I went to a club with my guy, this man sent his boys to call me and this happened- Nigerian lady tells her story

This is story of this young lady who shared her story on twitter makes me to understand how men that enable Ladies entitlement mentality.

If a man can hurriedly do this to a lady he barely know, a girl he met at a place with overly priced drinks, loud music and where you vibe with a total stranger, what would became of the ladies when they agree to be their girlfriends. If they demand for your kidney or any sensitive and vital part of your body, it shouldn’t be out of place because you have given them the platform.

This young lady by name Chidinma took to her twitter with the handle @The_chiii to share her encounter with a man at the club. According to her, she went to the club with a man friend while they were sipping their drinks, a man from the VIP section sent one of his boys to go call her. According to her, she did not answer him let alone give ears to what he had to say. 

Minutes later, the said “big man” came by himself and started spraying money on her in the presence of the man she came with. To me, that was the height of disrespect for the man that she came with. Although she said that she did not go with the “big man” because she loved and respected the man she was with, I wondered if she wasn’t in love with her boyfriend what would have happened? Maybe she would have gone with him.

But I want to ask the men, how will you feel if a man does something like that to you? What will be your reaction? 

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Regina Daniels’ Mother, Rita Daniels Hits The Club With Her Son – Video

The mother of young talented actress and billionaire wife, Regina Daniels, Rita Daniels was recently spotted at the club alongside her son, Sammy.

Check Out What Regina’s Mom Displayed In The Club With Her Son, As They Celebrated Sammy’s Birthday

It was revealead that Regina’s brother Sammy Daniels, celebrated his birthday over the weekend and he went to club alongside with his mother, as they both have a wonderful time together as they danced and has fun to the fullest.

The actress shared a some lovely pictures she took with her son as they celebrated his birthday. Regina’s mom wore a lovely dress as they vibe and danced to several music.

This is coming after Rita Daniels gushed about her son, Sammy West, on social media.

The actress took to her social media page to share photos of herself and her son.

In the photos shared on Instagram, Rita looked beautiful and happy as she posed for shots with her son. Rita was seen rocking a white top paired with black jeans.

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The question, is it bad for Regina Daniels mom to go to club and rock with Son?

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