Retired police officer in whose home three children were discovered dead tells his story

A retired police officer, Fabian Ogbu, in whose home three children were discovered dead at Itchi, in Igbo-Eze South Local Government Area of Enugu State, has explained how the confession of the only survivor saved him from what would have been a mother-of-all crimes.

The remains of Chibugo Eze, Ebuka Ene (four years), and another four-year-old Chinyere Eze, who accompanied a 12-year-old Mmasichukwu Ugwuoke, to fetch water at a commercial borehole owned by the retired police officer, were found in a Toyota Camry parked in the officer’s compound on Monday, November 23, 2020.

Among the four children who went in search of water with Mmasichukwu, only Kingsley Eze, returned home alive.

He further explained that his entire household were not at home when the incident took place as they left at about 8am for Sunday service at a Deeper Life Bible Church in the community, adding that some villagers who knew he wouldn’t be at home when Mmasichukwu and the four other children were heading for his house at about 9 am on that day, warned them to go back but they insisted that they would wait until they returned from their Sunday service.

Explaining how he was vindicated, he said “we returned from church at about 1pm and met the mother of one the deceased. She told me that she was looking for her child who came to fetch water with other children in my borehole. Pointing at a wheelbarrow with two rubber cans, she told me that they were the ones who brought it to fetch water at about 9 am. I asked her to fetch water and return home because I thought that the children abandoned their task and were playing somewhere. However, when the children didn’t return, she came back and demanded explanation of their whereabouts from me.

“It was at that point that we started searching for the children. We ransacked everywhere, engaging the services of local security guards. We extended our search to border villages of Unadu and Nkalagu Obukpa. We searched till night fall without success.

“The people who gathered in my compound were more than 300. Some went to the extent of using kola nut to cast aspersions on whoever was holding the children captive. This continued until the following Monday morning when another villager came to fetch water and heard someone calling her name. We traced the voice and found the children in my car. To our greatest surprise, three of them were already dead.

“We started interrogating Mmasichukwu who narrated how the children died. She told us how they died in anguish and how she ordered them to lie on the floor of the car whenever anybody got close to them.

After removing their dead bodies, I reported the matter to our traditional ruler before going to the police where I was detained behind the counter.

“At first, Mmasichukwu told us that three hooded men wearing red clothes locked them up in my car but when the DPO of Igbo-Eze South police division and the local government chairman, Peter Andy Omeje were about to transfer the case to the Commissioner of Police in Enugu, she recanted her statement, saying that she was the one who locked them there.

“The DPO insisted that the matter must be taken to the Criminal Investigation Department, CID, Enugu. It was there that she repeated that she was the one who took them in the car to play. At that juncture, the police asked the parents of those children their intentions about the case and they declared that they wanted to claim the remains of their children for burial. So, acting on the strength of that confessional statement, the police freed me at Enugu.

“However, our traditional ruler insisted that I must pay the hospital and mortuary bills which amounted to about N125,000.

“Mmasichukwu is possessed by some unclean spirits. It is a known fact in this vicinity as no school accepted her for admission because she might initiate other pupils into her confraternity. The parents have been taking her to prayer houses for exorcism.”

Her uncle, John Eze, whose four-year old daughter, Chinyere Eze, died in the incident explained that she had been making contradictory statements which had left them confused as to what caused the tragedy.

“At first Mmasichukwu told us that hoodlums locked them in the car and ran away. At other time, she said she was the one who locked them there. She also said that she is possessed, that some members of her confraternity forced her to do what she did. We are confused because we don’t know which of her statements to take.

“I believe she is into witchcraft. No hoodlum would have locked them in that car, they would have taken them away instead. No part of the deceased was equally severed to suggest that any form of ritual practice was performed on them.

“Some irate members of the community wanted to kill her but we stopped them because we want to take her to prayer houses for exorcism,” he said.

It was gathered that the five children were members of an extended family who gathered at Nkalagu Obukpa during the burial of a relative and were asked to go in search of water for domestic chores.

Mosquito bites expose humans to yellow fever – Health Commissioner

Enugu State Commissioner for Health, Dr Ikechukwu Obi, says about 15 per cent of people bitten by mosquitoes are bound to be infected with yellow fever.

He spoke on Saturday during the fumigation and vaccination exercise against yellow fever in two affected communities.

They are Ette-Uno and Umuopu, both in Igboeze North Local Government Area, NAN reports.

He said the disease is transmitted by the Aedes mosquitoes, while the symptoms are a sudden fever with jaundice and yellowness of the eyes within 14 days.

“Yellow Fever is not a new disease but one of public health importance internationally and in Nigeria. It is one of the diseases controlled for in the Nigerian set of routine and mass immunisable diseases,” Obi said.

“A suspected case is anyone with a sudden onset of fever who develops jaundice (yellowness of the eyes) within 14 days it is verifiable by diagnostic tests.”

According to the statement, the state’s ministry of health has invited the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) and other partners for a meeting to urgently respond to the situation and prevent the disease from spreading to other parts of the state.

“The Enugu state ministry of health has called for an immediate emergency operations centre meeting this morning at 10am, with representatives from the Nigerian Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) and other implementing partners in the state, to articulate specific next steps to effectively respond to and control this disease in Igboeze north LGA, and prevent its spread in Enugu state.

“We are collaborating with the federal ministry of health and with nearby states to prevent its spread within Nigeria. The General Hospital, Enugu Ezike, and other hospitals in the state are prepared to provide the supportive treatment needed for Yellow Fever.’

Obi called on residents to maintain regular hygiene practices, keep their environment free from mosquitoes, and seek medical attention if they experience any symptom.

“It is transmitted by the Aedes or haemogogus specie of mosquitoes causes symptoms within 3 – 6 days of infection, which range from a mild febrile illness in some individuals to a more toxic illness that can, unfortunately, lead to death in others. Only 15 percent of infected persons enter this toxic phase.

“This is a time to continue in earnest the hygienic practices that we have become used to due to the COVID -19 pandemic, while now improving our environmental hygiene practices; keep our surroundings clean and free of overgrown bushes, ensuring that we do not allow containers and gutters around us to collect water for long periods which allows mosquitoes to breed.

“We should protect our homes by screening doors and windows with nets, and ourselves by sleeping under mosquito nets and wearing clothes that limit mosquito bites. Most of all, if you recognize the above symptoms in yourself or a loved one, please visit the nearest hospital.”

Obi advised mothers to ensure complete rounds of immunisation of their children.

He said this must include yellow fever vaccination in the ninth month of birth.

Enugu State Fire Officer, Okwudili Ohaa, led the disinfection exercise.

Chairman of the LGA, Ejike Itodo, appealed to the public to abide by Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) protocols to forestall epidemics.

Black Thursday: Heavy Truck Ran Into School Bus, Kills Some Igbo Students In Enugu State

This is actually a heart breaking report as a heavy truck reportedly ran into school bus and kills almost all of the students in Enugu state.

Actually, Enugu State is a state in southeastern Nigeria. Its capital and largest city is Enugu, from which the state derives its name.

Just recently, a report came that a truck ran into a school bus in Enugu state and killed many students that were inside the bus.

According to the reports, the incident actually happened at Awgu, Enugu.

Awgu is a Local Government Area (LGA) in Enugu State. It’s among the popular and most known cities in the state.

See pictures from the accident below.

As you can see in the pictures above, the truck actually damaged the school bus as people gathered at the place to save people’s lives.

What actually caused the accident was not yet disclosed.

Pictures of the deceased students was not here due to gory and disgusting issues.

A facebook account with the name ‘Samuel Okoli Chimezie’ also shared the reports just recently.

We pray that may their gentle souls continue to rest in perfect peace.

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Brother Brutalizes Sister After They Combat Over Their Father’s Property In Enugu (Photograph)

The Sufferer

A person recognized as Mr Francis Egbujie allegedly attacked his 59-year-old sister, Maureen over their father’s property in Enugu state.

Human rights group, Ladies’s Support Collective WACOL, who shared the story on-line, stated the sufferer stated their late father left the stated property in her custody and made her promise to handle the property and never switch possession to Mr Francis Egbujie. The sufferer nonetheless alleged that her brother has over time pestered her over the stated property and demanded that she hand it over to him.

Posting a photograph of the battered head of the sufferer, the group wrote;

“BROTHER ATTEMPTS TO KILL ELDER SISTER OVER FAMILY PROPERTY!!! On the 30th day of September 2020, WACOL authorized clinic obtained a criticism from a 59 years previous lady Mrs M, that her brother Mr Francis Egbujie from Ifu Ezike Udi, tried to kill her by beating her with a stick and breaking her head over a household property.

Mrs Maureen is as of now being treated at an undisclosed medical clinic in Enugu State. Her more youthful sisters announced the occurrence at the Trans Ekulu police headquarters, however the police purportedly took steps to capture them rather than the guilty party. 

She advised WACOL that the property in query was handed over to her by their late father, who made her promise to handle the property and never switch possession to Mr Francis Egbujie.

She additionally advised WACOL that it’s the proceed from the property that she makes use of to handle their late elder brother’s youngsters. Mrs M needs WACOL to help her in getting justice and be sure that Mr Francis Egbujie faces the total wrath of the legislation for his devious acts in opposition to her.

WACOL has despatched a petition to the Honourable Commissioner of Police, Enugu state requesting for a switch of the case from the Trans Ekulu police station to the state CID for correct investigation.

WACOL will even present palliative and help her therapy.”

Nigerian woman
Nigerian woman
Nigerian woman

Armed Robbers Who Attacked Bullion Van In Enugu Last Week And Killed 4 Policemen Finally Arrested

Iboro|Aug 3, 2020 |6:00PM

The armed robbers who attacked a Bullion van in Enugu and reportedly killed 4 police officers have been arrested by the police.

The Bullion van which was said to be conveying some cash from Enugu state to Ebonyi State Capital when it was attacked by the dreaded armed robbers.

The robbers were said to have fired some gunshots at the vehicle where the police escort were in order to intercept the Bullion van and 4 police officers reportedly died in the process living two others with severe injuries.

According to reports made available by the SUN NEWS ,some team of Police detectives have arrested the seven armed robbers Involved in the attack of the Bullion van in Abakaliki, the capital of Ebonyi State.This 7 man gang includes a serving and also a dismissed soldier .Some of the Firearms recovered from the suspects however includes 12 undetonated improvised explosives, one GPMG, six rifles, 51 AK-47 magazines, 1,620 ammunition, 2 robbed vehicles, breaking implements and charms.

Upon arrest ,the Suspects confessed to the crime of attacking the Bullion ,and also acknowledge that some of rifles recovered from them belongs to the 4 policemen Murdered during the attack.