“I’ve Been Dating A Married Woman, And She Told Me This Big Secret About Her Husband”

Dating a married woman is something that is considered wrong, and it is never condoned. However, not condoning it does not mean people will not do it. There are men who proudly, and publicly speak about dating married women. Married women are the ones who usually hide those kind of relationships, and do not publicly speak about such.

A man who says he has been dating a married woman for 3 months now, has also revealed that they discuss personal issues with this married woman. He says the woman has disclosed how her husband makes his living.

He says she told him that the husband sells weed. He said he now wants to know how he can report the husband as this means he is a bad citizen. He said he wants to report the case anonymously, and wants the man to be arrested. If the husband is arrested, it means this other man will have the woman all to himself. What would you advise this man?