President Buhari plays host to President Patrice Talon of Benin Republic (Photos)

President Muhammadu Buhari on Tuesday received President Patrice Talon of Benin Republic who came on an official visit to the country at the State House Abuja.

It is also advisable to observe Covid protocols everywhere you go to help curb it’s spread.

However according to president Buhari’s aide Bashir Ahmed, president Muhammadu Buhari met with the president of Benin Republic Patrice Talon at the Aso Rock earlier today.

Apparently, Nigeria had recorded above the 100,000 virus mark and she’s putting more adverts out there to sensitize people on why maintaining social distancing, washing hands and putting on masks can really go a long way to help curb the virus spread.

Looking at the picture of the two presidents, you’d observe their masks on and sock distancing in their sitting arrangement. Meanwhile, Bashir Ahmed reported that the presidents assured that the two neighbours will continue to work with each other in the light of understanding.

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NBA, CDHR Offer Free Legal Representation For Alleged Looters Arrested By Police

The NBA and CDHR represented over 100 alleged looters arraigned by the police and military before a magistrate court sitting in Benin City on Tuesday.

The Benin branch of the Nigerian Bar Association and the Committee for the Defence of Human Rights have offered free legal service for alleged looters arrested by the police in Edo State.

The NBA and CDHR represented over 100 alleged looters arraigned by the police and military before a magistrate court sitting in Benin City on Tuesday.
The legal counsels were led by National President of CDHR, Osagie Obayuwana, Bar Public Defender, Dennis Osaretin, Legal Consult, Osayuki King, and other respected counsel from the Benin bar and human rights community.
The police and military charged the suspects for various offenses including looting of COVID-19 palliatives and violation of curfew.
The suspects were all granted bail with the NBA and CDHR helping to perfect their bail at no cost to the suspects.
“We are committed to providing free legal representations to all victims of #ENDSARS  protest in Edo state and many who have become victims of oppression by the very same government who ought to protect and provide for them,” the NBA said.
Recall that residents of different states including Edo, Lagos, Osun, Abuja, Plateau and Ogun had discovered warehouses where COVID-19 palliatives are being hoarded by state governments.
The residents overpowered the security personnel guarding the warehouses and made away with the palliatives.
The police are currently making attempt to recover the palliatives including making house-to-house search.

“This Country Is A Joke”- See What This Prisoner Was Carrying As He Escaped That Got People Talking.

It’s no longer news that the White House Prison in Benin Edo state was allegedly broken into and prisoners have escaped. It was earlier today that the news reached us and according to what we read in the papers, the protesters where reportedly the ones who did that. But how true is that? Because for all I know, the prison is a maximum security prison and it can hardly be broken into talk more of freeing the prisoners.

Well few hours after the news hit the internet, pictures and videos have been circulating about the incident. In some videos, the protesters could be seen outside shouting as the prisoners scaled the prison walls and jump into the streets. One picture however got people talking with some making a joke out of it. In the picture, a prisoner was seen carrying a language and putting on a wrist watch as he gladly walks along the streets. People online have been asking…… how can a prisoner who had no time to escape be carrying a luggage as if he already knew that the break out was coming?

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Whatever this is, our only concern is that the Edo State Government should act fast and get these guys off the streets.