A student who recently graduated from the university has gone mad after ditching the man she promised to marry after finishing her studies.

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The lady was seen walking scantly dressed on the streets with unkempt hair and while talking to herself.

According to reports, the said lady had agreed to marry the man immediately she graduated from the university. This pledge made the man to cater for her by providing and paying all her school fees from high school, up to university level. The two even made blood covenant of not leaving each other.

It is said that after her graduation, the woman felt the man was not her class and so she decided to dump him for another younger and richer man she met in the university.

The heartbroken man sought the intervention of a witch=doctor to help teach the lady a “life lesson”

Barely a week after the herbalist swung into action, the lady went mad. Having known the genesis of the problem, her family intervened by pleading with the man to forgive their daughter.

Her father even assured the man he will make sure her daughter honoured her vow to marry him.

After family deliberations, the herbalist reversed the spell and bound the two together. The two are back together and they have planned for a wedding early next month.

However, the story has elicited mixed reactions online with people urging the man to ask the lady’s family to refund his money and not marry her since she has shown signs of being a golddigger.

Others have asked the man to forget about the lady since her heart is on someone else while others have advised him to fight for what he loves.

She helped me plan my wedding while sleeping with my husband”

Most friendships are based on trusts, to an extent where people talk about everything, and share every little detail about their personal things. When a woman is planning for a wedding, she usually does it with her friends, and some relatives. A woman would actually pick the closest friend she has, and the one she trusts to assist in planning her wedding.

A woman took to social media, to talk about the friend who assisted her in planning the wedding. She said her friend helped her plan the wedding, but she didn’t know the very same friend was sleeping with her husband. The friend was visibly pregnant, but it was never suspected that she could be sleeping with her friend’s husband. She was made a maid of honor at the wedding, little did they think she would be sleeping with the husband.

On the wedding picture, the pregnancy is already visible, but no one could have thought this far. It is not the first time that this has happened to people. It is something that usually happens. Some choose to talk about it, and some don’t. 

“Mum Paid For My Dream Wedding Then Had A Baby With My Husband Nine Months Later,” Daughter Says

Lauren Wall a 34 year old lady has come out to reveal that her mother paid for her wedding and yet had a relationship with her husband and even gave birth to his baby.

Lauren got married to an airport worker who goes by the name Paul White when she was 19 years old.

Her mother Julie paid £15,000 for their wedding, Lauren was very happy and even the newly Weds went to Devon for their honeymoon and stayed there for two weeks.

After eight weeks of marriage, her husband moved out without giving a reason,

Lauren said that her husband and her mother always got on well and she never thought of anything else as she was his mother in law.

Lauren was very happy and could not wait to settle in her new marriage. But Paul changed few weeks later and became very protective of his phone.

One day Lauren’s sister found a conversation between her mother and brother in law, when they confronted their mother, she denied being in a relationship with Paul.

Months later Paul removed his wedding ring and walked out on his wife and their little girl barely seven months. He went to live with Lauren’s mother, something that shocked Lauren is that she had been betrayed by the two people she trusted the most in the world.

After nine months, her mother gave birth and that’s when they announced that they were together, five years later they got married.

Her mother invited her to the wedding and Lauren went to the wedding for the sake of her daughter, it was awkward for her as she watched her mother marry the man she had married five years ago.

Her mother has tried to ask for forgiveness but Lauren is not ready to forgive her, she was supposed to be the one person who will do anything to protect her children but instead she hurt her.

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Source: Daily Mail

“So Sad” – Just 4 Days To His Wedding, See What This Man Found On His Fiancés Phone

“So Sad” – Just 4 Days To His Wedding, See What This Man Found On His Fiancés Phone.

Infidelity is very harmful in a relationship and its traffic end is destruction.

Today we would be looking at the leaked message a man found in his fiancé’s phone just 4 days to their wedding,

This shocking tweet has been trending on social media as a man named Daniel Ikena took to his tweeter handle where he disclosed a hidden Whatsapp message in his fiancé’s phone.

According to his tweet, he said “What have I done, where have I gone wrong? Why me, what would I tell my parent’s now, just 4 days to our wedding take a look at the hidden message I found in my fiancés phone.”

He also went further in his speech where he said he was so confused and doesn’t know what else to do as he asked for advice, see screenshots of leaked whatsapp conversation below:

According to the whatsapp conversation above, you can clearly see that Daniel’s fiancé whose name wasn’t mentioned below could be seen having a secret conversation with a man named Eric who seems to be her secret lover.

Although according to the message Daniel’s fiancé could be seen telling her secret lover Eric that their relationship was over despite the promise they once made to each other as she was about to get married to Daniel in a few week time.

Although Eric who thought it was a joke later became serious as he reminded Daniel’s fiancé about her past secrete where she did 4 abortions for him.

Well, Daniel’s fiancé who became shocked after remembering her longtime secret had made an attempt to pay Eric off by asking him to name his price, but unfortunately Eric wasn’t who was not interested in her money went offline by telling that her wedding would not hold as it has already been canceled.

Well, it is indeed a sad and difficult situation for Daniel after discovering this hidden message on his fiancés phone just four days to his wedding.

<p class="has-drop-cap has-vivid-red-color has-text-color" value="<amp-fit-text layout="fixed-height" min-font-size="6" max-font-size="72" height="80">Is it Proper for Daniel to cancel this wedding immediately to avoid future marital problems since his so called fiancé is still involved with a secret lover and has had multiple abortions? Is it Proper for Daniel to cancel this wedding immediately to avoid future marital problems since his so called fiancé is still involved with a secret lover and has had multiple abortions?

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