“Operation Crocodile smile”, See what 5 military men did to a protester holding the Nigerian flag.

Nigerians went out today as usual in continuation of the EndSARs Protest that started barely a week ago.

As a result of the consequences and negative effect that comes with the continues protest, which involves the closure of roads, theft, slowing down economic progress of the country.

The President of Nigeria (Muhammad Buhari) after meeting with the relevant stakeholders agreed to deploy the military to help out, not to harm innocent Nigeria’s who are the ones protesting but to do everything in their power to calm things down.

Contrary to what the President told them, where it is plainly stated that citizens have the right to protest and express their grief with any questionable activity with a present from administration.

The deployment of military men tagged by the chief of Army staff (Gen. Brutai) as Operation Crocodile Smile, as since gone out of hand on the very first day of it initiation.

“Happening Now: Men of the Nigerian Army have stormed Ado Ekiti, ready to kill peaceful protesters. Massive RTs, let the world know what’s going on.”

A video that’s gone viral, shows the moment a group of military personnel attack innocent Protesters, in the video they were holding weapon that look like a stick as they gathered on a single protesters. This is really pathetic.

See pictures from the video footage.

Watch video using the link below.

See how Nigerians Reacted to the video

@Smart_feelin “Let’s make use of our brains now and call for Revolution it will change all the system of government and bring system of government that works for everyone else. Where a child of nobody will become somebody without knowing anybody. #ENDBADGOVERNANCE.”

@Naija “This sad step will further complicate an already bad situation if the President as the C-IN-C allows the army to step into this. The death toll will increase and he will have more blood on his hands. He should rather speak and appeal to citizens & make them see him act on demands.”

This called for justice, the world is watching, how can military men sent to ensure the environment where this Protest is going on is peaceful, are the same once inflicting pain. The President should do more by reacting to this video, if this what Major. Gen. Brutai asked them to do then, it really not fair.

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Fans Applaud Wizkid For Speaking up on EndSARS movement In An Interview with a US based TV Show

Nigerian pop star, Ayodeji Balogun, popularly known as Wizkid, on Sunday joined the #EndSARS campaign by calling on President Muhammadu Buhari to protect Nigerians.

The singer in a recent interview with sheilaozons a US based Radio/TV personality  @Afrozons  talks about the #EndSARS movement, explains what the hashtag means for people abroad, and why he chose to speak up about it on @AfroZons.

It is not news that the country is in the state of pandemonium and the citizens have taken to their respective social media platforms to express their views on the excesses of Special Anti Robbery Squad (SARS). 

When asked “how he’s going to explain what is happening in Nigeria to the people abroad who aren’t aware of it”

Wizkid had this to say “Special Anti Robbery Squad (SARS) is a special unit in the Nigeria Police Force that was  was established to detain, investigate and prosecute people involved in crimes like armed robbery, kidnapping and other forms of crimes” .

In other words, they are meant to protect the people but in recent time, they became threat to the citizens like brutalising, extorting, and even killing them for no reason.

The unit has been accused of several human rights violations especially of young Nigerians who are seen carrying laptop computers.
Every young person isn’t a criminal. I’ve experienced SARS brutality many times and was fortunate to stay alive, not every other person was as fortunate .

Further speaking, He said if he has a platform like this and didn’t say anything about what is happening in his country, then He is a coward. Besides he has growing kids, his son is in Lagos and wants something different for him. So the world needs to know what is happening in Nigeria. 

Watch Video 👇