VIDEO: Busty bridesmaid in viral video speaks up.

The busty bridesmaid, whose video went viral a week ago after her ‘booby dance’ caught the attention of all guests, has recounted the harrowing experience the encounter has caused her.

The lady who simply identified herself as Debo Dacosta rocked a sleeveless gown that barely covered her bosom to a weekend where she was also one of the selected maids of honour.

Trouble, however, started when the bride hit the dance floor supported by her bridesmaids.

A heavily-endowed Dacosta threw caution to the wind and started gyrating wildly as the bewildered guests at the party sat watching her booby dance with keen interest.

Shortly after the video went viral, a troubled Dacosta disclosed that she encountered a lot of resentment and public disgrace from her family and those acquainted with her.

According to correspondence reports, Dacosta’s mother wept bitterly while her brother, obviously still reeling from the shock, vowed not to talk to her again.

Speaking further, Dacosta remarked that she still does not understand why people are so upset about the dress.

In her defence, she reiterated that the video went viral because she was busty and people easily noticed that.

Dacosta also insisted that although the party was a family event, she would not hesitate to rock a similar outfit to any other party.

In her words,

“I will dress the same way, for me to wear it to my family party definitely I’ll wear it to your own party too.

“Anybody can wear that dress, its because I’m busty that’s why they are shouting. If it was one celebrity that’s putting on that dress they wont say anything… What I was putting on is not bad.

“My brother called and was so angry, he was like he wont even talk to me again”.

Watch the video below;