Feminism in marriage is not God’s word – Pastor Mildred Okonkwo warns married women.

Pastor Mildred Okonkwo

Mildred Kingsley-Okonkwo is the Associate Senior pastor of David’s Christian Centre, and an author. She is a firm believer in the fact that as a woman, you can have it all. She is married to Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo, Senior pastor of David’s Christian Centre and host of popular TV program: Love, Dating and Marriage. 

Here is everything Pastor Mildred Kingsley said in the video:

“Feminism in marriage is rubbish. Feminism in marriage is not God’s word. You can be doing your feminism in the office because if you are a woman and you work like a man, you should earn like a man but in marriage there is only one head and you have the first right of choice.

So if you choose the man, then you should submit to him. So, don’t practice feminism in marriage, God is against it. What you really should do is to choose well. When God’s word says something, do it.

If God’s word says submit, then submit. If God’s word says respect, then respect. If God’s word says love, then love and don’t be carried away by what’s happening out there.

The word of God will only change your marriage if you put it to work. Social media trends should not be your standards, be careful who you allow to speak into your marriage, home and family. The word of God should be your first, last and final authority in your life.”

Drama as bride finds out on the way to church that her groom has been sleeping with her bridesmaid

Marriage is always a time of happiness, blissful joy and an atmosphere filled with gladdened hearts, however, a certain scene has been spotted which is just quite the opposite of what marriage should be, after tears, anger and frustration befell a couple who were about to be joined in holy matrimony. Drama erupted in the city of Rivers state, Portharcourt as the lady discovered that her husband to be has been sleeping with her bridesmaid.

According to a report made by Oluyemi who shared the story and video of the incident, it was gathered that the bride, the woman discovered just while they were driving to the church that her husband to be, her own groom had been sleeping with her own chief bridesmaid. The lady who was heard asking why he could do such to her was in tears, as her white wedding gown washed itself on the bare floor.

The bride who had come down from the car they drove caused a dramatic scene, as made watched in shock and awe over the act. However, the chief bridesmaid who was spotted wearing a red gown was pushed aside, as the bride kept exclaiming such disgraceful act. Many nonetheless were against such acts done by the man, as the best man was also heard telling the groom that he had completely messed up.

This is something quite rare, as one should absolutely avoid such incident which may bring pain and frustration to both parties. Some nonetheless gave their reactions towards the act, as can be seen in the screenshotted photos below. What’s your opinion towards this act done, put your thoughts in the comment section below and share to others, as you can like and follow us for more interesting stories all around the world.

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After Man Narrated How A Prophet Caused Break-up in A marriage, See Aisha Yesufu’s Reaction

These days, we leave all the marital issues to our pastors and spiritual fathers/mothers. They see for us, hear for us, understand for us. We take all what is said hook, line and sinker. Having a father-son relationship with God is very key to help us not to make costly mistakes.

Here is a case narrated by a Twitter user. Husband came home from work and discovered that his wife had packed out with his child. Normally, woman could leave a house if there are unresolved issues. So, it is very rare such case happens if there is none.

In this case, the woman left without issue or problem whatsoever! When he went to his in-law’s house to brief her parents, she met her there. Unbelievably, she then told the man that her Prophet (Pastor) says it wasn’t God’s will to marry him and will die if she continues to stay with him! 

Just like Aisha Yesufu said, many families are being broken up today due to prophesies! It is really unfortunate! A lady found her last hope in life for marriage, her man happens to be my uncle. She took him to her pastor for prayers. Pastor said their marriage will not last that he is seeing death of one of the couple. They ran away from the Church. They are still together being married for 13 years now! The pastor is long dead and buried!

How women fall gullible to Pastors, I don’t understand. One has a boyfriend that loves her to bits and wants to marry her but the pastor said he’s not the will of God for her. Now she is ended up with someone who maltreats her. Is that will of God?

I always use my sense when a pastor is addressing me. Tge Bible says my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. A Snr pastor told a Jnr Pastor to pray for me, after the prayer, the guy gave me some prophecies. I met the snr pastor, and briefed him about the prophesies. He only laughed and waved it away because it is rubbish!

It’s only the gulible ones that will allow their homes to break because of one stupid prophesy. Some people allow gullible men of god to manipulate them with predictions. Pastors of doom hardly ever see anything good. People should have a personal relationship with God and not to go about seeking for prophecies.

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I slept with my mother-in-law on my wedding night!

There was no love lost between mama and I; she was a mother-in-law who was determined not to accept me. Deciding to be in my bed on my wedding night was her final act of ‘get-out’ but instead of me seeing it as such, I chose to ignore it.

Here is my story.

My marriage lasted for less than four months; it shouldn’t even have been a marriage, nor a relationship, it should just never even have happened!

I thought I was in love when I met UK; he was soft spoken, he had hands and feet like a girls’, you know, clipped clean like someone who didn’t want dirt near him. He spoke like someone who had lived abroad for a while…maybe that was also one of the things that drew me to him; I had always wanted to go abroad, so he was the closest thing for me here and the fact that he became interested in me…was a big bonus!

He asked me out, I was in my final year at the Poly, then.

He bought me fish and chips at one of the fast food restaurant he took me to that Saturday and that’s how it all began.

It was easy to see he was a mummy’s boy and for me, that was no threat. I didn’t feel threatened by him depending so much on his mum for everything, especially when he punctuating every achievement he made, using his mum as the main reason; I figured when we got closer, this would change.

Look at it this way, his mum had been there for him all of his life, he was her only son; I didn’t think I would just come in and take her place, just like that. You know, I also hope to have children someday, so I know how mums and sons can have a strong bond; I would like that too, someday.

But his mother clearly didn’t like me from the get go; then again, I didn’t think it unusual. How many mothers- in- law get on well with their daughters- in- law?

 So how was mine going to be different? I was only determined to make her like me and accept me as her daughter- in- law, if not her daughter at least.

I really tried to get mama to like me; I would go to her house, scrub, clean, cook…it was just never enough and I never gave up, you know. I kept trying.

When UK and I began to make plans for the wedding, Mama was as involved as UK and I; it was as if the union was going to be between me on one side and UK and her on the other. Mama wanted to handle virtually everything; my wedding dress, our rings, UK’s suit, our reception, the colour of cake, the type, the cake maker, caterer…I swear; she seemed to know everyone who could supply these things, décor…so at some point, I began to wonder, who is really getting married here, me or mama?

Whenever I raised objections, UK would say, “Babe, let mama handle this, biko; how many weddings has she had?” Meaning, his wedding was the only one mama would ever have to organize, you know, him being her only child…

As for my own people, they were angry of course but I kept begging them to maintain the peace, I told them that things would change after the wedding. My sister IJ didn’t see it like that, she kept telling me to refuse to some of the things I had agreed to, she said UK’s mum would not stop, she would keep coming for more and more attention until she destroyed our relationship.

Maybe I should have paid attention to her but I was in love, I wanted everything to be perfect; I wanted UK to be happy too, even if it meant me being a little unhappy.

Anyway, on our wedding and even before then, we got gifts of money, from friends and family, we got cheques…you know, addressed to us as Mr. and Mrs…. Even on your wedding day, people came with envelopes and gave us.

You know, as the bride, I couldn’t carry any bag but my sister IJ was my chief bridesmaid, I wanted to pass the envelopes to her but UK said I should pass all the envelopes to his cousin. So all the envelopes and gifts were given to UK’s cousin.


Soooo, well, after the wedding, I expected that UK’s cousin would bring the money to us or give to IJ, right? No. instead, what UK brought to me was a bag of empty envelopes, with no cash, no cheques!

“Where is all the money?”

He told me, he had arranged for it to be put in his personal account!


Ok, so let me roll back a bit.

On our wedding night! You know, we had guests in the house, people who had travelled from the village to attend the wedding from his side of the family…they were all in our house. The place was full. That very night, my mother- in- law came to meet me in the room to tell me I should go and remove all the extra food in the coolers; you know the leftovers in the coolers we served guests at the reception were brought to our house. Yes, mama asked me to remove my wedding clothes and go to the kitchen to put the left overs in the freezer! I swear to you!

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As in…I was like…so in this house full of people, cousins, family, friends….you couldn’t find anyone to do this?

I looked at UK, he looked away…


If I refused to go, there would be wahala, all his family members were in the house, I was in the midst of strangers….so I removed my clothes and went to the kitchen to tidy it up…there were over twenty coolers of left over food! Nobody came to help, they would come to the kitchen, take something, check if there was food, take some, or do something and leave me there.

When I finished that midnight, my wedding midnight o…after putting the food away, I washed some of the coolers, you know…

I was tired. I wanted to just crawl into bed and cry.

When I got to our room, my mother–in- law was in our bed! I kid you not! She was snoring in fact! I went outside to look for UK, he was with his cousins outside the house. I asked him why mama was sleeping on our bed, he said the AC in her room wasn’t working and so she asked to sleep in our room…chai!

On our wedding night!

And listen o. Me being a good Christian girl, I never had sex with UK while we were courting so I was looking forward to it being the first time that night…humm

You know, that was when I knew I had made the biggest mistake of my life. This wasn’t going to be a marriage; it was going to be a threesome.

From that moment on, I began to look for how to get myself together to end the marriage; a marriage that started just a few hours ago, I was already planning how and when to walk away…three months later, I did.

(Series written based on true stories)

How to Check sexual compatibility without having S*x

Sex is something that many abstain from till they are married.

People make various choices in their lives; It could be on moral grounds, or in some cases, just a decision to abstain from sex till they get married.

For People like this, one of the most difficult things would be the determination of sexual compatibility with their partners.

Obviously, it’s Okay not to have sex before marriage but its not cool if you don’t discuss about it before then.

The story has once been shared of a bride who was persuaded by her new husband to have anal sex on the very night of their wedding or sometime thereabouts.

This particular couple had both abstained from sex till that wedding night, and when the time came to consummate their union, it occurred that they both had totally different ideas of what sex was meant to be like.

Apparently, the couple in question must surely not have had proper talk about their sexual preferences and towing such line in a sexless relationship could be the deadliest recipe for disaster. Its okay not to have sex before marriage   but it’s not cool to not talk or discuss it before then.

Deciding to not have sex before marriage is not a bad thing, and if that is what you want with your partner, it’s absolutely fine.

But choosing not to ascertain the sexual compatibility between you and your partner before taking such a huge leap as marriage is not advisable. And to determine the sexual common grounds between yourself and your partner without actually doing it, all you need is communication.

Unabashed, unrestricted, honest-to-God conversations. Large doses of it.

You need to ask all the questions imaginable, cover all the possible bases.

It is never enough to limit your talks to banks statements, number of kids, etc, only to relegate sexual compatibility to a place of nothingness. It does not work that way.

Since you will not actually be engaging in the sex, it is only logical to ask and have honest conversations about what that partner sees sex as, and what teases and pleases them, what they can do, what they can’t, and what they can’t do without.

It is only logical to ask and have honest conversations about what that partner sees sex as

You need to listen to your partner’s opinions on accepting and giving sexual pleasure, and gauge whether you can live up to that expectation or not.

You’ll need to voice out what you find impossible and ridiculous. You also have to be open to bending a bit here, being accommodating a bit there till you both reach a common ground on the subject.

If you are both comfortable with it, these conversations could be during couples pre-marriage counselling, where you have someone ‘supervising the negotiations.’

Whichever way you want it though, let it be known that sexual compatibility can be deciphered to a large extent without actually having sex if you both will just communicate right.

Marriage | Your Husband will not Love you if you do these things

Love is an attitude and attitude determines your altitude.

We are all aware that love and infatuation are two very different things. We also know that love isn’t just an emotion. Love is a decision — a commitment. It’s the action of choice.
Love is more than an emotion – it’s a verb, an action — that we demonstrate continually regardless of how we happen to feel on any given day.

Sometimes, you will be baffled as to why a couple who fell in love with one another, professed eternal love to one another, got married and after many years of being together, they will get a divorce.

You will then start wondering, are these not the same couple that were full of love many years ago? Couple that were love birds? Couple that acted like they cannot live with each other?

Most times, it is usually because the man doesn’t want the wife anymore and the woman will always be confused as to why her husband doesn’t love her anymore, or why the husband no longer do the things she used to do for her before they got married.

I will mention the reasons why such things could happen, why a man will suddenly stop loving his dear wife even though they have spent so many years together, been through many things together and have overcome so many things.

Below are the reasons why a man will stop loving his wife after so many years of marriage.


One of the reasons for that is infidelity. When he newly married you, you were faithful to him but after a few years, you felt like he can no longer be that vibrant young man you used to know and then you will start being unfaithful to him, this will make him to stop loving you immediately he find out.

He may decide not to divorce you but trust me, you will wish he did because he will no longer give you the attention you want.


Another reason is that, when he was still approaching you, you were dressing like a princess, your dress sense was top notch, that was what probably drew his attention to you but after the marriage, and when you realized that he can no longer leave you, you started dressing like an old woman, he will lose interest in you and that will make him to stop loving you.


Also, when he was approaching you, you were so respectful but after he married you and a couple of years down the line, you turned into a lioness in his home.

If he should say one thing, you will say ten things and you will be ready to fight him, he will stop loving you.

You even insult and abuse him anytime you feel like doing that.


Also, he will also stop loving if you are the type of woman that was helping him achieve greatness when he first met you, you were dishing out wonderful pieces of advice to him but after he married you and a few years after, all you now do is to squander his money in frivolities, he will stop loving you.


Finally, if you were the kind of lady that always prepare his meal before he comes back from work when he first met you and few years after marriage, you stopped, instead you started telling him to go into the kitchen and make food for himself when he comes back late at night from work, he will stop loving you.

Life is messy and marriage is life. So marriage is messy, too. But when things stop working perfectly, we start blaming our partner for the snags. We add unnecessary mess to the already inescapable mess of life and love. We must stop pointing fingers and start intertwining them. And then we can we walk into, and through, the mess of life together. Blameless and shameless.

So, please, just be that person he fell in love with and he will never stop loving you.

Self acclaimed Anti-Christ “Adaeze Gift” Marries in Grand style. (Photos)

<p class="has-drop-cap" value="<amp-fit-text layout="fixed-height" min-font-size="6" max-font-size="72" height="80">A beautiful Nigerian lady, Spiritual director, DE youngest priestess of the river, Ambassador of water and an unbeliever of Christ tied the knot with the love of her life….. Etoh ChimeziehA beautiful Nigerian lady, Spiritual director, DE youngest priestess of the river, Ambassador of water and an unbeliever of Christ tied the knot with the love of her life….. Etoh Chimezieh

She decided to be the one to kneel down while her boyfriend proposed to her. According to her, the reason for that was because her husband has been with many women but decided to settle with her.

The young lady has finally tied the knot with the boyfriend, now husband and their traditional wedding photos is finally out.

The newly wedded lady identified as Adaeze Gift Okolie has finally gotten married to the love of her life, Etoh Chimezieh this year on the 11th of January 2021 and their official traditional wedding photos is finally out.

On a normal day, it’s the man that bends a knee to propose to a lady but a Nigerian lady identified as Adaeze Gift Okolie has set a new record after she went on her knees to accept the marriage proposal of her boyfriend.

The lady prevented the man from kneeling

She wrote:























Check out some of the beautiful photos from the wedding between Adaeze Gift Okolie and Etoh Chimezieh below:-

Their photos are absolutely stunning and dashing, we wish them all the blessings that comes with marriage and a happy married life.

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FCMB MD’s Marriage Explodes As Wife Packs Out Of His House, Considers Divorce

The news from Sahara reporters have revealed that the First City Monument Bank Manager Mr. Adam Nuru’s wife have pack out his house and is now considering a divorce.

<p value="<amp-fit-text layout="fixed-height" min-font-size="6" max-font-size="72" height="80">This was after Tunde and Moyo's issue came up, remember that it was reported that Moyo the wife of Mr Tunde told him when leaving Nigeria that they children they had wasn't his own but was for the managing director of First City Monument Bank, Mr Adam Nuru.This was after Tunde and Moyo’s issue came up, remember that it was reported that Moyo the wife of Mr Tunde told him when leaving Nigeria that they children they had wasn’t his own but was for the managing director of First City Monument Bank, Mr Adam Nuru.

Report revealed that this news alone lead to the death of Mr Tunde as he was confirmed to have died of heart failure.

This made the board of directors to remove Mr. Adam Nuru as the manager of the First City Monument Bank, now report from Sahara reporters has it that his wife has packed out of the house and is now demanding for a divorce.

This is so sad and heartbreaking, just within a month Mr Adam Nuru is losing almost every he has worked for. This family, his business and his children.

See comments from viewers.

Six months after my husband’s death, my pastor proposed to me, should I marry him?

My husband and I lives in the united states of america, but recently moved back to Nigeria because of the illness my husband had. He decided to spend his final moment in his own town after being away for many years.

My name is Jessica and am already 60 years old, my husband died of the terminal illness he had and have be buried since 6 months now, my plans is to go back to America but unfortunately something weird happened, the priest we had in my family surprised me by making a proposal to me after the six months of my husband’s death, this gentleman is 40 year old.

Me and my husband actually came to Nigeria on his wish to know God more before he dies, immediately we landed in Nigeria, few day later we located a church in his hometown, there were rumors about how the church are good in preaching the truth.

What do you think I should do..? Should I go along with his proposal..?

People Laughed At Her For Marrying A Mad Man, 3 Days Later, They Regretted It.

Please note that the photos in this article are for illustrative purposes.

In life, never you look down on anyone because you don’t know what the future holds. God turned the mockery of Susan into joy and glory. Which means he can also turn your shame to glory.

Just recently, I came across the story of a lady called Susan on Facebook. She shared a story of what happened to her for every one to see and I most say, I was really inspired and touched.

According to what the lady shared, “My name is Susan and I’m a 25 years old lady who graduated from the university after studying business administration.

I started looking for a job almost immediately I graduated but up to no avail. Life was really hard for me. I’m from a family of 6 children, 3 girls and 3 boys. And I’m the oldest daughter and second born.

Things we’re going really well for all my siblings except me. I was really struggling to make ends meet and pay my bills. My relationship life was zero.

In fact, no man wanted to have any thing to do with me, after dating for a few weeks, they always dump me. Maybe because I’m not pretty or erotic enough. But I kept hoping that one day, I’ll find my soul mate.

One day, I was coming back from my job hunt when I saw an ugly looking mad man, staring at me. He looked really hungry and tattered.

I felt pity for him so I bought him some snacks and a bottle of soft drink, he ate everything immediately. Then I continued my journey home.

Unknowingly to me, he followed me to where I lived. I was surprised when someone knocked on my gate. I asked him why he followed me, he smiled and told me “Because you are really kind and beautiful”.

I was shocked because the mad man spoke english fluently like someone who lived abroad. After that day, we became good friends. He often knocked on my door and I gave him food.

Sometimes we sit outside and talk about life, he was really intelligent and I kept wondering why he looked mad. I also decided to give him some of my big polos to put on and look a little decent.

People and my neighbours who noticed about the mad man’s frequent visit started gossiping about me. That I was having a relationship with a mad man. I was mocked and humiliated on several occasions.

Our friendship continued for a few months and then I realized I already had romantic feelings for him. He also confessed to me too that he was in love with me. At first I was confused but then I decided to follow my heart. The mad man proposed to me and I accepted.

The news spread like wildfire and my family got to know about it. My parents we’re highly disappointed in me and refused to bless my marriage. But I didn’t give up, I really was in love with him.

We had a small wedding ceremony in church and not many people attended, our news was posted on blogs and spread online. They tagged the headline as “Man mad gets married”.

All my friends were disappointed in me and mocked me for marrying a poor and dirty mad man. My husband and I moved in to my one bed room apartment and started living our lives as a couple. 3 days later, something really miraculous happened.

A few white men and women and a old Nigerian couple came knocking on our door. The couple said they’re the parents of my husband. They showed me evidence with pictures.

They said he escaped from the hospital where he was receiving treatment after having an accident that hurt his brain and mind 7 months ago.

And since then they’ve been looking for him, until they saw his wedding pictures with me on the internet. His family was extremely rich and settled in London. His parents thanked me for helping them find their son and told me to follow them abroad so that they can complete his treatment since I’m already his wife.

They treated him, gave him a makeover and my husband became so handsome and matured. He was no longer mad.

My husband’s family were not just rich, they were billionaires. I realized just how lucky I was. He got better, he and his family treated me so well with love and gifts, and he thanked me for loving him even when he was mad. My life changed for the better.

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