Why I Couldn’t Call Erica My Girlfriend –Kiddwaya Reveals

In the wake of the recent news of their breakup, former Big Brother Naija star, Kiddwaya has revealed the reason he constantly hid from the public, the reality that Erica was his girlfriend, even though they were actually in a romantic relationship. 

It can be remembered that Erica publicly declare her love for Kiddwaya in the house, admitting how difficult their initial breakup in the house was, which made them come back together, Although Kiddwaya never referred to Erica as his girlfriend. 

In fact, during a recent interview with the PUNCH, Kiddwaya denied having a love life, in spite of being seen around Erica on many occasions. 

And now that everything is over concerning their relationship, as they have officially part ways, when asked why he did that, Kiddwaya explained that he refrained from calling Erica his girlfriend publicly because he wanted their relationship to be a private affair, and he didn’t want people pokenosing into affairs concerning their affair. 

“I feel like I need to explain myself here. So listen up carefully. She was my girlfriend at the time, and I didn’t want people to be too involved. I wanted it to be private that’s why I said what I said. And sadly my words got twisted and it brought a lot of drags. Positive vibes from now on please”, he explained.

No man can handle you the way I do – Kiddwaya tells Erica, see her response

Reality TV stars, Kiddwaya and Erica have taken to social media to take friendly jibes at each other to the amusement of their fans.

It all started when Kiddwaya opened the floor for a Question and Answer session to his fans and Erica asked him why he couldn’t speak ‘pidgin english’ properly. The Abuja based big boy left no prisoner as he replied Erica asking why she can’t cook.

Well, the conversation sparked more details the duo ought not to have told the public except they’re showboating

See their conversation below:

BBNaija 2020: “I never liked Kiddwaya” – Nengi

Big Brother Naija housemate, Nengi has revealed that she never liked Kiddwaya.

The housemates said this after their Saturday night party while having a conversation about housemates.

They also revealed that some of the ex-housemates ignored them, adding that they were disappointed with the way some of them acted towards them.

However, Vee mentioned that she noticed that Nengi was ignored by all the guys she liked and had feelings for.

She also said she knows that Nengi had feelings for Kiddwaya but didn’t understand why they didn’t talk to each other.

Nengi in her response said she never liked Kiddwaya, stating that if she did, she would have made advances at him

“I never liked Kiddwaya and you all know me.

“ I’m not that type of girl. I don’t like or fall in love with people easily.

“The only guy I ever liked in this house was Ozo, but unfortunately, he totally ignored me at the party,” she said.

See What This Young Lady Posted On Facebook About Kiddwaya That Has Gotten a Lot Of Reactions.

The popular Nigerian TV show Big brother Naija has been on for some month now and has also lead to the rise of some activities online, Apart from the fun part of this TV show it has also given rise to different post and reactions in different social media platforms. For example a lady with facebook user name Becky Steven took to her facebook account and posted about one of the popular Big brother house mate Kiddwaya expressing her love for him. This post has gotten a lot of comments and reactions online below is what she posted about this star.

A photo of Kiddwaya and the young lady who claims to love him.

Here are some screenshots of her written expression of Love for kiddwaya

She really took her time to write down down this words expressing how deep she has fallen in love for kiddwaya.

Check out some comments she got from this post.

What do you have to say about this young lady is she really wasting her time doing all this or is Kiddwaya also going to fall in love with her.

Drop all your comments in the comments section below.

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Kiddwaya and Laycon won’t be friends- Kiddwaya’s manager is trending on Twitter. Here’s why.

Ex BBNAIJA Reality TV Show Season 5 Housemate, Terseer Kiddwaya and his manager, Linek is currently trending on Twitter for allegedly turning Kiddwaya against Laycon and some other Housemates.

A couple of weeks back, Linek who is Kiddwaya’s manager, said in an Instagram live video with Pepper Room, that she was going to do everything to make sure Kiddwaya and Laycon don’t remain friends outside the show. She said Laycon had previously said some horrible things about Kiddwaya early into the BBNAIJA Reality TV Show and she promised to download the videos and show Kiddwaya immediately he’s out of the BBNAIJA Lockdown House.

Well, it looks like she stayed true to her word. Yesterday, during an interview with Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, Kiddwaya said he would like Laycon to win, and he would like to collaborate with Vee and Laycon outside the BBNAIJA Lockdown House. He also listed Laycon among his three closest friends in the House, saying Laycon has raw talent and Laycon is very smart.

However, in an interview with Naija FM today which was aired live on Kiddwaya’s Instagram page, Kiddwaya seemed angry and unconcerned about Laycon and probably other HMs, to the extent of saying he won’t mention their names because he doesn’t want them to use his name to chase clout. He said he doesn’t care about anyone, he just wants to be on his own and everyone else should be on their own.

Twitter exploded, making Linek trend at no. 3. Many fans and Twitter users believe Linek stayed true to her word and showed Kiddwaya the videos, hence his anger and outburst. It has generated a lot of controversy, with laycon’s fans on one side, saying Laycon doesn’t need Kiddwaya, and elites of the other side, praising Linek and saying well-done.

Here’s how Twitter FC reacted to the news.

Well, I don’t know what to say or think about this. I liked the friendship between Laycon and Kiddwaya. But now, oh well, everything is now in shambles. Hopefully things will be cleared after the show!

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Bbnaija: Look at the insulting words Vee told Kiddwaya that got People talking (Photos).

Vee is one of the big brother Naija housemate, who says her mind whenever and however it comes to her.

For sometime lots of her fans have been complaining of how she relates with people especially her fellow housemates. Even when Erica was around she was Known for having a clash of words with her and other housemates.

There are times that you speak what’s in your mind, as it shows a sense of maturity to avoid one keeping malice or holding grudges. But at the same time, it is not always advisable that you say things the way they appear. When you study the environment it should be able to tell you if what you are about to say will be of help or will end up causing chaos.

What she Told Kiddwaya today was the final, as her fans and many online viewers who watch the Big brother Naija TV reality show believes she has crossed the line, as people see her as a bitter person.

Today vee made a statement that can be tagged as body-shaming an individual, even though Kiddwaya might have taken it lightly many fans believes it a live show, and making such a comment was totally wrong she called him “Fat fVck’ who would like to bear such kind of name.

See how fans are reacting as they slam her online.

@gust “vee is very rude and bossy, people like her coz she hated Erica, that same Laycon she is claiming to be her friend and brother, she never noticed him until Erica offered Laycon a hand of friendship….she is too rude, if she doesn’t change she will not go far in life, it’s not a curse.”

@Lumis “VEE body shame herself instead because Kiddwaya didn’t even notice her, I can’t even imagine a young lady with a bitter heart against others, who ever raised her didn’t try at all because being blunt doesn’t mean you can say anything, stupid girl I just pity Neo”

Gee “vee is rude and who is talking of cos she was not raised here? oyinbo people are the most diplomatic so which oyinbo she learns her own from. Ajegunle oyinbo land wey all Family do community project to make sure say she school for oyinbo land. All her generation can never be like Kidd. how come she doesn’t see her two left legs? Iya aje. ma so she goes de eye everybody like witch wey she be. very bitter leaf woman.”

@onohnneka “I always see her as a wicked soul. She was the person to look down on Laycon when they first entered the house n Erica showed Laycon Love with Pure hrt. Vee has seen that Laycon carries Grace she’s now acting like his Deputy Jesus. She’s the most dangerous hsm I just pity Neo.”

@Agnes “Vee very stupid n rude with her black mind. Lacks home training despite her stay outside Nigeria. vee n you nothing but a broomstick. I doubt if her relationship wt neo wl go anywhere. Gossip cat.”

What can you about Vee, knowing this isn’t the first time she’s doing that in the house?

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