Have You No Shame…” A Mother Reacts After Daughter Told Her She Is Looking For A Sugar Daddy

The tendency of young women dating older men for financial gain is not new in the world. While the name has changed from sugar daddy to sponsor recently, the act remains the same.

A young lady planning to date an old man will never tell her parents about the arrangement. However, a Kenyan radio presenter Natalie Githinji has gone viral for the same. She was jokingly informing her mother that she is looking for a sugar daddy. Mike Sonko, the ex-Nairobi Governor shared the conversation online, however, it has since gone viral.

The video shows Natalie setting up the camera before telling her mother. She then proceeds to say that she wants to date an older, moneyed man.

From the onset, you can clearly tell she wanted to capture her mother’s reaction to this very sensitive topic.

“Mum, I am looking for an old man with money, a potbelly, houses and vehicles. That is the type of man I want in my life…A man who can keep me,”she says.

The mother soon replied; “Keeping you what? Is there anything else you are thinking of aside from money?”

Like the mother’s straight reaction wasn’t enough, the lady further went on to say;

“He should be around 50 or 70 years old,”

The lady continues by saying she has a money problem. In a rejoinder, the mother tells her to instead look for a young boyfriend so they can build themselves up together.

The mother went to decried the high expectations young girls have of men nowadays.

“Have you no shame saying you are looking for a rich, older man? Can’t you look for a young man to start building with? The high expectations you young ladies have are the reason why some of you go crazy. You find a young woman who has not even given birth appearing even older than me because the brain is idle, building castles in the air. When you see a fancy car, you want to own it yet you have no means. You want to be sponsored, are you Kenya? Do you want sponsorship to build a road?”the angry mother responds.

Here are some of the reactions:

Samuel De Phineas:“It’s so sad to see that most of the relationships are based on wealth and riches ….nowadays true love is rare to find.”

MK Kibe:“The mother answered her candidly!”

Emilly Kimweru:“Kenya we are sponsored. Mum of the day!”

Sos Tioko Faulu:“It is just for fun and educational, no hard feelings people.”

Vallerierose Vall:“Money is not everything, true love en peace of mind very important.”

Drama As Lady Finds Her Mother With Her Husband In The Act

Cases of immorality in the society are increasing. Young boys are abusing drugs and involving themselves in immoral acts. Married people are also cheating on their spouses with other people. This situation is sad. Something needs to be done to ensure there are good morals within the society.


A married lady was sad to learn about the intimate relationship that her mother was having with her husband(the lady’s husband). According to the society, it is a taboo for a lady to have an illicit relationship with her son-in-law.

Reports suggest that the mother confessed that indeed they were having an affair with the son. It is a sad incident considering that the mother is supposed to be a role model to her daughter.

According to Radio Citizen, it is not the first time that such an incident is happening. A similar incident also happened in Meru where a man had a relationship with his daughter-in-law.

(Image used for illustration, courtesy of google search engine)


Kenyans had different reactions after learning about the incident. Many termed the behaviour as ill-mannered. See the reactions below:

“Mum Paid For My Dream Wedding Then Had A Baby With My Husband Nine Months Later,” Daughter Says

Lauren Wall a 34 year old lady has come out to reveal that her mother paid for her wedding and yet had a relationship with her husband and even gave birth to his baby.

Lauren got married to an airport worker who goes by the name Paul White when she was 19 years old.

Her mother Julie paid £15,000 for their wedding, Lauren was very happy and even the newly Weds went to Devon for their honeymoon and stayed there for two weeks.

After eight weeks of marriage, her husband moved out without giving a reason,

Lauren said that her husband and her mother always got on well and she never thought of anything else as she was his mother in law.

Lauren was very happy and could not wait to settle in her new marriage. But Paul changed few weeks later and became very protective of his phone.

One day Lauren’s sister found a conversation between her mother and brother in law, when they confronted their mother, she denied being in a relationship with Paul.

Months later Paul removed his wedding ring and walked out on his wife and their little girl barely seven months. He went to live with Lauren’s mother, something that shocked Lauren is that she had been betrayed by the two people she trusted the most in the world.

After nine months, her mother gave birth and that’s when they announced that they were together, five years later they got married.

Her mother invited her to the wedding and Lauren went to the wedding for the sake of her daughter, it was awkward for her as she watched her mother marry the man she had married five years ago.

Her mother has tried to ask for forgiveness but Lauren is not ready to forgive her, she was supposed to be the one person who will do anything to protect her children but instead she hurt her.

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Source: Daily Mail

See What The Mother Of This Bride Surprised Her Daughter With That Made Her Broke Down In Tears

It is the joy of parents to see their children walk through the path they have been through for years and the prayer of every parents to their children is for them to find a partner that will love them and show them care. This bride who wedded recently will definitely be one of the most happiest person on earth now as she received something on the day of her wedding.

Parents will always remember that child who brought joy and gladness to them, that child that served them with all they have without hesitation and that was why the mother of this bride surprised her daughter with a brand new car on her wedding day.

Mediagist posted it on Instagram and according to the mother of the bride who spoke in Yoruba, she said her daughter is indeed a bride in whom she is we’ll pleased.

The mother of the bride revealed that she lived with her, served her, show her love and also walked in the path of Jesus Christ.

The mother of the bride sent for the bride and the groom, when they came, she told her daughter that the car belongs to her.

The bride who was super excited broke down in tears and knelt down thanking her mother. I guess she never expected such from the mother.

She handed the key of the car to her daughter and her newly wedded husband. One lesson to learn from this is that good deeds never die; you may not be rewarded for the good you are doing today, but certainly God will use someone to pay you for all your labour of love.

I pray and wish them marital bliss.