Jobless Nigerian Man Allegedly Stabs Wife To Death Just Because She Refused To Register Her New Car In His Name

A Nigerian man is making a name for himself in the internet space for the negative reasons.

A Nigerian man has been accused of hacking his wife to death. Per what we gathered, he allegedly committed the atrocity because the lady refused to register her new car in his name.

“The man with the help of his 16 years old nephew stabbed his wife to death because she refused to use his name on the documents of her newly bought Car. The woman said she can’t use his name on these documents because the said man never paid her bride price. They have been leave in lovers for 8 years, “Di na nwuye ndi Lagos” and are yet to be married. She met her untimely death the moment she got home on that fateful day.

This is a jobless man that has been feeding off the woman, so sad.

America Will Reveal The Kind Of Woman You Married” – Nigerian Man

We’ve heard stories of how men marry women in Nigeria and in order to earn a better source of income they relocate abroad and that causes some of their wives to become exposed thereby bringing out their real identity and behaviour which has led to many cases of divorce and betrayal.

A Nigerian man who is known on facebook as Akara Oku took to his page to let the men know how to identify the kind of women they married.

He wrote;

“If you want to know if your wife is a good wife. Marry her and relocate to abroad, US precisely. That is the major yardstick to reveal who she is”.

He went further to say

“Nigeria 🇳🇬 will reveal the kind of man you married and America 🇺🇸 will reveal the kind of woman you married. Chose your own revelations”

And it got reactions from Nigerians as expected. Some were of the opinion that a good woman will never change from what she was even when she is abroad.

Nigerian man engages his girlfriend onboard international flight (Video)

In the video, he requested the attention of the rest of the passengers and told them he would love to ask someone special and dear to him a very important question with the hopes that her answer would be in the affirmative.

The unidentified man who was given a chance to address the passengers by one of the air hostesses, revealed that he has been dating his woman for 5 years.

After his speech in which he expressed his immense love for her, the man walked towards her and went on a bended knee to proposed to his girlfriend known as Kemi.

Overwhelmed with Joy, Kemi expressed surprise and gave him a ‘yes’, after which he slid the ring on her finger and they hugged passionately.

Watch the video below

Nigerian man allegedly swindles his US-based Nigerian married lover of over N40m, properties and more

A Nigerian man who allegedly defrauded a US-based Nigerian woman has been caught and taken into police custody.

The man, identified as one Sylvester Ehiarinmian, 43, made love advances to one Mary Ope, 40, who is married with children, promising to marry her, Assistant Inspector-General of Police in charge of Zone 2, AIG Ahmed Iliyasu revealed.

The married mother fell into the suspect’s scam net, police said and he allegedly swindled several millions of Naira and landed properties out of her.

The victim, who owns a farm in the FCT, Abuja, reportedly had the intention of setting up other businesses in Nigeria and she was introduced to Ehiarinmian as someone capable of providing security to and from her farm.

They got in touch and the suspect was said to have made a love advance to her, with a promise to marry her, even though she claims he was aware she was married. She claims she “hypnotically” fell in love with the suspect who dispossessed her of both cash and property.

AIG Ahmed revealed that the suspect obtained the sum of $15000 dollars from her to procure visa for the victim’s sister, another $10,000 he proposed to purchase carpets for an office they both agreed to operate and N40 million for the establishment of a medical laboratory.

When the scale fell off her eyes, Mary petitioned the Zone 2 Command, Onikan, Lagos, to fish out the suspect.

Ehiarinmian was arrested and the following items, belonging to the victim, were recovered: two Toyota Sienna Space buses (05/07 models) marked RBC 564 BB and YAB 101AZ; two unregistered Toyota Sienna Space buses (05/07 models); Toyota Highlander (01 model), with Registration No. YAB 768 SD; bunch of keys of a storey building comprising two bedroom flats and two self contained apartments.

Also recovered were one bedroom flats with boy quarters in Apo Resettlement Abuja; documents in respect of a ‘900sqm land, located in Wasa District, Abuja along with Certificate of Occupancy (C of O); documents of a 900sqm land, situated in Angwan Tiv area of Apo Resettlement Area, Abuja; a 900kVA generating set and nine copies of Deeds of Assignments for a property in Apo, Abuja.

Yet to be recovered from him are a Mikano Generating set, two duplexes in South Africa, the sum of $15,000 (obtained for the victim’s sister’s visa), $10,000 (for purchase of office carpets) and N40 million he collected from her for the establishment of a medical laboratory.

When questioned, Ehiarinmian denied the allegation, saying,

“I did not defraud her. She is my girlfriend. We had a misunderstanding and she boasted that she had powerful people who would deal with me. Let us go to court, that is what I want.”

Culled from LIB

A South African Lady Says, It Is Hard Dating A South African Man After Having Dated Nigerians.

Retired Makoti


A South African Lady who goes by the name, Retired_Makoti (Oluwaferanmi), and the Twitter handle @Retired_Makoti has taken Twitter, to express her need for help, in view of the difficulties she is currently facing in dating a South African man; after having dated only Nigerian men throughout her dating life this now. She noted that though her current South African lover is treating her perfectly well, still she is finding it hard to transition from having dated Nigerians to dating a South African. This is certainly a very huge appraisal of the Nigerian men who have often be told back home, that they don’t know how to treat women.

According to Makoti, “I am in a relationship with a South African man. That is a real transition considering that I have only been dating Nigerian men It’s hard man” Funny enough, she is not in a bad with a South African man, but in a very good one as she said; “He loves me me so much, gives me, does everything for me, everything is perfect but I’m struggling to transition….help” One will be curious to find out why should a lady be having problem in her mind over a relationship that is treating her to the best of her desire, as Makoti is experiencing? However, she went on to explain the root of her problem, by recounting an incident that happened when she went out with her South African man.

Makoti recounted that “Last night he took me out to this place. The bouncers were Nigerians. Most of the men were Nigerian. I was close to asking him to pick me later. Instead I asked if we could leave, because I knew, if one Nigerian men shows interest, I was going to slip off”. She took such decision because according to her, “i have grown too deeply with Nigerians.️ I have become accustomed to to them, I have become accustomed to their tradition. It is hard to unlearn what Nigeria has taught me, and how Nigeria has taught me to be this diverse woman. Even my Nigerian sisterhood is a deep part of me.”

When asked by one Twitter user, why didn’t She stick stick to one of the many Nigerian guys she had dated, if they were truly good as she claims, Makoti, explaines that she couldn’t stay with any because someone could be perfect, and still not be what she wanted. But that she never had any sad break up with any of her previous Nigerian lover; that they are all still good friends even after the breakups.

Invariably, there must be something with most Nigerian women who never see the Nigerian men are good and caring enough. To these set of women, Nigerian men are scums, as they often popularly referrenced on the social media. It either, most Nigerians men don’t appreciate what they have, or the are struggling with the reality of the inability to practice their fantasy of man and woman are equal.