Spiritual Intelligence and You

Train yourself to spiritual intelligence,don’t leave your life to chance.
A negative atmosphere is real! I have walked in it, so I can tell,
call it bad luck or misfortune.

Most people come from backgrounds where possibilities for success do not exist but through the operation of anointing somethings comes upon the lives of such people. A mantle or a mandate. This is how creation responds to us in different ways.

There are lives that will never rise until the right things are put in their rightful places.

When someone speaks negativity into you, don’t be ignorant about it. He or she is speaking from the strength of some kind of program.
Find out what the manipulating reality is and the key to change it.

Wicked and Unreasonable people do not speak out of ignorance.
Especially when someone is speaking to you from your village, don’t just say “it won’t happen” , Positive Confession is not enough. The Reality is attached to time. Sustenance of spiritual intelligence makes you superior to the other.

If that wonderful person says to you “Over my death body will you succeed” if you don’t know what to do that’s when you go panicking. Wicked people announce what they have finished even through their agents masquerading themselves as Prophets and seers in Man built temples. The saying “God forbid” does not count. Everything in your life has a representation in the realm of the spirit.

The spirits know the Laws that are working. In most environments that you walk into; in certain places, from opening prayer to the grace in fellowship you find instantaneous changes.

This is because they’re able to manipulate higher Laws of life to bring those changes. Even without your Prayers, Tithing, Offering, talking into being, you find certain things happening. It is based on the Covenant of that environment.

There are higher 👆 spiritual Laws contending against others. Most times you walked into such environments with pain in your body and left without such. In most cases on getting home the pain returns that is a sign that something needs to happen permanently in your life.

You have a responsibility to keep your breakthrough. No matter how born again you could be, the devil can still use you as rag if you lack a sound mind. Your level of enlightenment determines your Altitude.

2 Corinthians 4:18 says “While we look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen: for the things which are seen are temporal; but the things which are not seen”

Usually you say :
I Want money in my bank account
I need a Job
I need a good home
I need a Companion
In this greedy world, who taught you its that easy?
Why do we experience misfortunes in our lives?
Why is it that things are not working well in our families? 🤔

If nothing is working, it is because nothing has not been done in the right direction.

It is the will of God for you to triumph in this half of the year and every opposing force must give way in Jesus name, Amen

They are people the moment money enters their pockets, another Law picks it. The pocket is like a hole..

If you are experiencing such, say this prayer: In the name of Jesus, I take responsibility for creating the realities of things in my life, circumstances will not determine the outcome of my life, I will harness them to my advantage in Jesus name. Amen

If You desire a change, don’t just sit down 👇 and say “one day he go better” . You need help 😣 ;Helpers don’t arise like that, they are called. Don’t leave your life to chance. Chains have to fall off your head.
Declare to yourself : If i am not part of the programming, I can’t be a victim of the manifestation. Dont say “if God wants it”.
Arise and take full responsibility of your life

I believe in vengeance. The Bible says in Isaiah 63:4 KJV
For the day of vengeance is in mine heart, and the year of my redeemed is come.

The keys to this mastery of Spiritual Intelligence include ;
Prayer :
James 5:16 The effective prayer of the righteousness is dynamic in it’s working especially if the prayer is initiated by the Spirit of God himself and not just at your usual time
If you pray when there is an urge to pray the spirit of God searches the heart of God for you. Prayer is a mystery that can help you reprogram reality.

Sacrifice can equally reprogram your life. In Psalms 50 :5.
It took sacrifice to place your family in that state.
It’s not necessarily a sacrifice of finance.

It could be a sacrifice of praise, dance, honor, seed🌱
Don’t steal from the house of God: Remember Gehazi who carried Leprosy.

Issac, when he wanted to release a blessing on Esau asked for Venison
Appreciate little gift given to you by God”s servant if any, place a value on it. It is meant to reprogram your life.

Most time you have terrible experience because of who you met.as Men of God. Pay attention to how your environment treats you spiritually.

Be careful who Lays hands on you. I have seen Pastors, Prophets, Deacons and Deaconess lay hands on the people and took away their glory, most times they took away their grace leaving them in shame. Satan is a smart businessman, he does nothing for free.

Flee from every appearance of evil 😈. Your body is God’s temple, they are unethical practices you should avoid.

Identify a need in line with God’s word and meet in the house of God, in your environment and even societally. It should be done according to his leading and your ability. God sees your heart ♥

Prophecy can change situations when done properly
One of the benefits of being in the house of God is to avail yourself of Prophecy to intercept the undesirable things in your life
When you are in the right environment you triumph.

A little Prophetic guidance will break you out of some Levels
1 Samuel 9, 10
For deliverance to happen, There has to be a level grace upon that Man of God (Minister)

The grace to pray and reprogram your life is available, it is not automatic, you need to pray to bring down his glory. If you do nothing, you get nothing, anointing doesn’t just come to you. It is provoked. You can easily pray your way out of every curse, out of every limitation using the name of Jesus

If you earnestly desire this higher life,
Then Pray/Declare:
■In the name of Jesus, 2× Every limitation placed over my life, placed over my destiny, l reprogram you now
●Oh God of heaven, the father of spirits remove every embargo manipulated by preisthood over my life, over my Career, over my marriage, over my business, on my ministry, over my Children.
●In the name of Jesus, every door, every gate in the realm of the spirit assigned to open for my good that has been closed, I prophesy upon you be opened now
●Door of the next Chapter of Breakthrough, I realign you
●In the name of Jesus, I speak to Spirits, I speak to covenants, I speak altars holding my life, holding my destiny, by the Covenant of the blood release my destiny now.
●In the name of Jesus, every physical reality reoccurring in my life that I do not like what ever programed you in the realm of the spirit, I cancel that programming now
●In the name of Jesus I declare that every element of the supernatural that has been hijacked by the power of darkness to work against me, I come against you with the wrath of a higher priesthood, I stop your operations now.
●In the name of Jesus, any spiritual and human agents who are in partnership to fight me, I release Judgment against you.

●In the name of Jesus, Oh earth hear the word of the Lord, oh wind hear the word of the Lord, I declare to all the elements of the supernatural; bring my breakthrough, bring my blessings, bring my favor, I speak to the earth, I provoke my Portion. 
●In the name of Jesus, I speak to my helpers, every Law, stopping you from coming to my help, I release you now, manifest in my life 
●  In the name of Jesus, Covenants associated with my family, every altar associated with the pains of my family, as an Ambassador, I stand on behalf of my love ones and I cancell those ordinances. (Ordinances of death, badluck, poverty... Negative ordinances). 
●In the name of Jesus, Father visit and break negative patterns, repeated negative patterns of my life . 
●Every negative voice that speaks to my spirit making me believe it is the voice of God, be silenced 

I challenged every Anti-Christ voice mascurading as the holy Ghost giving you instructions, misleading your spirit, activating wrong laws to act against you, I release Judgment upon it now.

I Command that blinding spirit to leave you now… In Jesus Name
I prophesy upon your life, carry favor in Jesus name… Amen


Dunamis Church Pastor, Enenche Punishing Five #BuhariMustGo Activists Over SaharaReporters’ Stories Against Him, Father-in-law— Source

Dunamis Church Pastor, Enenche Punishing Five #BuhariMustGo Activists Over SaharaReporters' Stories Against Him, Father-in-law— Source

The Senior Pastor of Dunamis International Gospel Centre, Dr Paul Enenche, has asked the Department of State Services (DSS) not to release the five #BuhariMustGo protesters arrested on the church premises until SaharaReporters delete two stories against him and his father-in-law, Professor John Ibu, a source has said.

The youths wearing #BuhariMustGo branded shirts were arrested on Sunday, July 4, 2021.

The church security team was said to have arrested the activists and handed them over to the DSS, Nigeria’s secret police.

Speaking to SaharaReporters, a top official of the DSS said the five #BuhariMustGo campaigners were still being detained because of two stories written by the newspaper against the cleric and his father-in-law.

He said, “Don’t be deceived, Dr. Enenche is actually lying about working to get them released. Backstage, he (Enenche) doesn’t want them released except SaharaReporters deletes the story written against his father in-law and another one written against the church last year, I think it was a story about a former pastor of the church accusing Eneche of sending him to prison on trumped-up charges.

“He told us it was Omoyele Sowore that sent the boys to his church and he (Sowore) should be punished by the prolonged detention of the guys.”

SaharaReporters on June 27, 2020 published that one Pastor Abraham Daniel, a former member of Dunamis International Gospel Centre revealed how Eneche falsely accused him and had him imprisoned on trumped-up charges.

Daniel claimed Eneche and other pastors were angry at him for leaving the church while also claiming that he (Daniel) publicly criticised the cleric in his Facebook posts that revealed the activities of the church.

He added that while he was in prison, he lost his business and his wife also left with their five children after being influenced by the church. 

He said, “I was ordained as a pastor in 2010. In 2014, I was posted to New Karu as the residence pastor. While I was there, we started a school. I wanted a school that would be almost free for church members but an instruction came from the headquarters that I should not run the school freely, so I had to stop the whole plan.

“I wrote on my Facebook post telling churches in Nigeria to encourage members’ development and also help members. I also wrote that Christians now celebrate pastors instead of focusing on Jesus and the teachings of the Bible.

“I later lost interest in the church, wrote a letter of resignation, it was accepted and I left. The pastor (Eneche) called me and was insulting me because I left the church. He sent his pastors to start calling my wife to pester me to return to the church.

“This put my family in disarray as my wife pestered me until I closed the ministry and ensured I returned to Dunamis Church. I left again, then suddenly things went rogue. A number called me that he needed my Uber service and we met unknowingly to me that they were police.

“They took me to Karu Police Station, saying that they arrested me because of what I wrote against Pastor Eneche.”

He added that he was moved to another police station in Abuja and the church insisted that he must be taken to court.

He was eventually charged to court and remanded in prison pending his bail application.

Daniel also said the church made false allegations while testifying in court, which made the judge send him to prison before he was granted another bail.

The newspaper in 2021 also reported how the Chairman of Benue State University Teaching Hospital and the father of Enenche’s wife, Becky, Professor John Ibu, was arraigned by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) for alleged N24.6 million fraud.

Checks by SaharaReporters revealed that Becky was formerly known as Rebecca Inyangbe Ibu before marriage.

On June 28, the EFCC announced that its Makurdi Zonal Office arraigned her father alongside one Chief Abukenchi Suleiman and his company, ADB Motors Venters Nigeria Limited before Justice Abdu Dogo of the Federal High Court sitting in Makurdi, Benue State.

They were arraigned on charges of conspiracy and obtaining N24, 650,000 (Twenty-Four Million, Six Hundred and Fifty Thousand Naira only) by false pretences.

The EFCC alleged that the duo obtained the said sum from the Benue State University Teaching Hospital under the guise of purchasing a Toyota Landcruiser Prado 2018 Model which was never bought.

The anti-corruption agency noted that the offence is contrary to Section 8(a) of the Advance Fee Fraud and Other Fraud Related Offences Act, 2006 and punishable under section 1(3) of the same Act.

Count one of the charge reads: “That you, Professor John Ibu, being the Board Chairman, Benue State University Teaching Hospital, you Chief Abukenchi Suleiman, being the Managing Director ADB Motors Ventures Nigeria Ltd and you, ADB Motors Ventures Nigeria Ltd sometime in July 2019 within the jurisdiction of this Honourable Court, with intent to defraud conspired amongst yourselves and obtained the sum of N24,650,000 (Twenty Four Million Six Hundred and Fifty Thousand Naira only) from the Benue State University Teaching Hospital Board for the purchase of a Toyota Landcruiser Prado 2018 Model under false pretences that you have the capacity to supply which pretence you knew was false and thereby committed an offence contrary to Section 8(a) of the Advance Fee Fraud and Other Fraud Related Offences Act, 2006 and punishable under section 1(3) of the same Act.”

Count two reads: “That you, Professor John Ibu, being the Board Chairman, Benue State University Teaching Hospital sometime in July 2019 within the jurisdiction of this Honourable Court, did use your position to confer an unfair advantage to yourself by collecting a bribe, to the tune of N10, 900,000 (Ten Million Nine Hundred Thousand Naira only), from one Chief Abukenchi Suleiman of ADB Motors Ventures Nig. Ltd, on behalf of Atirogo & Sons Enterprises, paid into Access Bank account Number 0049185884, a company you’re the Managing Director and thereby committed an offence, contrary to Section 19 of the Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Act 2000 and punishable under the same Act.”

However, the defendants pleaded “not guilty” to the charges preferred against them.

‘Aso Rock Cabal Has Signed A Document To Take Everything From Akwa Ibom’- Apostle Suleman Reveals

” The Cabal in ASO Rock has taken all that is owned in Akwa Ibom state in a document signed by the ” who is who” in the Federal Government, it has already been signed, it remains implementation, as I speak to you, nobody in the state knows, including the governor, soon Akwa Ibom may have nothing left, not even oil, no heritage for next generation, but we can pray and change it” Apostle Johnson Suleman prophesied.

The city of Uyo was on a standstill as Mboho Mpkarawa Ibibio Hall at Udo Udoma lane, Uyo, was filled to it’ s brim as the Restoration Apostle, Apostle, Prof Johnson Suleman, the Senior pastor of Omega Fire Ministry, caused trouble in the oil city of Uyo as expected.

In the year’ s program called ” Generational Impact” which is the Apostle’ s commitment to holding crusade in all Nigerian states, and also to meet up with the vision of the commission to connect 2 billion souls to God, it was Akwa Ibom’ s turn as the Apostle of Restoration was live in Uyo from 22nd to 23rd of June, evening and morning sessions respectively.

During the evening session of the meeting, the man of God highlighted a revelation he received from God as he slept, he said he saw the Cabal in Aso Rock take everything from the state and as he speaks, it was already signed in a document awaiting implementation.

Unlike other meetings, governor Emmanuel Udom was not there, speaking further, Apostle said, ” Me and the governor are neither friends nor enemies, so you can tell him if he cares”

As he concluded, he beckoned on the sons of the Prophets with host of other indigenes of the state to observe a fast for the state so that God will reverse it. The prayers was however taken the next morning session and the man of God prayed and declared words on the state as a father and cancelled it.

Housekeeper at the Lagos Continental Hotel has shown true honesty in his work – Returns bundles of dollar notes found in room to Management.

Obiefoh Sunday

– A young Nigeran worker, Obiefoh Sunday, found dollar notes left behind when he was cleaning the room

– Instead of keeping the money to himself, Sunday quickly reported the case to the hotel management

– Many people were impressed by his honesty as some people said they would like to reward him from their purses.

His boss, Muhammad Ashraf, on his LinkedIn page wrote about how the young man found some wads of US dollars in one of the rooms he went to clean after the guest had checked out.

The room cleaner was praised for his honest action. He would not enrich himself dishonestly

Immediately he saw the money, the cleaner alerted the hotel management of the situation and the money was quickly deposited into the organisation’s lost but found account.

Ashraf said he is really proud to have someone like Sunday on his team, revealing that his action made all of them happy.

Many praised him

The photo of Sunday shared on the platform had him posing with the dollar bills which had much of $100 notes.

As at the time of writing this report, the post has gathered hundreds of reactions from people who showered the cleaner with much praise.

Below are some of the reactions:

Diadem international said:

“Wow, Boss you’ve done so well to train people and they make you Proud. Obiefor Sunday thank you for your honesty. Muhammad Ashraf We Promise to reward him in our own little way before the 5th June 2021.”

Ibine Victor said:

“I’m super excited that we still have good people in housekeeping. May God continue to bless you.”

Gerry Mcblain said:

“Well done to the young man, Sunday, but you say the money has been deposited in the lost and found, has the individual and rightful owner who left it there been contacted?”

Felix Ulaikere said:

“Well-done Sunday… I know you are the best. Right from our previous place of work he has always be honest to things he does. God bless you.”

Another Nigerian shows honesty
Meanwhile, another Nigerian man has been hailed on social media for displaying honesty after finding a wallet with a huge sum of money belonging to a bus passenger

The passenger identified as Nonso Oguejiofor took to his Facebook page to narrate how he lost his wallet in a bus on his way home.

According to Nonso, he realised that his wallet was missing when he was about boarding a tricycle to his house after alighting from one of the buses he boarded earlier.

Source :@ibysonmails

As many countries are protesting against Israel, Imam of Peace says Jerusalem belongs to the Jews

The revered Islamic cleric Mohammed Tawhidi, popularly known as Imam of Peace has taken to his verified Twitter handle to talk about the ongoing crisis between Israel, Palestine and Gaza.

According to the Imam, Jerusalem which is the land in dispute between the two nations does not belong to the Arabs but to the Jews.

His tweet reads: If Israelis take an inch of land from Mecca or Medina, I will be the first to oppose them because the land belongs to the Arabs but as they want their own land back, it is only a dishonest crook and lying thief that would deny them their right of return. Jerusalem is not ours and never was.

Israel and Palestine has fought series of wars over the ownership of Jerusalem. Presently, there is an ongoing war between the two countries which has claimed many lives and led to wanton destruction of properties.

Your opinion on what the Imam said counts…

A woman can ask a man out, the bible approves of it – Pastor Abel Damina

Pastor AAbel Damina

“Can a woman ask a man out?” This is a trending question; one many people have argued about. Is it in the place of a woman or rather, is it right for a woman to ask a man out or propose to him? Must the proposal come from the man? Outside the shores of Africa women see it as no big deal to ask a man out and but in Africa, many people still find it difficult to agree with such concept.

Speaking in a viral video addressing one of the most controversial issues in Africa, is Dr. Abel Damina who is the pastor and founder of the Abel Damina Ministries and Power City International. He is one of the most respected Nigerian pastors and host of the regular TV and radio program, Righteous Invasion Of Truth [R.I.O.T.].

Here is everything Pastor Abel Damina said;

“Who told you, you must marry? Apostle Paul didn’t marry and he said his crown is laid up in heaven. Who told you you’re growing old? Who is talking to you? Who are you listening to? Look at yourself in Christ. Don’t be desperate for marriage, don’t be. Wait on the Lord. Wait patiently and while you’re waiting get busy with soul winning, get busy with impact. When you’re busy you won’t remember time. It is idleness that makes you count your age. Who said you must marry at 25? Who said so? Where is it in the Bible?

There are people that married at 50 and they are enjoying. There are people that married at 23 and they are divorced three times. Wait, don’t let Africa mentality destroy your senses. I was telling my wife yesterday, I saw a place in the Bible where a lady is free to approach a man. The Bible approves a woman to approach or propose to a man. If you like a brother, walk to him and say, “I want to marry you, since you have been wasting time.” You can approach a man and say, “Come brother, it’s like you’re not seeing, look again, God is a good God, I think we can make a home together, receive sight”. There are some brothers, until a sister look at them and breath on them, they will not marry till they die.”

Feminism in marriage is not God’s word – Pastor Mildred Okonkwo warns married women.

Pastor Mildred Okonkwo

Mildred Kingsley-Okonkwo is the Associate Senior pastor of David’s Christian Centre, and an author. She is a firm believer in the fact that as a woman, you can have it all. She is married to Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo, Senior pastor of David’s Christian Centre and host of popular TV program: Love, Dating and Marriage. 

Here is everything Pastor Mildred Kingsley said in the video:

“Feminism in marriage is rubbish. Feminism in marriage is not God’s word. You can be doing your feminism in the office because if you are a woman and you work like a man, you should earn like a man but in marriage there is only one head and you have the first right of choice.

So if you choose the man, then you should submit to him. So, don’t practice feminism in marriage, God is against it. What you really should do is to choose well. When God’s word says something, do it.

If God’s word says submit, then submit. If God’s word says respect, then respect. If God’s word says love, then love and don’t be carried away by what’s happening out there.

The word of God will only change your marriage if you put it to work. Social media trends should not be your standards, be careful who you allow to speak into your marriage, home and family. The word of God should be your first, last and final authority in your life.”

Death of Kaduna varsity students: God will hold men of God who brought Buhari to power accountable

Death of Kaduna varsity students: God will hold men of God who brought Buhari to power accountable – Pastor Giwa

From Bamigbola Gbolagunte, Akure

Senior pastor of Awaiting The Second Coming Of Christ Ministry, Akure, Adewale Giwa has come after some religious leaders who supported President Muhammadu Buhari’s election in 2015 and 2019, saying God will hold them responsible for the current woes of the country.

The cleric who invoked curses upon the enemies of good people of Nigeria while addressing his members on Sunday, noted that some men of God who worked for the emergence of All Progressives Congress (APC) in 2015 have decided to remain silent in the face of injustice.

The fierce cleric said God will hold the men of God who worked for the election and re-election of Buhari accountable if they continue to keep silent, while the wicked continue with their wickedness.

He said, “Samuel pronounced and anointed Saul as the king of Israel. When Saul went astray, it was the same Samuel who confronted and told him that God had rejected him as king. Where are those who brought President Buhari to power? Why would they continue to watch the wicked rejoice over the people?

“What has come over them? Why can’t they speak out against evil, injustice and oppression? haven’t they heard from God?

“May the enemies of Nigeria don’t know peace for the rest of their lives in Jesus name. Woe to the wicked! Disaster is upon them, and they will be paid back for what their hands have done.

“Woe to him who builds a city with bloodshed and finds a town with violence. Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; Who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness; who substitute bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!

“How can a president who is really proactive be watching while criminals take over his government? Why must you wait for issues to happen before you react? Who does that?

“Can anyone be happy to see or hear that his children have been maimed, displayed and killed by bandits?

“Why are you running away from what can permanently solve the nation’s challenges? He has refused to change that evill 1999 constitution, he abandons 2014 comfab report, no restructuring and he is saying Nigeria should not disintegrate.

“Tell him that people will go by force, by fire. Open your mouth and tell the devil that ‘you can’t hold me down.’

“Whatever holding Nigeria down is hereby broken into pieces in Jesus name. A new name shall be given soon and the devil will be put to shame.

“If president Buhari refuses to divide Nigeria, the country will divide herself. Anybody who loves him should tell the president that he should allow Nigerians to go their different ways,” he added.

Source: The Sun News

Have You No Shame…” A Mother Reacts After Daughter Told Her She Is Looking For A Sugar Daddy

The tendency of young women dating older men for financial gain is not new in the world. While the name has changed from sugar daddy to sponsor recently, the act remains the same.

A young lady planning to date an old man will never tell her parents about the arrangement. However, a Kenyan radio presenter Natalie Githinji has gone viral for the same. She was jokingly informing her mother that she is looking for a sugar daddy. Mike Sonko, the ex-Nairobi Governor shared the conversation online, however, it has since gone viral.

The video shows Natalie setting up the camera before telling her mother. She then proceeds to say that she wants to date an older, moneyed man.

From the onset, you can clearly tell she wanted to capture her mother’s reaction to this very sensitive topic.

“Mum, I am looking for an old man with money, a potbelly, houses and vehicles. That is the type of man I want in my life…A man who can keep me,”she says.

The mother soon replied; “Keeping you what? Is there anything else you are thinking of aside from money?”

Like the mother’s straight reaction wasn’t enough, the lady further went on to say;

“He should be around 50 or 70 years old,”

The lady continues by saying she has a money problem. In a rejoinder, the mother tells her to instead look for a young boyfriend so they can build themselves up together.

The mother went to decried the high expectations young girls have of men nowadays.

“Have you no shame saying you are looking for a rich, older man? Can’t you look for a young man to start building with? The high expectations you young ladies have are the reason why some of you go crazy. You find a young woman who has not even given birth appearing even older than me because the brain is idle, building castles in the air. When you see a fancy car, you want to own it yet you have no means. You want to be sponsored, are you Kenya? Do you want sponsorship to build a road?”the angry mother responds.

Here are some of the reactions:

Samuel De Phineas:“It’s so sad to see that most of the relationships are based on wealth and riches ….nowadays true love is rare to find.”

MK Kibe:“The mother answered her candidly!”

Emilly Kimweru:“Kenya we are sponsored. Mum of the day!”

Sos Tioko Faulu:“It is just for fun and educational, no hard feelings people.”

Vallerierose Vall:“Money is not everything, true love en peace of mind very important.”

A Young Woman Talked Rudely To An Old Man In Flight And What Happened Later Is A Lesson To Us All

A friend narrated an incident to me, it was an incident that she witnessed in a flight, from New York to London when she was traveling to London for her Masters.

In her words, A beautiful young lady was also in the flight, she was also traveling from New York to London. The journey was going to be a long journey.

Picture ; for illustration purpose!

As the boarding of the flight started, everyone got up on the plane. As the young lady reached her seat, she saw an elderly man sitting in her seat and she said rudely; “Mister, this is my seat that you’re sitting on, can’t you read your boarding pass properly?” The old man rechecked his boarding pass and said; “I’m truly sorry, I am traveling on a plane for the first time, can you tell me where’s my seat? My old eyes can’t read properly”.

The young lady then took the boarding pass from the man’s hand and said; “You’re sitting in the seat next to mine, kindly move!”. The young lady sat beside the elderly man. 

The man was not wearing classy clothes, he was clearly poor and was not accustomed to the flight services. He didn’t even know how to put on a seat belt. The old man felt uncomfortable in his seat, so he tried to indulge in a conversation with the young lady. 

“I’m traveling for the first time, my son drives a cab in London and he’s..”. The young lady didn’t let the old man finish his sentence and she said rudely; “Did I ask you, mister? No one is interested in you or your son”. 

The young lady felt disgusted by the old man. As the flight was just about to go off, the old man started coughing, the lady had had enough of it. So she called the flight attendant and said; “Please find me another seat immediately!” ” I can’t seat beside this man”.

The flight attendant had a look at the man for once and said; “what’s the issue here ma’am? Is there any problem I can help you with?”. The young lady replied, ” Can’t you see for yourself the problem here?”. “I don’t want to sit next to this worthless Bum”.

The flight attendant was shocked by the woman’s rude behaviour. She said very calmly and softly, “Mam! The economy cabin is already full, and there are no seat left mam”. 

The woman then replied the flight attendant, ” I do not care! Then find me a seat in business class”. The elderly was just man starring in disbelief. The flight attendant then responded, “I’ll talk to the Captain about this”.

The flight attendant went to the Captain and told the whole story. Upon hearing the attendant’s story, the Captain said, “this is the first time I’ve encountered this issue”. ‘I have a plan”. The captain told the flight attendant about his plan.

The flight attendant went back to the seat where the young lady and the old man was sitting and said, “The Captain said we could give a seat in the First Class, he also apologized that you had to travel with such a terrible person”. 

When the young lady was about to rise from her seat, the flight attendant reached out her arm towards the poor elderly man and said, “Sir, will you please follow me?” The old man went up and sat in the First Class and the whole plane applauded to it. 

Moral Lesson

Never look down on other people, no matter what you have achieved in life, stay humble.