Man facing 15 years in jail for catching ex-wife cheating

A New Jersey man is facing 15 years in jail after he used an iPhone app to track his wife which led him to her boss’ bedroom.

Sean Donis, 37, says he was minding his kids in April 2016, while his wife went to dinner with friends and he went searching for his son’s iPad. When he couldn’t locate it, he used the ‘Find My iPhone’ app to track the device and saw it traveling toward the New York state line.

Suspicious that the iPad was with his wife of six years, Nancy Donis, 38, Sean tracked the device to an unknown location and arrived at his wife’s parked car outside a house he didn’t recognise.

Donis tried the front door which was left unlocked. He made his way to the second floor master bedroom where he found his wife in bed with her boss, Albert Lopez, 58. Donis also filmed two short videos of the shocking encounter – which he reportedly forwarded to his wife’s relatives.

The couple were granted a divorce in February the following year and Sean Donis thought the encounter was behind him. That is, until he received a letter from his ex-wife’s boss in July, 2017, stating he had been indicted by a grand jury on charges of felony burglary and unlawful surveillance.

I feel like it’s unjust what they’re doing to me,”  said Donis to the New York Post ahead of his first court appearance in September 2017. “It’s like I’m being punished twice.” He plead not guilty.

His trial began Friday and is expected to run until Tuesday. He is facing a maximum sentence of 15 years in prison.

Lopez testified in court that the encounter left him traumatized and unable to sleep. He also claims Donis’ wife told him they were separated at the time of the affair.

In opening statements, Donis lawyer Howard Greenberg argued his client “should be given a medal for the amount of restraint he showed when he entered that scene.”

Whereas Rockland county prosecutor Nabeela Mcleod insisted that even though Lopez slept with a married woman, he is still the victim. “Sean Donis broke into his home and invaded his privacy” by using a cellphone to record the startled couple in bed “without their consent or permission,” she said.

After a man killed his landlord because he slept with his wife, read what his wife later did

A lawyer has narrated a strange story about how a man spent 10 years in jail for killing his Landlord after he caught his wife sleeping with him, only for him to come out of Jail and find out that she has two boys and also nursing a third child for a neighbor.

The lawyer said that the man came home to discover that his wife was sleeping with his landlord and out of anger, he hit the landlord with a stool on the head and he died instantly.

After about five years of trial, he said that the man later regretted his actions, claiming that he does not know how many people his wife would be sleeping with now that he was in jail.

Following their argument in court that he was provoked to commit his actions, the judge gave him 10 years imprisonment, and when he came out of prison, he discovered that his wife already had two kids and nursing a third one for their neighbor.

The moral of the story being that one should not kill anyone because of a cheating partner.

Below are some screenshots of Reactions to this.


Man Who Bought His Wife Expensive Bag In Tears After DNA Test Shows He’s Not The Father Of Their Baby

DNA test has been a trend for sometime due to increase in paternity fraud all over the world and from available fraud statistics, DNA test must be made compulsory after a child is born, this idea has not been implemented but it is deliberated on.

Few months ago, A man identified as CEO Rashad has been left heartbroken and in tears after a DNA test showed he’s not the father of the child his wife gave birth to, this is coming few months after he bought an expensive designer handbags for his wife as gift.

Remember few months ago, CEO Rashad was into a twitter battle with someone who blasted him for buying an expensive handbag for his wife as push gift, according to the person, materialistic things should not be the way we spoil our woman. However, Rashad objected saying his woman deserves it and there is nothing bad about it.

Fast forward to today, CEO Rashad has taken to twitter to quote his old tweet where he flaunted his wife and the expensive bag. According to CEO Rashad, the baby which his wife birthed turns out to be another Man’s child. Rashad confessed to being heartbroken and says he can’t even wish such thing for his enemy. The heartbroken man continued to say he can die tonight.

His tweets read “Comes to find out this might not even be mine. THAT’S NOT EVEN THE CRAZIEST PART. IM HURT ASF. I WOULD’NT WISH THIS ON MY WORST ENEMY. WHAT IS LIFE?, Sh*t I can die tonight”.

After his paternity story went viral, Nigerians on Instagram reacting to it condemned the act of paternity fraud and also endorsing the compulsory DNA test idea. Check out some of their top reactions below:-

Check out photos of Rashad, his wife and the baby who isn’t his own his wife birthed:-

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I need a man to share my wealth with – Gorgeous lawyer declares, says she’s bored without a lover (photos)

– A young and stunning lawyer identified with the Twitter handle @Barrkhadijah_ has caused a stir on social media

– She stated that although she is highly accomplished in life, life is so boring for her without a man

– This has stirred massive reactions on Twitter as it is in contrast with modern-day feminist talks

A beautiful and successful young lawyer identified on social media as Barrister Khadijah Umar with the Twitter handle @Barrkhadijah_ has caused a massive stir with her assertion.

<p class="has-drop-cap" value="<amp-fit-text layout="fixed-height" min-font-size="6" max-font-size="72" height="80">In a post sighted by Ibyson Fortes Blog on her page, the barrister indicated that life without a man is so boring, no matter how successful a woman may be.In a post sighted by Ibyson Fortes Blog on her page, the barrister indicated that life without a man is so boring, no matter how successful a woman may be.

This is in sharp contrast with the opinion held by many social media feminists that men or marriage is not a necessary factor to make any woman feel ‘complete’.

See the post below:

In another comment by the stunning lawyer, she indicated that wealth was not a problem for her, but finding a man was when she said:

“I need a man I can share my wealth with.”

See post below:

Tons of people have been reacting wildly to the lady’s words.

@abba_dra agreed with the barrister and said:

“Yes! And behind every successful, rich, knowledgeable, sensible and responsible man, there must have a woman who stands for him. One cannot exist without one.”

@mubaraksaba1 also conjectured that:

“That’s is about life for you Oo my sister 2day and 2morrow everyday in life.may Allah see Us the truth.”

A lady named @UmeorizuP said:

“The same us will complain say we dont need a man to thrive, the same us will still complain say even we attain the highest level of achievement we still need a man. well any way na way.”

No matter what you attain in life, it's so boring being without a man - Young lawyer

A young lawyer says no matter what a woman attain in life, it’s so boring being without a man.
Photo credit: @Barrkhadijah


I harvest human parts from christian cemetery ― 55-year-old suspect reveals

I harvest human parts from Christian cemetery ― 55-year-old suspect reveals
The suspect with human skulls and dried hands

Operatives of the Ogun State police command has arrested a 55-year old man, identified as Yesiru Salisu.

Yesiru Salisu who resides at no 7 Odenusi street Ijebu Igbo was on Monday 23rd of November 2020 arrested for being in possession of four human skulls, two dry human hands and three jaws.

<p class="has-drop-cap has-vivid-red-color has-text-color" value="<amp-fit-text layout="fixed-height" min-font-size="6" max-font-size="72" height="80">Sequel to the report, the DPO Ago Iwoye CSP Paul Omiwole led his detectives to the scene where they opened the bag and discovered that it contains dry human parts.Sequel to the report, the DPO Ago Iwoye CSP Paul Omiwole led his detectives to the scene where they opened the bag and discovered that it contains dry human parts.

Confirming the arrest, the spokesperson Ogun State Police command DSP Abimbola Oyeyemi said the bush Yesiru Salisu ran into was properly combed and he was subsequently apprehended.

“On interrogation, the suspect confessed harvesting the human parts from one Christian cemetery in oke eri Ijebu ode together with one Lekan Bakare who is now at large”.

Meanwhile, the commissioner of police CP Edward Awolowo Ajogun has ordered the immediate transfer of the case to state criminal investigation and intelligence department for further investigation and prosecution.

He also directed that the fleeing accomplice should be hunted for and brought to justice.

Man Kills Girlfriend, Hangs Self For Being Rejected After Training His Girlfriend In The University

Relationship has really gone wrong as man stabs his girlfriend to death, hangs himself because his girlfriend rejected him after training her in the University.

As it was learnt, the man was said to be a Taxi Driver, and has trained his girlfriend in the University, who initially agreed to marry him.

It later became very unfortunate to him as his girlfriend later refused marrying him, after graduating from the University.

This ugly incidence was made known to the public when a Facebook user, EmmanuelaPrescious, posted on a Facebook group, IZHI GENERAL ASSEMBLY (IGA/UNIG).

According to her post on the Facebook group, she said, “SAY NO TO AN UNHEALTHY RELATIONSHIP. 

This man you’re seeing here is a taxi driver, he trained her in university and she promised to marry him after her service, now she’s no longer interested in him after graduation.

 She came to visit the man in his house telling him that she’s no longer interested in the relationship. 

The man pleaded with her but she still said NO. The man brought out knife and stabbed her to death and hanged himself as well .




Then I’m Saying, May Their Souls Rest In Peace!

It’s really disheartening hearing how people die because of relationship today.

Sometimes it makes me wonder if people actually die of relationship in other countries, as people die in Nigeria here. Every day we keep hearing “STABBING” or whatever.

Does it really mean that we don’t have good knowledge in relationship?

It seems people have refused to learn from other people’s mistakes, because almost the same kind of incidence happen everyday.

Seeing the same mistakes that have kept leading to people’s death, yet many will never like to learn their lessons.

I may not mean to sound different, I would always advise guys never to sponsor a girl in the University with the intention of marrying her, except the guy passed through the University too.

As a guy, if you are an illiterate or you didn’t pass through the University; never expect a girl you sponsored in the University to marry you, in fact that should be a kind of fooling yourself.

I may not forget to come to the side of the girls/ladies because their problems sometimes become the worst. It is really bad to keep making empty promises in order to gain favour from a man, where as you know deep in your heart that you are not going to marry such man.

While making your empty promises, always remember that empty promises have lead many into their graves.

Let’s be guided and say NO to murder in relationship!

Share this with your siblings and friends so that they will learn a lesson from it!

Video Of A Man Beating The Hell Out Of A Female Lawyer In Her Office Breaks The Internet

A viral video which has been spotted by captures the shocking moment a Cameroonian man was recorded on camera assaulting a lawyer in her office.

Report has it that the man who is identified as Mr. Paul Sinju is currently on the run after security forces launched a search for him after assaulting the lady lawyer during a heated exchange in her office.

Apparently, the whole drama erupted when the lawyer Evelyne Egbe Eyong, defended Mr. Paul Sinju’s siblings against him in which is in relation to their father’s property.

Mr. Paul wanted to take over their father’s properties without any objections from the younger siblings.

Report also says that Mr. Paul destroyed 2 office chairs, a table and quite a number of important documents which belonged to some clients. He also made away with a whopping sum of FCFA 1,000,000 belonging to the client.

Watch Video Below :

SON certifies 21 manufacturers in FCT

The Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON) ) has certified 13 manufacturers in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) for maintaining consistency in the quality of their products.

SON FCT Coordinator, Mr Gambo Dimka, said this at the organisation’s “Mandatory Conformity Assessment Programme (MANCAP) certificate presentation on Wednesday in Abuja.

Dimka congratulated the manufacturers for embracing standards in their products and for maintaining quality infrastructure in the face of COVID-19 pandemic.

According to him, they have displayed consistency in the quality of goods produced overtime to merit the certificates.

Dimka said that SON was happy to celebrate their feats.

He said that the programme was to ensure that all manufactured products conformed to standards prior to sales in the market or exportation.

Dimka said that it was also aimed at protecting genuine manufacturers against unhealthy practices such as production of substandard products, faking, counterfeiting as well as unfair competition in trade.

He said that this would provide consumers with confidence that products manufactured in the country were fit and safe for the intended use.

“Products that are qualified under the scheme are issued with MANCAP certificate and National Industrial Standard (NIS) logo with unique identification mark.

” In many industrial sectors, the elaboration of standards and quality infrastructure is crucial for maintaining the quality of medical products and services,” he said.

Dimka said that failure to observe rules for medical products could result in goods not making it to the market, adding that it could also have negative implication for human health and safety.

He noted that the COVID-19 pandemic had highlighted the importance of quality infrastructure and standards in ensuring availability of key medical devices in the country.

Mr Odun Emasealu, Chairman, FCT chapter, Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN) called for the reduction of personal income tax for workers to 10 per cent to stimulate consumption and increase production in the country.

Emasealu said importers should also be granted waivers on demurrage, while commending the effort of government in addressing the supply side of the manufacturing equation.

He, however, said that it would not augur well if agencies of government were cooperating with manufacturers but no one to purchase the goods due to weak purchasing power.

“The purchasing power of Nigerians especially workers has reduced, the other side of demand must be taken into consideration, there is need for credit schemes for buyers, this will improve the performance of the economy,” he said.

Some of the manufacturers  who were certified were at the event included -Power Line Concrete Electric Pole Ltd, Accurate Paints, Zenah Table Water, Libra Venture Ltd, Sack foam and Dharul Hijrah Fertiliser.

Mr Leonard Moses, Chairman, Accurate Chemical and Allied Industry Ltd commended SON for striving to ensure production of quality goods in the country through strict supervision.

Mr Lottanna Osigne, representative, Power line Concrete Electric Pole Ltd, lauded SON for its supervisory role in maintaining standards in Nigeria.(NAN)

So Sad! See Face Of Man Who Allegedly Chopped Off His Girlfriend’s Head Before Dismembering Her (Photo)

Police officers have apprehended a man accused of killing and dismembering his girlfriend.



Police in Kentucky have arrested and charged a man in connection with the gruesome murder of his girlfriend who was dismembered before her body parts were hauled in suitcases all the way to south suburban Markham. 

Police said Melvin Martin Jr., 30, who was initially charged as a fugitive took his girlfriend’s remains on a Greyhound bus to visit family in Markham, traveling more than five hours with the body parts to the Chicago Greyhound station at 630 W. Harrison St. Markham spokesman, Michael Taylor said in a statement that Martin was arrested on Monday at the Markham Public Library after curious family members made the discovery. 

 The spokesman said some parts of the woman’s body were found in Illinois, while the other half was found in Kentucky.  ‘A severed head and other body parts were found in the bags, while police in Kentucky found the woman’s torso,’ he said.

 ‘Martin had been staying with family for about a week, and family members became curious after he asked them on at least two occasions to purchase clothing for him despite arriving on a Greyhound bus in Chicago toting the bags’.

‘Martin eventually moved the two bags to the home’s garage, and the family made the discovery after Martin had left for the library,’ Taylor added. Detectives believe the girlfriend was killed at least 30 days ago with Markham Police Chief Terry White saying the woman’s death could be the result of a domestic dispute that occurred about a month ago. 

When asked by police why he brought his girlfriend’s remains to Illinois, Martin Jr. delivered a shocking reply. “He indicated that, as grotesque as it might sound, that he still wanted to be with at least part of her,” said Markham police Chief.