Trump describes the demonstrators as “animals” and demands that they be imprisoned

Trump describes the demonstrators as “animals” and demands that they be imprisoned.

US President Donald Trump on Monday described a group of protesters as “animals,” and called on law enforcement forces to take strict measures against the demonstrations, including the destruction of property.

Earlier in the day, Trump said in a tweet, “Put these animals in jail now.”

The president is trying to portray himself as the leader of law and order, following a summer that saw demonstrations against police brutality and racism. And some of the demonstrations turned into

Trump heads to Florida to return to his election campaign later in the day, for the first time since he was infected with the Corona virus, as he seeks to win the elections scheduled for next November, despite being late to his rival, Joe Biden in opinion polls.

Although Trump’s doctor announced that he has become in good health and does not represent a source of infection, the health instructions state that he must remain in isolation to ensure that he does not spread the infection of the Coronavirus.