US-based Nigerian Defeats Fulani Herdsman Who Kidnapped Him

A Nigerian man based in the United States who came back to the country to have a good time with his loved ones has had a hell of an encounter with kidnappers. 

It was gathered that the United States of America-based Nigerian reportedly escaped from kidnappers’ den after turning the heat against one of his captors and beating him to a pulp, according to a report by Punch. The man, identified simply as Chinweizu, was said to have been abducted on the Akara Isuikwuato Road in Abia State alongside an unidentified woman. It was gathered that the kidnappers, suspected to be Fulani herdsmen, seized the duo around 3pm on February 3, 2021, and took them into the forest. A source close to Chinweizu said while inside the bush, three of the kidnappers left the male victim with one of their armed colleagues and took the young woman away to possibly rape her.

But Chinweizu was said to have attacked the kidnapper when he turned his back on him.The source, who preferred not to be mentioned, said, “He (Chineweizu) kicked the kidnapper from behind and picked his gun and used it’s butt to consistently hit the eyes of the gang member until the white part of one of eyes almost popped  out.”The source, who preferred anonymity, said the kidnapper’s gang members left the young woman when they heard the cry of their colleague and rushed to help him. The source stated, 

“But before they could get there, the kidnapped victim had gone after inflicting a serious injury on one of the kidnappers, who is a Fulani man. He (Chinweizu) also took the kidnapper’s gun away.“He reported the matter to the Army and said the kidnappers would rush their colleague to a nearest hospital. Some of the hospitals were informed about the development and on the same day, the kidnappers came to one of the hospitals with their injured colleague.“They were immediately rounded up. The victim was called upon to identify them before they were taken away by security operatives.”

Another source in Isuikwuato corroborated the story of how Chinweizu escaped from the kidnappers’ camp. The source said, “They kidnapped an Ahaba man and a woman of unconfirmed origin. Both were taken to their camp in the heart of the forest.“The man disarmed and wounded one of his captors and escaped, while the others were attempting to rape the female captive. The cry of the disarmed kidnapper disrupted the rape and the two victims escaped in different directions.“Today, three of the kidnappers came to Ahaba junction for medical attention for the injured kidnapper. Unknown to them, a trap had been set and in time, soldiers and policemen arrived and took them away.” Confirming the incident, the Abia State Police Public Relations Officer, Geoffrey Ogbonna, said the suspected kidnappers seized Chinweizu and a woman after they had shot a 63-year-old man dead. 

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Fulani Herdsmen Make Up Seven Out Of Ten Arrested Kidnappers-Sultan of Sokoto

HRH Muhammadu Sa’ad Abubakar III, the Sultan of Sokoto has described the Fulanis as the dominant ethnic group with the most kidnappers in NIgeria. 

The First Class Monarch made this revelation, yesterday, at the meeting of Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders’ Association of Nigeria (MACBAN).

In his speech, the monarch said that seven out of ten arrested kidnappers in Nigeria are Fulani. However, he noted that it was wrong to criminalise all Fulani Herdsmen because of the bad eggs among them. 

He remarked that he is a Fulani himself and he is not a bad man neither is he a criminal. For him, the Fulanis engaged in one form of crime or the other are across the country. This, it is not proper to classify all Fulanis as criminals. 

The Sultan, however, mentioned that all hands should be on deck in order to resolve this problem. He brought up the idea of partnering with the Presidents of other West African neighbours where Fulanis are dominant like Senegal, Niger Republic, Guinea and Mali in other to stop them from crossing over to Nigeria to perpetrate their criminal activities.

Thank God for honest men like the Sultan of Sokoto who always stand on the path of truth. Goodness shall never elude them.



Fulani Nationalist Movement Reveals What Will Happen If Akeredolu And Sunday Igboho Pursue Fulanis From Forest

Due to the different degree of insecurities in some South western state, most especially in Ondo and Oyo State. The Governor of Ondo State, Rotimi Akeredolu had came out in the beginning of this month to give a 7 days Ultimatum to Fulani Herdsmen in the forest reserve area of the state to vacate the place or face it’s consequences. While, Sunday Igboho as well had given ultimatum to some Fulani men in Ibarapa, another area of Oyo state to vacate the area or have him to deal with.

But it seems like the issue is already taking another turn as some group of people seems to be against the Ultimatum given by both Governor Rotimi Akeredolu and Sunday Igboho. Concerned Nigerians and legal bodies are already reacting to the Ultimatum and also giving their stand on the issue.

The new group that came out to give their opinion is a Fulani Congress known as Fulani Nationalist Movement (FUNAM).

A representative or coordinator of the Fulani Nationalist Movement (FUNAM) has passed strong message to Ondo State Governor, Akeredolu letting him know that he should be ready for war if the Fulani will leave the forest by all means.

In the report that was released by the West Africa Regional Coordinator of Fulani Nationally Movement, Baadu Saalisu Ahmadu, he had come out to warn Sunday Igboho and Rotimi Akeredolu to reverse their plan of evicting the Fulanis out of their State or face the consequences which could be a war.

He also stated that, the Fulani has every right to live anywhere they like since they are doing their business legitimately and the only institution that can send them out can be the National assembly or the President himself but not some political thugs like Sunday Igboho. See what he said below:

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Source: Official Facebook Page Of Femi Fani Kayode

Nigerian Army Urges Buhari To Warn Fulani Herdsmen

Nigerian Army Urges Buhari To Warn Fulani Herdsmen
Nigerian Army Urges Buhari To Warn Fulani Herdsmen

The Nigerian Army has urged President Muhammadu Buhari to read the riot act to mischief-makers, Fulani Herdsmen, Armed bandits and agent of destabilization in the country.

In a press release issued by Lieutenant General Alani Akinrinade, the Military on Friday said it learned that there are Fulani mercenaries from outside Nigeria being sponsored by some Nigerians.

General Akinrinade suggested that the President should read the riot act to the Fulani herdsmen adding that it is not acceptable for any foreigner by whatever name to enter Nigeria illegally and molest Nigerians.

He noted that Nigerians should not by mistake of omission or commission be allowed to degenerate to self-help which is a sure route to anarchy.

In the Press release which was signed by Colonel Sagir Musa, the acting Director Army Public Relations, the Military warned that famine is imminent given the danger posed by some Fulani herdsmen in collaboration with unexpected bad weather this year.

Nigerian Soldier Fighting Insurgency Commits Suicide On Duty
Chief Of Army Staff, General Tukur Buratai.

According to the army, the country is already burrowing grains from the ECOWAS countries because farmers are being forced to abandon their farms.

General Akinrinade urged Buhari to take a firm stand on the restructuring of the country, physically, politically, economically and socially noting that Nigeria may end up without a country, as no country has been known to survive two civil wars.

However, the Chief of Army Staff Lt Gen TY Buratai observed that the issue of restructuring is a political matter as he also implored all to continue to cooperate with the Federal Government.

Buratai thanked Gen Akinrinade for identifying the negative impacts of social media in spreading falsehood and fake news in the country. The COAS appreciated the General in identifying the wrong perceptions being projected by the enemies of the country.

He further advised Nigerians not to rely on social media reports which are mostly fake and largely unfounded.

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