Woman Lands in Big Trouble As She Buys House, Car In N456m Mistakenly Sent to Her Account

A woman has been arrested for refusing to return money that was mistakenly wired to her by bank account
Kelyn Spadoni from Louisiana immediately used the cash to buy expensive things for herself and ignored calls, texts and emails pleading with her to return the cash.

According to the company suing her, she had signed a contract that demanded clients to return any overpayment funds from the firm.

A woman from Lousiana identified as Kelyn Spadoni has found herself in trouble after refusing to return $1.2 million (N456,600,000) that was mistakenly wired to her bank account.

The incident was reported to have happened in February, and the lady was also said to have ignored calls, texts and emails from the bank.

Spadoni, a 911 dispatcher, quickly bought a house and a car the same day she saw the money reflecting in her bank account.

Now, the lady’s brokerage firm, Charles Schwab, is demanding that she returns the full amount because the money was mistakenly sent to her due to a software glitch.

Initially, the company was meant to send Spadoni $82 (N31,201), but the bank ended up wiring $1.2 million (N456,600,000) to her account due to a software issue.

The young lady has been taken to court by Charles Schwab and charged for refusing to return money to the company.

They have also argued that she had from the onset signed a contract that said clients should return overpayment funds to the company. The spokesperson for the Jefferson Parish sheriff’s office said:

“She has no legal claim to that money even if it was put in there by mistake. It was an accounting error.”

Spadoni was arrested on April 7 and was released on an N149,812.73 bond.

On top of that, the firm has also repossessed the house and car that she bought and is expected to completely pay back the full overpayment amount or risk years in prison.

She has also been fired from her job as a 911 dispatcher.

Drama As Lady Finds Her Mother With Her Husband In The Act

Cases of immorality in the society are increasing. Young boys are abusing drugs and involving themselves in immoral acts. Married people are also cheating on their spouses with other people. This situation is sad. Something needs to be done to ensure there are good morals within the society.


A married lady was sad to learn about the intimate relationship that her mother was having with her husband(the lady’s husband). According to the society, it is a taboo for a lady to have an illicit relationship with her son-in-law.

Reports suggest that the mother confessed that indeed they were having an affair with the son. It is a sad incident considering that the mother is supposed to be a role model to her daughter.

According to Radio Citizen, it is not the first time that such an incident is happening. A similar incident also happened in Meru where a man had a relationship with his daughter-in-law.

(Image used for illustration, courtesy of google search engine)


Kenyans had different reactions after learning about the incident. Many termed the behaviour as ill-mannered. See the reactions below:

Randy lady caught on camera lifting up her dress to expose thighs as pastor preaches in church

A young woman was last Sunday caught on camera lifting up her skirt and showing off her juicy thighs during a church service.

The randy woman shared a video of her filming herself as she erotically pushed up her gown to show off her thighs as a pastor preached in church.

The lady shared the video online on her Snapchat account. The Snapchat video had a time stamp of 1/24/21.

The incident is thought to have happened during a church service in Nigeria last Sunday. The foolish woman was streaming her erotic session live on Snapchat as the church service went on.

In the video she shared on Snapchat, the lady is seen lifting up her red dress to expose hectares of thighs as the pastor is heard in the background preaching.

The disturbing video drew anger and criticisms after it was shared online by multiple Nigerian news outlets.

Watch the video below:

I Need A Man Ready To Take Me To Mama This Year : Lady

A lady on Twitter is in serious need of marriage.

If you are a guy and in serious need of marriage, look no further as a tweep Shola Omotola has got you covered.

She openly announced that she is in dire need of a man who can take her to his mother this year.

According to her, interested persons can slide into her DM and leave their application there.

Looking at how beautiful she is, many guys showed interest. However, she would be taken as seriously as she wants if she isn’t a slay queen but instead, a wife material.

You can also shoot your shot.

See below.

Woman who slept with a dog for N3million, begs for help after this happened

The deep desire to sleep with dogs has come upon a young woman after she had sex with a dog .
According to the lady in an email sent to popular Instagram relationship coach, Joro Olumofin, she was convinced by her friends at the University to sleep with a dog when she complained of hardship

She revealed her friends offered to help her get 3 million Naira (GH¢46,000 = 460 million old cedis) in just one day. After weeks of impatience, she was invited to Victoria Island of Lagos where she slept with a dog.

The young lady claims she enjoyed the dog s3x very much. She claims she ejaculated 3 times nonstop. After the unnatural carnal knowledge, she was paid 3 million Naira.

Now the lady claims she has slept with 4 men after the incident but she is not enjoying the s3x. She now has an uncontrolled desire to sleep with dogs.

However, she has vowed never to sleep with a dog again since she had achieved her goal of becoming rich. It has gotten to the extent that she wets her pants when she sees a male dog.

She is begging the relationship coach and other social media users to help her curb her desires towards dogs.

People Laughed At Her For Marrying A Mad Man, 3 Days Later, They Regretted It.

Please note that the photos in this article are for illustrative purposes.

In life, never you look down on anyone because you don’t know what the future holds. God turned the mockery of Susan into joy and glory. Which means he can also turn your shame to glory.

Just recently, I came across the story of a lady called Susan on Facebook. She shared a story of what happened to her for every one to see and I most say, I was really inspired and touched.

According to what the lady shared, “My name is Susan and I’m a 25 years old lady who graduated from the university after studying business administration.

I started looking for a job almost immediately I graduated but up to no avail. Life was really hard for me. I’m from a family of 6 children, 3 girls and 3 boys. And I’m the oldest daughter and second born.

Things we’re going really well for all my siblings except me. I was really struggling to make ends meet and pay my bills. My relationship life was zero.

In fact, no man wanted to have any thing to do with me, after dating for a few weeks, they always dump me. Maybe because I’m not pretty or erotic enough. But I kept hoping that one day, I’ll find my soul mate.

One day, I was coming back from my job hunt when I saw an ugly looking mad man, staring at me. He looked really hungry and tattered.

I felt pity for him so I bought him some snacks and a bottle of soft drink, he ate everything immediately. Then I continued my journey home.

Unknowingly to me, he followed me to where I lived. I was surprised when someone knocked on my gate. I asked him why he followed me, he smiled and told me “Because you are really kind and beautiful”.

I was shocked because the mad man spoke english fluently like someone who lived abroad. After that day, we became good friends. He often knocked on my door and I gave him food.

Sometimes we sit outside and talk about life, he was really intelligent and I kept wondering why he looked mad. I also decided to give him some of my big polos to put on and look a little decent.

People and my neighbours who noticed about the mad man’s frequent visit started gossiping about me. That I was having a relationship with a mad man. I was mocked and humiliated on several occasions.

Our friendship continued for a few months and then I realized I already had romantic feelings for him. He also confessed to me too that he was in love with me. At first I was confused but then I decided to follow my heart. The mad man proposed to me and I accepted.

The news spread like wildfire and my family got to know about it. My parents we’re highly disappointed in me and refused to bless my marriage. But I didn’t give up, I really was in love with him.

We had a small wedding ceremony in church and not many people attended, our news was posted on blogs and spread online. They tagged the headline as “Man mad gets married”.

All my friends were disappointed in me and mocked me for marrying a poor and dirty mad man. My husband and I moved in to my one bed room apartment and started living our lives as a couple. 3 days later, something really miraculous happened.

A few white men and women and a old Nigerian couple came knocking on our door. The couple said they’re the parents of my husband. They showed me evidence with pictures.

They said he escaped from the hospital where he was receiving treatment after having an accident that hurt his brain and mind 7 months ago.

And since then they’ve been looking for him, until they saw his wedding pictures with me on the internet. His family was extremely rich and settled in London. His parents thanked me for helping them find their son and told me to follow them abroad so that they can complete his treatment since I’m already his wife.

They treated him, gave him a makeover and my husband became so handsome and matured. He was no longer mad.

My husband’s family were not just rich, they were billionaires. I realized just how lucky I was. He got better, he and his family treated me so well with love and gifts, and he thanked me for loving him even when he was mad. My life changed for the better.

Tell us what you think of this story in the comment section below and follow me for more interesting updates.

Lady Shot Dead By Vigilante Member for Exchanging Words With Him (Photo)

A lady has died a painful death after being shot by a vigilante member in Delta state.


Miss Sovereignty Iteregbe

The police has been called upon to arrest and prosecute a vigilante member who shot dead a lady in Delta state for exchanging words with him.

Miss Sovereignty Iteregbe was shot dead by a vigilante member in front of her mother.

The victim was reportedly shot dead on November 15 by the vigilante operative during a verbal confrontation while she and a female friend were both returning from an outing at about 10 p.m.

The Udu unit of the Committee for the Defence of Human Rights, CDHR, asked the Commissioner of Police in the state to ensure that the vigilante operative is brought to justice.

Reacting to the incident, the Udu unit of CDHR while calling for the prosecution of the suspect who earlier went into hiding, called on the state government and relevant authorities to bring him and other perpetrators to book to serve as a deterrent to others.

<p class="has-drop-cap has-vivid-red-color has-text-color" value="<amp-fit-text layout="fixed-height" min-font-size="6" max-font-size="72" height="80">The group in a statement signed by the CDHR coordinator and secretary for Udu area, Derrick Agberen and Charles Oviri respectively, also condemned the incident and harped on the need for government and the police to train local vigilante operatives on gun handling and relating with the general public.The group in a statement signed by the CDHR coordinator and secretary for Udu area, Derrick Agberen and Charles Oviri respectively, also condemned the incident and harped on the need for government and the police to train local vigilante operatives on gun handling and relating with the general public.

A security source from the Ovwian police station said the suspect has since turned himself in and will be charged to court upon the conclusion of the investigation.

After A Lady Asked A Soldier If He’s On The Line At An ATM In Lagos, This Is What He Did To Her

A young Nigerian lady is apparently in severe pains, after her encounter with a soldier at an ATM this Monday morning.

The lady who’s identified as Ada-Oma, who is an accountant, took to her Twitter page after her ordeal to narrate what went down.

She accused the soldier of beating her up and flogging her with his belt just because she questioned him when he tried to jump the ATM queue.

According to Ada, she is still crying and shaking because she has never felt this kind of humiliation all her life.

She also added that she’s scared at the moment because the soldier threatened her life.

“I was on the queue this Nigeria Army official asked me to move so he can pass, I asked him if he was on the queue, that there is a queue already.

He still asked me to move again and I finally moved, but continued asking him the question”. Only for the soldier to flare up and started assaulting her.

In the video she shared on her page, the soldier is seen pulling his belt to use on her before others at the ATM stand started pleading but she still went on to design the lady with the belt.

The soldier is heard asking the lady “Who Born You”, while others kept telling him Oga sorry.

This ugly incident happened at UBA Bank ATM location in Oshodi, Lagos state.

<p class="has-drop-cap has-vivid-red-color has-text-color" value="<amp-fit-text layout="fixed-height" min-font-size="6" max-font-size="72" height="80">See Video footage 👇See Video footage 👇

What do you guys think about this matter?


“They beat me till I peed on myself”- Lady that was arrested narrates her ordeal

A Nigerian woman who identifies as Opkara was seen in a viral video that made its way into the internet being harassed and beaten by Members if the police task force for allegedly making videos of them.

She was dragged from the other side of the road into their station as she was seen receiving a serious beating from the members of the police task force.

Her freedom was later secured by some well-meaning NIGERIANS alongside Desmond Elliot who went to the police station to release those arrested during the protest.

After she was released, she narrated what happened to her during her stay at the police station.

She said that when they took her in, she was slapped and bruised by the police officers as they seized her phone and refused her to make any calls to Anyone. She described the beating as so severe that she peed on herself.

Below are some images/ screenshots to this effect.

#Be careful how you capture Man”s inhumanity to Man.

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