Drama As Lady Finds Her Mother With Her Husband In The Act

Cases of immorality in the society are increasing. Young boys are abusing drugs and involving themselves in immoral acts. Married people are also cheating on their spouses with other people. This situation is sad. Something needs to be done to ensure there are good morals within the society.


A married lady was sad to learn about the intimate relationship that her mother was having with her husband(the lady’s husband). According to the society, it is a taboo for a lady to have an illicit relationship with her son-in-law.

Reports suggest that the mother confessed that indeed they were having an affair with the son. It is a sad incident considering that the mother is supposed to be a role model to her daughter.

According to Radio Citizen, it is not the first time that such an incident is happening. A similar incident also happened in Meru where a man had a relationship with his daughter-in-law.

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Kenyans had different reactions after learning about the incident. Many termed the behaviour as ill-mannered. See the reactions below:

Tragic | Woman accidentally kills 15 of her in-laws while trying to poison her husband

The rate at which members of the same families are butchering each other is alarmingly increasing and some of these cases are horrifying and immensely disturbing. This is the story of Aasia Bibi, now in her mid twenties, and in prison for life and here’s why.

When she was 21 years old, she was forced to marry a guy who was a total stranger and this was the beginning of her misery.

A few months into the marriage, she was still unhappy as she was in love with another man. These did not help her situation so she decided the best way out of her marriage was to kill her husband. So she added poison to a glass of milk and have her husband drank. But somehow her husband didn’t drink the milk and his mother later used it to make a yogurt like drink which she( the mother in-law) served to 27 of the family members.

Shortly after drinking it, they started showing symptoms of poisoning and they were rushed to the hospital.

Fifteen of them ended up dying while the others barely survived. Aasia, her lover and her aunt who helped her in plotting the murder were later charged and convicted of their crimes.

I Paid My Wife a Surprise Visit in Her Office but What I Saw May Bring Trouble Between Us

Three years into my marriage, I could not believe that I have been deceived by my own wife. Precious was looking so innocent and simple the day I first saw her and made up my mind to marry her. Precious and I met in a shopping mall at Ikeja,Lagos and within seven months, we were legally married. My name is Michael and I am 35 years. I have been a successful business man who dealt in building materials. After our wedding, I pleaded with Precious to quit her job at the company and help me build my business so that it would become a family legacy. Precious, my wife refused and in short, she did not like me to bring up the topic.

One fateful day at the shop, I discovered that a large amount of money was not in the records and as such, the money was not paid into the bank or cash in the shop. I was able to detect this because I was there on the day we made the sales. I called my shop accountant and it was there I realized that my accountant has been stealing heavy sums of money from my shop. I was deeply pained and I took my car keys and sped to my wife’s office. I had made up my mind to stop her from going to the office. Precious is an accountant with other qualifications and now my shop accountant has stolen so much from me.

When I got to the office, I did not wait at the car park as usual for her to come out. I entered the reception hall and demanded to see the company’s accountant. I was directed to the office. I knocked on the door and met a handsome and tall young man in there. I demanded to see my wife and he said he did not know what I was talking about. He asked me my wife’s name and I told him. I saw the shock on his face and he offered to show me her office. I followed him waiting to see the next surprise. He led me to a large office which was labelled CEO in golden letters. I wondered what we were doing at the office of the CEO.

When we entered, I saw my wife sitting on her seat and golng through files. She dropped her pen as she looked up and saw me. The young man turned and left. I stared at Precious and the office. Her portrait picture was on the right side of the wall. I saw with my own eyes that my wife has been lying to me for the past three years. She never told me she was the CEO. She is an accountant but now owns her own company. Little wonder why she never complained about her boss and even during her maternity leave, she was able to stay for six months before resumption. She even had nice car and a decent apartment as a single lady. I was proud of her but then, I was sad my wife was hiding the company from me and kept her position as a secret. How could I tell my parents and what a shame it would have been if someone else found out before me. Precious has been deceiving me and I never knew.

I stormed out of the office and went over to my friend’s house. I opened up to him and told him everything. He told me not to forgive Precious. He said a woman that could keep such a secret undiscovered maybe dangerous. I drove home in anguish in my heart. This may bring trouble between us because I”m not quite sure of how to handle the situation, please I need some advice.

I Divorced My Broke And Jobless Husband Only To Find Out He Was Rich And Only Pretending.

Every woman desires to have a partner, who is well packaged with funds, to spoil them with gifts and other material things. These days, we get to see and hear of a lot of pretty sad and interesting stories, about ladies abandoning their partners for other men due to poverty or pack of money. No women wants to suffer especially in marriage.

Below, is the story of a 25 years old lady, called Erica Okoye, who fell victim to her desires for wealth and material things, making her to singlehandedly break her happy home. Read her story below;

“My name is Erica Okoye and right now I’m in severe pain and heartbreak. I even feel like taking my own life. I used to be married to a very nice and caring man but now I’ve lost everything because of my greed. My husband, Kenneth married me a year ago on December 18th 2019. He was 27 years old, I was 24. We were young and happily in love with each other. At the time of our marriage, my husband had a stable job at a company, paying him 250k monthly. Things were going really well for him and he gave me everything I wanted or ask for.

However, after about 5 months of our marriage, my husband came home one day and told me that he has lost his job. I was heartbroken. He became so poor and was even owning huge debts, he also sold his small camry car which we were managing. This continued for about 2 months. I became angry and frustrated because I could no longer live the life of luxury I loved. My friends didn’t help matters at all, they all advised me to leave my husband till he learns to be a man again and get a new job so he can take good care of me.

I started to verbally abuse and insult my husband. I finally decided to teach him a lesson by going out with different men who bought me lavish clothes, jewelries, expensive pizza, ice cream and all those other things girls love. My husband was shocked at my new behaviors but he didn’t say anything. His silence made me even more angry. I finally decided to pack my things and leave him for good. I also filed for divorce. On the day I was packing, he didn’t say anything or even stopped me, he just looked at me and shook his head. I was surprised, and that was the last time I saw my husband.

Few months later now, I started hearing stories from our mutual friends and associates claiming that my ex husband is now rich and even bought a house in Banana island and he’s now living with another woman. I thought they were just lying until the day I saw him myself, coming out of a brand new 2020 range rover outside a shopping mall with the said lady. I was so shocked I couldn’t move. He just pretended like he didn’t see me and drove away. I later contacted one of his close friends through Facebook and he explained everything to me.

Kenneth, my ex husband was not only wealthy but also the new owner of the multi million naira company where he used to work. He got lucky enough to be promoted to the office of the CEO and instead of telling me he just decided to test me if I was really a good woman and if he could spend the rest of his life with me, not the type that would just be after his money. Ever since I found out the truth, I’ve not been able to eat well or sleep. I’ve been so frustrated not knowing what to do or how to approach him and beg. I really need advice on what to do please, what should I do. I’m broken.

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“I didn’t tell the spiritualist to kill my husband, I only wanted him sick”, Wife cries out!

Mother of two, Mrs. Olubunmi Faseyitan sent goose pimples over everyone in the court on Thursday, when she admitted to consulting a spiritualist to inflict sickness on the husband.

It was a Customary Court sitting in Mapo area of Ibadan, on Thursday, where the court dissolved a 15-year-old marriage between a Olubunmi Faseyitan, and her husband, Kolawole, over voodoo attack.

Faseyitan admitted that she asked a witch doctor to ”tie her husband spiritually to milk him dry”.

”I never wished death on my husband. All I wanted was to keep him in bondage and make him sick, until he serves his purpose.

”I only told the witch doctor so that people would be convinced that his second wife was responsible for the calamity that befell him.

While delivering the judgment, the President of the Court, Mr Odunade advised that ”men and women intending to get married should seek God’s approval in their relationship before forging ahead”.

According to him, dissolving the union was in the interest of peace.

The Court also granted custody of the two children to Faseyitan while ordering the husband, Kolawole to pay N6,000 monthly for the children’s upkeep.

Kolawole, a factory worker had approached the court, praying for the dissolution of his 15-year-old marriage on grounds that his wife was into voodoo.

Six months after my husband’s death, my pastor proposed to me, should I marry him?

My husband and I lives in the united states of america, but recently moved back to Nigeria because of the illness my husband had. He decided to spend his final moment in his own town after being away for many years.

My name is Jessica and am already 60 years old, my husband died of the terminal illness he had and have be buried since 6 months now, my plans is to go back to America but unfortunately something weird happened, the priest we had in my family surprised me by making a proposal to me after the six months of my husband’s death, this gentleman is 40 year old.

Me and my husband actually came to Nigeria on his wish to know God more before he dies, immediately we landed in Nigeria, few day later we located a church in his hometown, there were rumors about how the church are good in preaching the truth.

What do you think I should do..? Should I go along with his proposal..?

Mother of 5, Ihuoma Amadi, stabs husband to death in Rivers

Operatives of Rivers Police Command have arrested a mother of five, Ihuoma Amadi, for allegedly Kinikanwo, her husband to death with a broken bottle during a fight by the couple over allegation of infidelity in Port Harcourt, the state capital.

The 47- year- old late Kinikanwo, a former Supervisory Councillor at Obio-Akpor local government area, Rivers State, was said to have been stabbed multiple times with a broken bottle by the wife who left him to bleed to death in the course of the fight.

Our correspondent learnt that the late Kinikanwo and Ihuoma, have been having constant quarrel which usually resulted to fighting over allegation that the wife had been having an affair with a man living along their street.

The wife has always denied the allegation.

However, it was learnt that last Thursday, the couple were again involved in fighting, during which the wife used a broken bottle to stab her husband multiple times.

Kinikanwo was said to have died around 1 am at their Nkporlu-Rumuigbo residence as a result of the injuries sustained from the stabs.

The younger brother to the late Councillor, Victor Akandu  Amadi, said his late brother  was killed by his wife according to information given to them by the 15-year-old daughter of the couple when they rushed to his residence early Thursday morning.

Victor said the daughter told family members that her parents were fighting due to the accusation of infidelity her father leveled against her mother.

He added that the corpse of the deceased has been deposited at morgue in the University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital(UPTH).

Spokesman for Rivers Police Command, Nnamdi Omoni, who confirmed the incident said the State Commissioner of Police, Joseph Mukan, has ordered an immediate investigation on the matter.

“Hold My Wife Responsible If Anything Happens To Me”- Man Opened Up To His Family Before His Death

There have been petitions from the family of the deceased following the complaints of previous threats on the life of the deceased during domestic scrabbles and conflicts before his painful death. It has also been said that the deceased lecturer has been previously attacked by masked Gunmen in his house and was said to have told his family members and close associates to hold his wife responsible if anything happens to him. This is actually a very painful death and I pray that God consoles the family of the deceased.

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Jealous Husband Cuts Off His Wife’s Head And Carries It To Police Station. See Why

Kinnar Yadav, a jealous husband has shocked people after allegedly killing his wife in a very horrific way.

The man is said to have cut his wife’s head off just because he caught her talking to their neighbour.

Kinnar Yadav, 40, had long suspected his wife Vimla, 35, of being unfaithful to him, according to reports.

Other residents of Baberu, located in Banda region in India’s Uttar Pradesh, reportedly told him she was having an affair with Ravikant Yadav who lives in a house near the couple.

On Friday morning Kinnar took a walk and returned home to find Vimla chatting with Rakivant.

Local police say he was looking to buy a buffalo and Vimla had been giving him tips.

Seeing the two of them together angered Kinnar so much that he grabbed an axe and attacked the other man, injuring him before he fled the scene.

He then turned his attention to his wife, killing her and severing her head from her body. The couple’s two sons, Bhagat and Prahlad, weren’t home at the time.

Officers say Kinnar took the head and walked almost 3km to the closest police station to turn himself in.

He reportedly stood inside the station holding the head for more than 15 minutes before senior police officers were alerted to his alarming presence.

Footage of the man brandishing his wife’s head was published on social media, where authorities say it went viral.

Banda’s assistant superintendent of police Mahendra P Chauhan told local media: “The incident happened in Baberu town.“Kinnar reached the police station around 8:30 am with the severed head.

“He also attacked the neighbour, Ravikant Yadav, who is under treatment at a hospital. His condition is stable.”

He added: “Kinnar told us that he wanted to kill Ravikant but ended up killing his wife in a fit of rage.”

The suspect was arrested under Section 302 (murder) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).

A case was registered at Baberu police station under relevant IPC sections and Kinnar will appear in a local court soon, a police officer said.

Source: Daily Star UK

When Your Husband Looks at Another Woman, What is He Thinking?


Does it make you insecure when your husband looks at other women?

Perhaps it makes you feel like he’s not attracted to you any more?

Maybe it makes you suspicious that he’s being unfaithful? 

If so, you’re in the right place. This guide features expert tips on what to do if you feel this way.

However, before we dive into this advice, it’s important you read the next few sentences carefully.

checking another woman out……….

There’s only one real way to truly get over feeling insecure about whether your partner has cheated.

That is to find out the truth. 

Without the truth, there will always be an element of doubt in your mind. 

And it’s pointless confronting your partner without evidence to back up your accusations. 

That’s why I wanted to inform you <about this

Within this article, we are going to take a look at what it could mean when your partner looks at another woman, how you can figure out if your man is in love with another woman, how you can confront your husband and how you can try and fix the situation.

What could it mean when your husband looks at other women?

Firstly, it’s important to say that you should never try and assume what your husband is thinking. You’re not a mind reader, and so you shouldn’t come to a conclusion before speaking to him openly about the situation. However, there are a few common explanations for what it could mean if your husband is looking at other women.

The first thing you will need to figure out is if your partner is looking at various other women a lot of the time, or just constantly looking at another woman in particular when he is with her. We are going to tackle the latter first – what should you do if your husband is looking at another woman in particular?

Perhaps you are frequently around one of your girlfriends, one of your partner’s female friends, or his female co-worker. If you notice that your husband is always looking at and checking out a woman that you know, or that he has frequent contact with, it could mean something more . Of course, he could be looking at this woman in a friendly manner, but you will no doubt be able to feel the difference between a friendly look and your husband blatantly checking another woman out.

If your husband is staring at a particular woman, it could mean that he finds her sexually attractive or is in love with her. It might be concerning if you know that your man is regularly with this woman – it can be especially concerning if it’s a woman he spends time alone with, like a co-worker. There’s no real reason for your husband to be checking out someone he knows. If you suspect that he is cheating on you, we will discuss the other signs that he will be showing later in this article, and you can take a look at these to try and piece things together.

So, what if your husband looks at various women?

If your man is checking out various women when you are out and about together, it doesn’t just mean one thing. There are a vareity of explanations.

  • Your husband isn’t staying in control of his natural instincts.

Unfortunately, as we know, men and women behave very differently. Sometimes men can’t stay in control of their natural instincts and urges – they can’t help but look at the opposite sex. Men look at women, a lot, especially if they see an attractive woman. Unlike women, who can control their emotions and primal instincts a little more, men find it more difficult – or perhaps they just don’t try hard enough. If this is the case, your partner won’t even realize that he is looking at another woman. He isn’t trying to hurt you and it doesn’t mean he loves you any less – he just simply can’t control the testosterone surging through his body. Although, this doesn’t mean you’re not valid to feel hurt.

  • Your husband feels sexual attraction and lust towards other women.

As mentioned above, it’s perfectly natural for a man to look at other women and see the beauty in them. However, it’s a completely different story if your partner feels sexual attraction or lust towards another woman he looks at. Even if your partner is obviously looking at other women, the only woman he should want to sleep with and be sexually active with is you. You might not be able to tell if he feels sexual attraction towards another woman, but he might show signs of getting sweaty palms, his speech might become confused and he might even start to get an erection. This is destructive to the relationship. Even if he wouldn’t physically cheat with another woman, it can feel almost as if he has cheated, because he is thinking about sex with someone else.

  • Your husband is a cheat and still looks at other women even when you’re there.

Obviously, this is the worst explanation of why your partner is looking at other women. This is rarely the reason because the majority of cheaters would be more clever and sneaky than to ogle at other women in front of their partner. However, it could be possible that your partner is a cheat and he just can’t help himself from looking at the other women around him. We aaaare going to take a look at how you can tell if your man is a cheater or is in love with another woman next.

How can you get your husband to stop looking at other women?


The first thing you need to do is to openly talk to your husband and tell him how it makes you feel when he has a look at other women when you are with him. You need to speak to him in a safe environment where the two of you both feel like you can be open and honest. Try not to sound like you’re accusing him, because he might go on the defense. As mentioned above, he might not even realize that he was doing it, and if so, he will probably be mortified that he has made you feel like that without noticing. If he gets angry or defensive, you might have reason to be more concerned and you might need to ask him if he has a lust for other women or someone else in particular.

Join in

Next time, If your man simply can’t stop looking at other women, even when he is trying, you can always join in. If you find him checking someone else out, you can join in and say that you think they’re hot too – this can really spice things up and as soon as you say something like that, he will only be able to focus on you. It’s also confident – you are acting like you aren’t intimidated, and you shouldn’t be.

Work on your relationship together

In all situations, even if your man was open and admitted he has a lust for other women, or even if he didn’t, you can use the problem to inspire you both to work on your relationship together. Your relationship might have needed some work anyway – start focusing on it more. You can try spicing things up in the bedroom more, go on dates again, take a trip together. You might find it useful to see a professional relationship therapist to help you work through problems, depending on how serious they are. Obviously, it might be more difficult if your partner has cheated on you – the decision to stay or leave the relationship is a personal one.

Hopefully, with the help of this article, you are able to figure out what it could mean when your husband looks at another woman, and what you can do about it to ensure you feel happy and less insecure within your marriage.

Did this article help you at all? If it did, please do let us know in the comments.