Your Thing is Too Small’ – Nigerian Lady Says As She Rejects Her Man’s Proposal (Video)

Another man has been grossly embarrassed on the tangent of the conventional pulling of a ring and asking a woman for a long-term commitment publicly.

This practice has been condemned by a lot of people who argue that a man kneeling in front of a lady and proposing to her is alien to the African culture and despite the way a lot of women turn the script upside down unlike what we see in the foreign movies, that has done little to deter ‘lover-men’ from proposing publicly.

The man who this report revolves around, probably thought a crowdy marketplace with all the contrasting themes it emanates is the best place to propose to his woman. Unfortunately, the lady rejected his proposal.

In a video making the rounds online, the man could be seen on his knees asking for her hand in marriage as onlookers urged her to say yes. To add insult to injury, the unidentified lady said although she loves him, she can’t marry him because his ”thing” is too small.

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In an almost identical story, an interesting video is gaining momentum online capturing the moment a young boy’s erection has refused to return to normality.

The young boy said a strange woman approached him and asked that he follows her to a ‘coded’ location so they have sex. He added the woman gave him a substance to drink but sadly, the concoction has become his worst nightmare.

The guy can be seen in the video trying unsuccessfully to hide the erection but to no avail while voices of some women could be heard in the background consoling him.

I’m willing to Pay 300K Every month to a Man who is ready to Marry me – See terms and conditions

The beautiful woman took it to social media that she is willing to pay 300 k every month to a man who is ready to marry her but the man must meet only one condition to be successful.

The woman said that for him to give 300k to a man who is ready to marry him her,The man must meet only one condition if not two,which is to do the house chores whilst she is working,and also he must be able to be good on the other side. This post caused a stir on the internet and people started commenting, that the reason why she does not have a man it’s because she thinks that she can buy a man. she makes herself a man and if she continues with her attitude she will still be single.God gave the responsibility of provion to a man not to the woman.

Other another one comment and said that the only man who will be ready to marry her is a foolish man.because man has their own pride and they enjoy being the providers in the house, when you take the responsibility away from them it Distort everything.

Another requirement of this woman was that the man must be good on the other side meaning that the man must be able to perform very this woman issued a vacancy for single man and stated the requirments.

However whilst the woman was busy receiving negative comments,there are man who responded and they are willing to take responsibility and perform the two things that this woman requires. and subscribe.

“I Will Pay $15,000 Monthly To Any Man Who Will Marry Me Under This Condition”- Lady SaysAugust 28, 2020

A Ghanaian lady has offered any man who wants to marry her the sum of GHc25,000 a week but has to meet some requirements.
The lady known as Isabella Johnson, as reported by Kofi Legit which he cites as fictional, revealed that she has been in a lot of relationships which has failed because of hard luck on her side.

According to Isabella, she has made a lot of money from where she works as a result of a connection one of her sugar daddies did for her but she has intentions of settling down once and for all.

However, men who have interest in marrying her must be ready to succumb to her conditions which she outlined on social media.

My name is Isabella Johnson, and I have been living here in Kumasi Ghana since I was little. Initially I was living with my parents, just like few kilometers from my current residence, before I moved into my own personal apartment, here in Kumasi, but I will not disclose the address for security purposes.

Honestly speaking, I have had a lot of relationship which I will say clearly that it has never favoured me. I have dated Young boys and boys of my Age, but It seems like I don’t have luck when it comes to relationships and daring. Most of this boys will promise me heaven and earth for me to accept them, of which I gave them reasons beyond doubt that they will not fail me, but all to no avail. Within 1 year, the relationship will start to crumble, of which what will follow next will be breaking up.

But on dating some old men, I was able to gain access and connection to where I work now, and I earn huge amount of Money every month, as you will be shock to find out how much I earn. But ever since then, I have been single and searching for love.

I have met so many men who claimed to love me, but a long the line I will discover what they want is my money and not Marriage. So I have decided to give any man GHc90,000 monthly to any man who will agree to marry me under this Condition as I state below.

  1. To marry me, you must be a tall handsome gentleman, who knows how to make a lady happy at all times.
  2. To marry me you must know how to cook most of Ghana’s Mouth tasty meals. And your food must always be tasty.
  3. You must be good in all ramifications, both in the other way round (am sure you know what I mean by being good in all Ramifications).
  4. You must always stay at home all day to keep after the house, because I will be the one working and will be paying you GHc90,000 monthly. So there won’t be need for you to go out and work.
  5. You can only hangout with your friends on only Sundays. And if you want to hangout with tour friends, you must include me in your plans because I now have trust issues.
  1. You must not answer any call from any other woman except that of your family members and relations. Nothing like “she is just a friend”, that is unacceptable.
  2. Before a Baby will come and live with us, our babies must have gotten to the age of Juvenile, and any nanny that will come to live with us must be an Old woman, and I will be the one to choose who it will be.
  3. You don’t dare discuss our private lives to your friends, family members, relatives and wellwishers. It is meant to be secret between us.
  4. Under no circumstances or condition should any of your friends past the night in our House. This is our home and not theirs.