FULL LIST: CIA, Miyetti Allah, MI6, Iran, Others ‘Sponsoring’ Boko Haram – Fani-Kayode

Former Minister of Aviation Femi Fani-Kayode has revealed some sponsors of the dreaded Boko Haram terrorist group.

In a post on his Twitter page on Monday, the PDP stalwart alleged that the terrorist group is sponsored by some middle east countries, European countries and the US intelligence.

According to Fani-Kayode, Turkey who recently reached out to President Muhammadu Buhari for help in the Israel/Palestine conflict is one of the major sponsors of Boko Haram.

The lawyer called on Nigerians to set their differences aside and collaborate to fight Boko Haram and its sponsors.

He wrote: “A little bird told me that Turkey, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, ISIS, Al Qaeda, Islamic Jihad, Abu Sayaf, Al Shabab, Taliban, Muslim Brotherhood, Miyetti Allah, M16, CIA, French intelligence & Islamist elements in Northern Nigeria provide funding for ISWA, BH & Fulani terrorists.

“To survive this Nigeria has a lot of work to do and we need a lot of prayer.

“We must set our differences aside and come together as one against the common enemy.

“No-one will come from outside our shores to help us solve our problems. Only we can do that.”

Read What Primate Ayodele Just Said That God Revealed To Him About Muhammadu Buhari

Primate Elijah Ayodele, the leader of the INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church has revealed what God told him concerning the Nigeria President, Muhammadu Buhari.

The prophet has now revealed that God told him that President Muhammadu Buhari is tired and no longer recognizes anyone including those who are working with him

According to the report from the source, Primate Ayodele also disclosed that the president is incapacitated at the moment.

The Prophet also revealed that Buhari may affect his political party in the 2023 election.

He added that “Buhari must not give incompetent people to run his administration. He is not the one currently ruling, he knows nothing about what happening in his government”

He explained further that Buhari needs prayers because he is tired and fed up. He added that Buhari doesn’t understand anymore and they are taking advantage of his incapacity.

Primate Ayodele also advised the new service chiefs and other security agencies to seek the face of God and to come up with local security factions to battle the insecurity rate of the country, he added that insecurity will become worsen and will affect the rich people.

Ayodele called on Nigerians to pray against the death of another Justice of the Supreme Court.

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Did Moses Really Part The Red Sea? See What Science Has Discovered About That Biblical Story

According to Drews — who describes himself as “one of many Christians who accept the scientific theory of evolution” — the story of the parting of the Red Sea, as described in the book of Exodus, might have originated in real life as a weather event.

“I’m arguing that the historical event happened in 1250 B.C., and the memories of it have been recorded in Exodus,” says Drews. “The people of the time gloried in God and gave God credit.” “Did the parting of the sea really happen? We will never know,” says Holland. “But Carl Drews has used impeccable science to show both where and how it may have happened.”

Where was the “Sea of Reeds”? The first thing you need to know about the supposed parting of the Red Sea is that according to Drews’ theory, it did not occur in the actual “Red Sea” that we see on a map today — the long, thin, nearly north-south running body of water between Saudi Arabia on the east and Egypt and Sudan on the west.

Rather, Drews explains, the original phrase from the Hebrew translates as “Sea of Reeds” — and much historical and archaeological research has gone into determining exactly where and what that could have been. But Drews argues that it would have been to the north of the modern day Red Sea in the Eastern Nile Delta region, just south of the Mediterranean Sea.

Where, exactly? In the Biblical text, the parting of the “Red Sea” occurs when Moses and the Israelites are encamped by the sea “in front of Pi-hahiroth, between Migdol and the sea, in front of Baal-zephon.” You might think this place would be easy to locate, given the high level of specificity in the passage above, but there is actually much uncertainty and scholarly debate about what these names might actually refer to today. (It doesn’t help that the Nile Delta has shifted dramatically over time.

Without getting into all the details of this debate, Drews’ research draws on archaeological attempts to follow this trail of clues and especially to identify the all important location of “Migdol,” a “Semetic term for watchtower or fort,” according to the Egyptologist and archaeologist James Hoffmeier of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.

Relying on the work of Hoffmeier and others, in their 2010 PLOS One paper, Drews and his co-author Weiqing Han provide this map, which basically amounts to their hypothesis for what a particular portion of the Eastern Nile Delta looked like, circa 1250 B.C.

More Fun Fact

The mystery of a name

There are several competing theories surrounding the origin of the Red Sea’s colorful name. One popular suggestion gives credit to the seasonal blooms of a type of alga, which make the normally crystal-clear water appear a deep orange-red. However, some speculate that it could also stem from the nearby red-tinged mountain range called Harei Edom, or from the Egyptian desert, which was once known as “red land.”

Lost shipwrecks

You won’t see just fish when you go diving in the Red Sea – you’ll also spot remnants of the sea’s past in the form of ghostly shipwrecks. The most famous among them is the SS Thistlegorm, a British steamship that was sunk by German bombers during World War II, but you’ll also find tugboats, cargo ships and tankers down in the depths.

Ever-changing seascapes

New islands formed in the Red Sea as recently as 2011 and 2013, named Sholan and Jadid respectively. Volcanic eruptions along the Zubair Archipelago continue to change the landscape of this intriguing body of water.

The Red Sea is shrouded in mystery from its unique healing properties to the carnival of colorful marine life that decorate its waters.

See The New Prophesy Daddy Adeboye Just Released

Daddy Adeboye, The general overseer of the Redeem Christian Church Worldwide declares that “Your joy will be constant if you rejoice in the Lord”

Pastor Adeboye has yet released another hot prophesy just few days after he gave a prophesy on what will happen before the end of this year. In the just released prophesy a lot of people has reacted after he gave out that declaration. See the prophesy he gave below: 

The Prophesy reads; “Your joy will be constant if you rejoice in the Lord”

Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala is the favourite to lead the WTO

The leadership race tells you something about thorny trade issues

Members of the World Trade Organisation (wto) are not known for co-operating with each other. So when in June they began the process of choosing a new director-general, many feared deadlock. But now, as the process draws to a close, officials are feeling hopeful. Two candidates are still in the running: Nigeria’s Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, the chairwoman of gavi, a vaccine-finance agency, and a former World Bank official and finance minister; and Yoo Myung-hee, South Korea’s trade minister. A winner is due to be announced between October 28th and November 7th, and support seems to be coalescing around Ms Okonjo-Iweala. Yet the contest says more about the discord in the trading system than the harmony.

The candidates themselves did a good job of highlighting various divisions in the course of the selection process (while dutifully noting that only members have the power to resolve them). Between them they identified a long list of problems: jammed negotiations that have left the wto’s rule book out of date; a broken system of solving disputes; members’ lacklustre commitment to transparency; and a trade war between America and China.

What happens next?

Heavily Built Bouncers Of EndSARS Protesters Hired As They Refuse To Back Down (Photos)

Reports emerged yesterday that some thugs attacked the EndSARS protesters in Lagos State which led to some of them sustaining several degrees of injuries.

Thugs attack protesters in Abuja and Lagos

The attackers struck with cutlasses, axes and other weapons and injured some of the unarmed protesters leaving some of them in the pool of their blood. Allegations of who sponsored them are yet to be confirmed as at the time of this report. But, it is believed that their sponsors would be identified soon and made to face the full wrath of the law with the thugs for attacking and injuring Nigerians on a legitimate and peaceful protest.

Again! Thugs attack #EndSARS protesters in Lagos (Watch Video) - Buzza

However, based on the sad experience of yesterday’s attack, it is believed that the indefatigable and determined protesters have reportedly hired heavily built bouncers (guards) to help offer them protection and defend them from likely thugs and other attackers as they carry on with the protest. The protest is still gaining momentum across the country despite all the obstacles so far.

Lagos protesters hire bouncers to ward off hoodlums – Punch Newspapers

Image credit: The Punch.

In the mean time, some Nigerians have paid the ultimate price of losing their lives fighting for the cause. For those that are still alive, they are not backing down especially in view of the fact that some of their fellow compatriots have lost their lives in the struggle. It would not make any sense to back down now that heavy sacrifices have been made already without achieving the goals of the struggle.

VIDEO: Private security guards deployed to protect #EndSARS protesters |  TheCable

It is also believed that the thugs and their sponsors plotted to ensure that they stop the protest by attacking the protesters with the aim of instilling fear in them to disperse and protest no more. Whoever the thugs and their sponsors are, they cannot stop the protesters as the protesters have made plans too to defend themselves.

EndSARS protesters hire private security to protect them against hoodlumsTweet from a a Tweeter user on the issue of bouncers hired.

Self defense is not a crime especially when one’s life is under threat. Hiring bouncers to help protect them as they protest is a step in the series of other things the protesters can do to defend themselves. It is also believed that the Governor of Lagos State, Babajide Sanwo-Olu who has been backing the protesters since will do the necessary things to ensure that the protesters are protected.

Lagos protesters hire bouncers to ward off hoodlums

Heavily built guards

Nigerians also look forward to seeing Sanwo-Olu carryout a sincere and immediate investigations to identify the thugs and their sponsors and ensure that they are punished for their evil acts to serve as deterrent to others.

My government will never tolerate the attack of protesters" - Governor  Sanwo-Olu reacts to Protesters attacked by Thugs in Lagos - Gist Of The Day

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Jealous Husband Cuts Off His Wife’s Head And Carries It To Police Station. See Why

Kinnar Yadav, a jealous husband has shocked people after allegedly killing his wife in a very horrific way.

The man is said to have cut his wife’s head off just because he caught her talking to their neighbour.

Kinnar Yadav, 40, had long suspected his wife Vimla, 35, of being unfaithful to him, according to reports.

Other residents of Baberu, located in Banda region in India’s Uttar Pradesh, reportedly told him she was having an affair with Ravikant Yadav who lives in a house near the couple.

On Friday morning Kinnar took a walk and returned home to find Vimla chatting with Rakivant.

Local police say he was looking to buy a buffalo and Vimla had been giving him tips.

Seeing the two of them together angered Kinnar so much that he grabbed an axe and attacked the other man, injuring him before he fled the scene.

He then turned his attention to his wife, killing her and severing her head from her body. The couple’s two sons, Bhagat and Prahlad, weren’t home at the time.

Officers say Kinnar took the head and walked almost 3km to the closest police station to turn himself in.

He reportedly stood inside the station holding the head for more than 15 minutes before senior police officers were alerted to his alarming presence.

Footage of the man brandishing his wife’s head was published on social media, where authorities say it went viral.

Banda’s assistant superintendent of police Mahendra P Chauhan told local media: “The incident happened in Baberu town.“Kinnar reached the police station around 8:30 am with the severed head.

“He also attacked the neighbour, Ravikant Yadav, who is under treatment at a hospital. His condition is stable.”

He added: “Kinnar told us that he wanted to kill Ravikant but ended up killing his wife in a fit of rage.”

The suspect was arrested under Section 302 (murder) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).

A case was registered at Baberu police station under relevant IPC sections and Kinnar will appear in a local court soon, a police officer said.

Source: Daily Star UK

Ondo elections result: Gov Akeredolu in early lead

As results from the Ondo elections tickle in, it is evident that the current Governor, Rotimi Akeredolu, who is on the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC) is in line to win a re-election.

Incoming results from polling units across Ondo state show that Governor Aberdour is in early lead beating Eyitayo Jegede of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and Agboola Ajayi of the Zenith Labour Party (ZLP).

So far, results of 606 out of 3,000 Polling Units have been collated. Akeredolu currently has 65,590 votes, while his nearest contender Jegede has 40,027.  Ajayi has polled 11,603 votes so far.

Real Talk: I Found Out My Husband Was With Another Woman In A Nearby Hotel Even When He Told Me He Had Traveled

Sexual fidelity is one of the most important symbols of commitment in a relationship. Yet it is increasingly under attack from new pressures, and few of us understand why people have affairs or how best to recover from them.

Although precise figures remain elusive, surveys in Nigeria suggest that between 25 and 70 per cent of women — and 40 and 80 per cent of men — have engaged in at least one extramarital sexual encounter.

So why do so many people risk everything for the sake of a fleeting affair?

Cheating is one of the causes of marital and relationship conflicts. Whenever a person found out that his partner is cheating on him or her, there is high probability that the relationship will not last long. But people have now normalize it, because everyday, you will see the news of someone cheating on his partner on social media.

A woman; Name withheld for privacy’s sake discovered that her husband is cheating on her – the story was shared in a popular relationship group named “The Home Builders Forum.THBFI”. Posted by Racheal Mel, the admin of the group.

The woman stated that her husband is thinking that he can outclass her because he told that her he travelled to Delta State penultimate week and he will be returning next month. But surprisingly, she has seen him two times in town, yet if she calls him he is telling a different story. Whenever she calls him he will tell her that he is in Delta and the weather there is dealing with him. She has already traced him and found out that he lodged in a hotel with another lady and he is paying ₦15,000 daily for the hotel rent. She urged the admin to publish the story without editing it because she knows the husband whom she identified as Felix Ogiri is also a member of the group. Below is the full message shared by the admin of the group:

The story has already generated some mixed reactions from the members of the group, and below are some of the opinions of people regarding the matter:

Shagari’s son Aminu apologises to Jonathan, knocks Buhari

Aminu Shagari

Aminu Shagari, three-term House of Representatives member and lawyer son of the late President Shehu Shagari, has apologized to the former Nigerian president, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan.

Aminu said he helped to bring down Jonathan’s government to ensure Muhammadu Buhari emerged despite that as a military officer he led a coup that dethroned his father in 1983.

Mr. Shagari, who was president between 1979 and 1983, passed away on December 28, aged 93. He was removed in a military coup led by Nigeria’s current president, Muhammadu Buhari.

Years after, Mr. Buhari was elected as a civilian president in 2015 and while preparing to run for another tenure in 2019 he traveled to Sokoto to pay a condolence visit to the family of the former president.

He also ordered that flags should be flown at half-mast for three days at all military formations and public places in the country.

After his visit, Aminu called him out Buhari by stating that the President never gave “words of comfort” during his visit.

He said: “We didn’t hear such because he didn’t say anything. We gave him the condolence register. He only signed and put the date. Personally, I was very disappointed with that. I expected that at least, as Muslim, he would write, ‘May Allah forgive him and may Allah forgive us when our time comes.’ That makes me extremely disappointed in him.”

And in a recent interview with Punch, Aminu stated that Buhari has not contacted his family or deliver the promises to immortalize their father.

“I was never contacted and the Presidency has not contacted our family, to the best of my knowledge. Nothing has changed; the only thing I remember is that, at a campaign rally in Bauchi, after his visit to our father’s residence in Sokoto, prayers were offered for my Dad. This probably was an afterthought following the backlash that followed his (Buhari) mere signing of the condolence register, with no written or verbal condolence message.

“This is somebody we really supported, campaigned for and mobilised people for his election because we obediently adhered to our father’s dictate to forgive and let bygone be bygone. The same Muhammadu Buhari, in the condolence letter he gave the state governor (Aminu Waziri Tambuwal), promised to immortalise our dad. Close to two years after his death, he is yet to fulfil his promise. Whereas he recently named certain landmarks after some Nigerians who are still alive, including former President Goodluck Jonathan.

“Let me use this opportunity to tender a public apology to former President Jonathan and seek forgiveness because I helped to divide the Peoples Democratic Party and bring down his government, but, I have found out that what we thought about his stewardship was not entirely true. I expect President Buhari to also ask for forgiveness having found out that most of the things he accused my dad’s and President Jonathan’s administrations of are not true.”

Speaking on the current state of Nigeria, Aminu said “I am very disappointed.” He noted that Nigeria’s only hope is in good governance.

“I believe if we get it right in this aspect of our national life, our story would turn from bad to good within a short time. With emphasis, all we require is a credible and sincere leadership that will maximise our God-given talents and resources. A lot of us committed so much to bring this administration on board. As an individual, I assumed that, if nothing else, we would get the issue of security right, and every other thing would follow.

“Unfortunately, our security situation has degenerated from bad to worse and the President has refused to listen to every voice of reasoning. Rather, he has turned a deaf ear to what people are saying and insisted on keeping the service chiefs.

“Just recently, the government slammed the entire citizenry with a double post-COVID-19 assault – fuel price hike and increase in electricity tariff, without considering the income of Nigerians. With the minimum wage, in the face of the depreciating value of the naira, how do you expect an average Nigerian worker to survive, meet their family’s financial needs, and be happy?.”