Ozo’s Homecoming! Check Out His Outfit For His Owerri [PHOTOS]

Ozoemena landed at Owerri Airport,first stop at the office of SA to youth Affairs in Imo state . About to visit the Governor Hope Uzodimma . But Ozo’s tailor deserves an award biko or is it the wearer Ozo that makes the clothes shine.

See some comments on Twitter:

“Ozoemena’s fashion sense isnt for Africa or Africans. He belongs somewhere on a yacht in Italy. Thats the type of lifestyle that suits him”

“Why is this boy too fine. How will the ladies in Brila FM concentrate 😂🤣”

“Ozo got taste….he schooled abroad so wat do u expect…not princess mr cut and sew”

“Mumu so it’s only europeans that have fashion sense. Smh 🤦🏾‍♂️ slavery mentality”

“Listen superions! 

Look at this, this is who y’all Stan 🤧A genius, the total package, Miracle in a jar, the most humble, compassionate, peaceful human ever. 

It has never been seen in the history of bbn. Nothing else should matter. Hype him, brag about him, hype him”

“Move On, Nengi Is Still Searching For Big Fishes” — Fan To Ozo After His Comment On Nengi’s Post

“Move On, Nengi Is Still Searching For Big Fishes” — Fan To Ozo After His Comment On Nengi’s Post.

Even though she said they might date after the show, but the beautiful reality TV star, Nengi Rebecca Hampson never for once showed any sign of being in relationship with the handsome Big Brother Naija ex-housemate, Ozoemena Joseph Chukwu despite saying her ex-boyfriend who was stopping her from dating in Biggie’s house has not been picking up her calls.

The show ended two months ago and till now no clear progress has been seen in the relationship between these two stars, even though their fans are still shipping them together and terming every little thing they do as a sign of love.

Nengi few hours ago took to her Instagram page to drop another stunning, jaw-dropping and mouthwatering picture of herself and has filled people’s mouths with words of admiration and appreciation.

The handsome and ‘ultimate light-skinned’ ex-housemate, Ozo as a lover who is not giving up anytime soon dropped a comment under the post. “Pretty”, he wrote, then added some emojis

However, a fan seems not to like the way Ozo keeps complimenting her. The fan told Ozo to try to give himself some love because the girl never complimented him like that. Ozo was told to move on because Nengi is still searching for big fishes.

See below.

BBN: “Know Your Boundary”- Wathoni Warned Over Her Love Reaction To Ozo’s Recent Photo.

If you call Ozoemena Chukwu the king of fashion you might be right, because even if he wear a sack, the sack will become fashion trend. Ozo is one of the Big Brother season 5 housemate. He is handsome , perfectly created for fame.

This good looking young man just shared photo of himself on instagram and got people talking, who will not gush over handsome man. He was gorgeous dressed in free flowing agbada. His fans were all over with their sweet comment. He captioned today’s photo with prayer.

Photo caption

Wathoni a former housemate of BBNaija saw the photo and was wow at the handsomeness of Ozo so she reacted with an emoji meaning love 100%. And that is where Ozo’s fans got busy, as they dish out warning to her. Some of their reactions include know your boundary, be calming down, you must not catch any feelings. Despite all warning , Ozo replied Wathoni with a smile .

See the photo

See reactions:

What is your take on this, is Wathoni reactions a bad one? And what can you say about Ozo’s photo too. Share your thoughts, don’t forget to like and share as well. Thank you.

Opinion : If Nengi And Ozo Wanted To Be In A Relationship They Would Have Made It Official

The Name Nengi and Ozo has been on the lips of viewers as well as fellow Big Brother Naija Housemate, ever since the show came to a close.

Nengi and Ozo’s popularity has been on a raise even after the show, even more than the eventual winner of the Big Brother season 5, Titled ‘Lockdown’, Mr. Laycon.

This can be attributed to the fact that alot of Nigerians as well as viewers are still faithful that the duo might end up going into a relationship as we all expected.

But getting close to four months, Nothing can be seen on the radar.

If we could all Take a look back at when Ozo and Nengi where still in the Big Brother House, Ozo practical proposed nearly every single day, Although the act became annoying, Nengi kept her cool, and spoke about patching things up with her boyfriend, as being the main reason why she kept on turning Ozo down.

As at Today, Nengi is single as she stated in her interview that her boyfriend has shown no interest in keeping the relationship between them.

This gives Ozo the opportunity to ask Nengi out.

If these Two wanted to be in a relationship, they would have made if official, after the Big Brother Naija Reality TV Show came to an end. 

BBNaija 2020: My friendship with Ozo is over – Nengi

Big Brother Naija housemate, Nengi has vowed that her friendship with Ozo will be over when she leaves the house on Sunday.

Nengi said this while expressing her disappointment on Ozo over his actions towards her during Saturday night party.

Ozo ignored Nengi and refused to have any form of conversation with her during the party.

Nengi who cried after the party told the housemates that her friendship with Ozo would be over outside the house.

“I tried talking to him but he ignored me.

“Our friendship is over when I get outside the house.”

It is not certain why Ozo ignored Nengi but his actions may be related to the backlash he received over his advances towards Nengi while in the house.

BBNaija: Meet Vivian, the beautiful lady that wants to snatch Ozo from Nengi

A Nigerian lady has taken to her social media account to express her feelings for one of the ex-housemate of Big Brother Naija known as Ozo. 

The lady identified as Vivian stated this via her twitter account when she shared pictures of Ozo and herself. Vivian said she can no longer keep the feelings she has for Ozo all to herself because she and Ozo look so good together.

She stated that she hails from the same state with Ozo and this means Ozo won’t be crossing 50 rivers to meet with his in laws . Vivian went on to say that she loves Nengi, But can’t Let go of Ozo.

She wrote:

“Okay, guys, I can’t keep this to myself any longer. Guys don’t you think I and @OfficialOzoBBN look good together. To crown it all we are from the same state, he won’t have to cross 50 rivers to meet his Inlaw’s. I love you @nengiofficial_but sorry”.

Nigerians who came across Vivian’s post are reacting to it. They are in the opinion that Vivian plans won’t work because Ozo is for Nengi alone. They also stated that before her mission will be actualized, she has to go through Nengi.

However, others advise her to shoot her shot because she is indeed Ozo’s spec. See more reactions below:

What do you have to say about Vivian tweet? Kindly use the comment box and air your view. 

Nengi reveals biggest lie she ever told Ozo, reason for crying on Sunday

Nengi, one of the five housemates left in the Big Brother Naija lockdown house has explained her reasons for crying after Ozo, left the reality show.

Nengi said she did not cry because Ozo was evicted but because of the way she treated him the previous day.

Ozo, who spent his whole time in the lockdown house with Nengi, his love interest, was evicted on Sunday alongside Trickytee

Nengi also said she told the biggest lie when she made Ozo believe that she did not care about him.

“The reason I was so emotional yesterday was not even because Ozo left. We had already talked about it the previous day that whatever happens at this stage we are all winners we will just sit down and gist about it,” she told Biggie on Monday.

“We’ve already had that discussion so it was not really about him leaving. It was what had happened the previous day on Saturday.

“We were having an argument and he came to me and was ‘like you know I’m up for eviction let’s try and settle this thing out’. Anger is a very bad thing. Because of anger I was like, ‘I don’t care’ which, by the way, is the biggest lie ever.”

BBNaija: Ozo, Trikytee evicted from the show, Nengi breaks down

The eighth eviction on the 2020 Big Brother Naija show took place tonight, and Ozo was evicted from the Biggie’s House after the eviction of Trikytee.

Recall that the seventh eviction on the 2020 Big Brother Naija show took place last week, and Kiddwaya was  evicted from the Biggie’s House, following the eviction of Prince.

And about his connection with Nengi, he said he has no attraction for Nengi, but he feels something for Erica and he does not want to lose her, but he does not know if he wants a relationship or friendship with her (Erica), time will tell. He said.

Kiddwaya however admitted to feeling safe around Erica because she watches his back.

“Erica is more than a friend, she’s someone that when I’m around her I feel safe, i feel like she really has my back, she’s someone I really wanna keep in my life,Erica is someone I don’t wanna lose”

Kidd to Ebuka: “I am not attracted to Nengi at all”

When asked if he didn’t want to win the prize money,”Money was never really my motivation, I wanted to try something new and connect with people,” #BBKiddwaya

BBNAIJA: Congrats To Ozo As He wins a Car, Courtesy of Innoson Motors

The Big Brother Naija show is gradually coming to an end as many of the housemates has been evicted, only seven housemates remaining in the house.

Today was all about innonson vehicles memory task which all the housemates participated.

At the first phase Trikytee, Vee and Nengi were out of the challenge, leaving Laycon, Ozo, Neo, and Dorathy.

At the second phase, Laycon was out and Dorathy joined him later leaving Neo and Ozo.

Guess what, Ozo later won the challenge which made him a car owner.

Ozo won an innonson vehicle for himself.

Remember that this week Sunday, Ozo, Laycon, Trikytee, and Dorathy are up for eviction, and their fans are really trying hard to keep their favorite housemate.

Meanwhile congratulations to Ozo, the most Handsome housemate in this season five.

Nengi her crush, gave him a warm hug as he was announced the winner of the task.

Below are the photos of the Innonson vehicles Task before and after the challenge.

What Ozo Has Been pursuing For Over 2 Months, Laycon Gets It Every Weekend! Nigerians Mock Ozo

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Nengi, Ozo and Laycon are Housemates in the ongoing big brother Naija show(Lockdown Edition 2020).

Despite the fact that Laycon and Nengi don’t talk much in the house, but they do get along during the Saturday parties, as they are mostly seen together both turning up on the dance floor.

For the eighth consecutive Saturday night party, Laycon and Nengi the Lockdown housemates have been having a good time in the dance floor , which Nengi likes dancing with Laycon and the way he touches her soft backside .

Ozo, since the beginning of BBNaija Lockdown edition, has been seen chasing his love interest for Nengi. Nengi in the other hand has told Ozo that they can only be friends and nothing more. But Ozo didn’t listen and he kept seeking for a relationship despite been rejected several times.

Recently, Ozo got his second streak from big brother for violating one of the house rules by writing a love letter to Nengi in order to further prove his love for her despite her telling him she don’t like boys like him and he is too diplomatic for her liking.

After tonights Saturday night party Nigerians on social media have mocked Ozo for him been a “Mumu” for love. That what he have been busy chasing for over two months, Laycon gets it every weekend.

See how some Nigerians Mock Ozo on Twitter;

Do you also think Ozo should stop his love quest for Nengi? since she does not have feelings for him.

Do share your opinion in the comment section below,