Tragic | Woman accidentally kills 15 of her in-laws while trying to poison her husband

The rate at which members of the same families are butchering each other is alarmingly increasing and some of these cases are horrifying and immensely disturbing. This is the story of Aasia Bibi, now in her mid twenties, and in prison for life and here’s why.

When she was 21 years old, she was forced to marry a guy who was a total stranger and this was the beginning of her misery.

A few months into the marriage, she was still unhappy as she was in love with another man. These did not help her situation so she decided the best way out of her marriage was to kill her husband. So she added poison to a glass of milk and have her husband drank. But somehow her husband didn’t drink the milk and his mother later used it to make a yogurt like drink which she( the mother in-law) served to 27 of the family members.

Shortly after drinking it, they started showing symptoms of poisoning and they were rushed to the hospital.

Fifteen of them ended up dying while the others barely survived. Aasia, her lover and her aunt who helped her in plotting the murder were later charged and convicted of their crimes.