“I still don’t understand this bit” -Ebuka reacts to President Muhammadu Buhari tweet today.

Today is a remarkable day in the existence of the nation called Nigeria as it marks its 60th Independence Celebration across the country. Nigeria gained independence 1st October, 1960 having being ruled by the British Colony for years through Indirect Rule System by Queen Elizabeth. To mark this remarkable historical event, the country observes every October 1st as a public holiday.

As the country celebrates Independence Day today, the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria took to his verified Tweeter handle to drop an independence tweet that reads as follows, “Democracy, the world over and as I am pursuing in Nigeria, recognizes the power of the people. However, if some constituencies choose to bargain off their power, they should be prepared for denial of their rights.”

Ebuka, a lawyer, fashion lord, and the all well known host of the Big Brother Naija Reality TV show could not hold the feeling that the tweet deposited in him. To let the feeling out, he reacted thus, “I still don’t understand this bit”. His reaction was birthed by the perplexity that the message of the tweet created.

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Checkout the tweet and the reaction of Ebuka below:

Ebuka’s reaction to President Muhammadu Buhari tweet didn’t go unnoticed. Some fans of his also seized the opportunity to express their thought on the tweet tweeted by the President.

See some of their reactions in the screenshots below:

Apparently, it wasn’t only Ebuka that found the tweet ” funny”. Some well meaning Nigerians also found the tweet flawed considering the fact that we are practising Democracy and not autocracy.

Pals, what do you think about President Muhammad Buhari tweet? Does it make any sense to you?

  • GUEST_pZNkl9Xdd4h8There is nothing wrong with lines quoted by Ebuka just causing trouble out of nothing. If some constituencies decide to bargain off their rights. could also mean if some individuals such as corrupt individuals. so please don’t personalize it to some sections.MoreReply13 replies
  • GUEST_m6Abl4mk04h4It’s either the guy (Ebuka) is just being mischievous or ignorant. Nigeria is a federal state in which secession is constitutionally forbidden.MoreReply12 replies
  • GUEST_mYVglrl2E4h9I am sure Buhari did nt read test of his speech or does nt understand the full import of this portion. Of course Mamman Daura or another 85yrs old Fulani wrote the test. They shl all soon pass away.MoreReply1 reply
  • MansonMike3h7Buhari is a president who lacks the wisdom to choose right dictions for suitable circumstances and situations!Those who write for him are incompetent!MoreReply3 replies

BBNaija: Read the full gist of Ebuka’s Interview about the BBNaija Show.

BBNaija: Read the full gist of Ebuka’s Interview about the BBNaija Show.

The Host of the Big Brother Naija TV Reality Show has unveiled a lot about the show in his latest interview. Read the excerpts from the interview below;


“First of all, there is a lot of rehearsal. I spend at least twelve hours here everyday rehearsing, going through my scripts, preparing for everything we show the viewers. It’s a lot of hardwork. It’s a live-show experience.”

About The Audience.

“The audience has been pretty weary for me. I definitely love the energy that the audience bring. I had to wrap up my own energy for things to flow much better than it normally would.”

What goes into the questions he asked the Housemates?

“It is what calls my attention during the week. It could be something I see, what the viewers want to know. It could be something I want to trigger with the housemates. The preparation that goes into the question is quite intense. My pidgin English quite becomes popular.”


I don’t have a stylist. Everything you see me wear is between me and my designers. I usually know everything I am wearing for the entire season before the first show of the season.


“There are so many tweets. I don’t know if I can pull any of them up completely but I love the Saturday night party tweets. There’s a lot of tweets about people dancing, talking about BrightO, Laycon and Tolanibaj, Erica. These are the people that are always giving us a great party. Of course, Praise and Prince as well. Tweets about the parties, expectations and the tweets about the show. I always like to see feedbacks about the questions I have asked. Everything how how the Live Show has been definitely catch my attention.”


“The ships. All the relationships in the house has given us a memorable content. Neo and Vee, Erica and Kiddwaya,Ozo and Nengi… Something else that stand out for me among the top housemates is the very big of playing games. A lot of the games we played in our primary and secondary Schools, things we’ve forgotten. I like the fact that they’ve moved on from the Truth or Dare weeks. I enjoy the unity that they have. Of course, there have been skirmishes and squabbles here and there but they seem to enjoy a good time.”

What he is looking for towards the last few weeks of the Show.

“I think we are still going to see a lot of drama from the relationships in the house. There’s a lot still going on in that house and there’s a lot more unsaid. We have a lot of housemates who are holding things in and bottling things up. As the weeks go by, there’s going to be some cracking from them. A lot of emotions will be expressed. So, I am looking forward to more drama, more fun and more relationships, issues and great contents until the last day of the show.”