are going to apologize. I may be a nobody, but I am a voice to the nation.

Watch :

A pastor slept with a happily married woman all in the name of spiritual bath after childlessness.

A family of four who have lived a happy family life has been torn apart by the fake prophecy of a fake man of God.

According to sources, the eldest son of the family has been married to a very beautiful woman over the past ten years without an issue (child). The couple have visited various hospitals and herbalist but their efforts has not been fruitful. They decided to visit a man of God who they have heard so much about. When the couple went before the so called pastor, he told the husband to excuse them. After leaving the pastor and the wife alone, the pastor told the woman that it was the husband’s mother that was responsible for their childlessness.

He again said that the only way was to bath her with a special water he brought back from his pilgrimage to Israel.

The woman agreed to all the conditions put forward by the pastor including not mentioning anything to her husband.

Upon reaching the house, she took cutlass and threatened the life of her mother inlaw. The innocent was scared to death about the sudden change in her daughter in law.

The woman out of desperation about her childlessness for the past ten years foolishly ended sleeping with the pastor during the bath section. When her husband found out, he was so disappointed in the wife and furious with the pastor so ordered for the arrest of the pastor. After the man was arrested, he filed for divorce.