Checkout Photos of Nollywood Actresses Flaunting Their Figures In Lovely Bikinis.

Most of the actresses we have in the movie industry are blessed and endowed with hourglass figures.

Some of them got their body through surgery, while others are naturally endowed.

Check out some of the actresses who flaunt their beautiful figures in their lovely bikini.


The 39 years old Nollywood actress, model, and brand ambassador, with over 11.3 million followers, rocked this Tommy Hilfiger bikini perfectly.


Regina Daniel is an actress and a wife to Ned Nwoko, a Nigerian billionaire. The 20-year-old actress who recently gave birth to a son keeps showing us her killer curves in this lovely bikini.


She is an actress rumored to had gone under the knife to get her curvy body.

The 35 years has set the internet ablaze with her bikini photoshoot.


This 32 years old actress, is blessed with a gorgeous body, and she loves flaunting it.

She wore a see-through bikini with a sexy posture.


The 44-year-old actress and influencer shared cute photos of herself, in a swimsuit.


She is an actress, entertainer , author and chef, with over 1 million followers on Instagram.

She recently shared this photos of herself, in bikini when she went for a vacation in turkey.


The newly married actress shared cute photos of herself in a bikini.




Destiny Etiko

VIDEO: Busty bridesmaid in viral video speaks up.

The busty bridesmaid, whose video went viral a week ago after her ‘booby dance’ caught the attention of all guests, has recounted the harrowing experience the encounter has caused her.

The lady who simply identified herself as Debo Dacosta rocked a sleeveless gown that barely covered her bosom to a weekend where she was also one of the selected maids of honour.

Trouble, however, started when the bride hit the dance floor supported by her bridesmaids.

A heavily-endowed Dacosta threw caution to the wind and started gyrating wildly as the bewildered guests at the party sat watching her booby dance with keen interest.

Shortly after the video went viral, a troubled Dacosta disclosed that she encountered a lot of resentment and public disgrace from her family and those acquainted with her.

According to correspondence reports, Dacosta’s mother wept bitterly while her brother, obviously still reeling from the shock, vowed not to talk to her again.

Speaking further, Dacosta remarked that she still does not understand why people are so upset about the dress.

In her defence, she reiterated that the video went viral because she was busty and people easily noticed that.

Dacosta also insisted that although the party was a family event, she would not hesitate to rock a similar outfit to any other party.

In her words,

“I will dress the same way, for me to wear it to my family party definitely I’ll wear it to your own party too.

“Anybody can wear that dress, its because I’m busty that’s why they are shouting. If it was one celebrity that’s putting on that dress they wont say anything… What I was putting on is not bad.

“My brother called and was so angry, he was like he wont even talk to me again”.

Watch the video below;

Clergyman Sets Beauty Queen On Fire In Church Claiming God Asked Him To Do So- The Story Will Marvel You

Pandemonium ensued at Celestial Church of Christ (CCC) on Unity Street in Abule- Egba, Lagos, when a prophet set a member ablaze during service with the claim that, God asked him to do so

The victim, whose was identified as Madam Bosede, is currently nursing the pain in the Korle- Bu Teaching hospital.

It was gathered that the prophet in his sermon claimed he got a revelation that God was in their midst and He God ordered him to do so to glorify his name, adding that if the woman was set ablaze she would not suffer burns as said in his vision.

The victim, Madam Bosede, who joined the church a month ago told The Nation yesterday: ” Our prophet said the spirit of God whispered to him that, ” I would not burn if he sets me on fire. When I came out, they poured kerosene on my body and set me ablaze. But, unfortunately, I was burnt beyond recognition and before the other church members could get water, the deed had already been done. “

However, the cleric claimed that he clearly heard a voice instructing him to set a member on fire to prove and confirm that God was in their midst.

” I heard the voice clearly, but I don’ t know what happened after we set fire on her. God has been speaking to me since and it has been working, so I wonder why now, ” he said.

Some members, however, left the church, doubting their prophet’ s credibility, adding: ” We cannot worship here again, who knows who the spirit will ask him to burn next. “

A resident, Irene Ohekina said, ” I don’ t pity her; she was the one who allowed herself to be deceived by the prophet. Why did the prophet not try the fire on himself or any of his family members? “

A whole lot of laughable comments was whispered among the church members where majority claimed to stop the church for what has happened for no one knows who will be next to be burnt.

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Checkout Old and Recent Photos of Ex BBNaija star, Ifuennada Showing Her Body Transformation

It is no longer news that Big Brother Naija has been a popular show which tends to producing numerous stylish guys and ladies consistently irrespective of how entertaining the series is. Ever since 2006 when the BBNaija show commenced in this country, we have been seeing some gorgeous folks that began their fashion life during the show and are not thinking of stopping thereafter, and one of them is Reality TV Star, Ifuennada.

This Ex BBN star was born in Abia State on the 23rd of July as published,  was one of the 20 Housemates who went for the Season 3 of the Big brother Naija TV series but was surprisingly evicted from the show after emerging as one with the lowest percentage votes marking the end of their game. 

After several rumours or information of her spending her time and money on her Now-reformed-body, the top-notch actress confirmed this year in a viral post of herself that she really did spent money on her self and would continue to do that since she has the money; and she doesn’t care what anyone says about her. 

Below are some of her old pictures that will leave you wondering how she had her body transformed after some of her recent pictures surfaced online. 

After the body transformation, the BBNaija star since then has changed dramatically over the years and below are some of her new pictures of her flaunting her body. 

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Tiwa Savage Fuels More Pregnancy Rumors after sharing these new Photos Looking All Different

Nigerian songstress, actress, and brand influencer Tiwa Savage has shared new photos of herself on her social media page fueling more pregnancy rumors.

It would be recalled that a Nigerian blogger Cutie Juls disclosed that the mother of one, Tiwa Savage is pregnant for one of the DMW Crew members, Obama DMW. It was later rumored and alleged by Instagram blogger Cutie Julls that Tiwa Savage and Obama DMW are in a serious relationship. A secret relationship that was being hidden from the public eye.

A few days later, He disclosed that a close source has revealed that Tiwa Savage’s pregnancy with Obama DMW has been miscarried. The blogger however didn’t disclose how Tiwa Savage lost the baby along the way.

On the other hand, the fans of Tiwa Savage wondered how the duo became lovers. Some fans of Tiwa Savage expressed their disappointments in their artist on her choice of man. Many were of the opinion that Tiwa Savage deserves better.

In a recent Instagram post, Tiwa Savage has served it hot for her fans and followers with new sultry photos which have caused a stir on social media. Tiwa Savage looked different in the photos. It could be noticed that the songstress has increased in weight fueling the rumors about the pregnancy with her new photos shared on social media.

See photos below

See some reactions below:

@bayojay wrote “That pregnancy glow … she looks amazing”

@queennze124 wrote “She’s definitely pregnant”

@niisked_interiors wrote “Swollen nose, another sign of Pregnancy . Congrats girl you rock”

@freakybymidnight_ wrote “She don enter 9months assignment oh”

@ruthohiz wrote “She’s looking chubby, babe really rested well”

@debbie_adaorah wrote “She added weight but still very pretty”

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‘Every Movie Producer Wanted To See Colour Of My Panties’ – Igbojionu Nancy Laments

Budding Nigerian actress, Nancy Igbojionu has shared some of her challenges plying her trade as an up and coming actress in Nollywood.

Nancy Igbojionu who had an interview recently reported by Kemi Filani revealed that almost every director and producer wants to see the color of her pant before giving her a role in their movies.

According to her, this trend makes her feel very worthless as filmmakers do not look at what she can do with her talent but only have an interest in her kpekus.

My challenges coming up was that everybody wanted to see the colour of my panties with the promise that they will make me a star. Of course, it made me feel worthless, like all they want is just the pant, and not what I have to offer, my talent”.

Sharing her bad sex experience, the script interpreter said:

“I don’t experience bad sex because my man crush is so yummy on the bed. I have experienced bad sex once; it was not good at all.”

How Ned Nwoko Allegedly Shed Tears After Discovering Regina Daniel Was Reportedly Having An Affair With Her Female Friend

It’ s all over the net that Regina Daniel might be practicing lesbianism with her close friend Casie.

Actress Regina Daniels’ friend, Casie is alleged to be a lesbian and reportedly dated Regina for a long time as lesbians.

Cassie confirmed this months back when she shared a photo of Regina on her page with the rainbow sign.

According to reports, Regina Daniels and Cassie Snow were very close friends that practically lived like sisters but ended their relationship for reasons yet to be known.

This report also gathered that the discovery of such a relationship reportedly made Regina’ s husband, ” Pa Ned shed tears in his own home.

It’ s very unfortunate for Mr. Ned Nwoko that his beautiful damsel Regina Daniel is discovered to be Bi

Gina being Bi is not an issue. It’ s normal. It’ s her choice but it would be very painful after the old man spent a lot just to win Regina Daniels, heart, only to find out she is cheating on him with one small girl.

But the good news is that Cassie has been uprooted from Regina Daniels’ s life.

According to the source, The alleged ex- girlfriend of Regina Daniels, Casie Snow has found love again after her rumored break up with Regina.

Casie the alleged lesbian who has confirmed it with her new post showing off her new babe saying she’ s crazy and she (Salwa) is insane.

This is serious, it’ s very unfortunate and sinful that God created a man and a woman to be together but the world has turned upside down where the same s3x have fun with each other.

If you indulge in such activity I urge you to stop and abstain from it because it would only destroy you.

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Ms Spikes, Dangote’s Alleged Mistress Faces Eviction from US Appartment

Ms Spikes
Dangote’s ex-girlfriend evicted from U.S. apartment for owing six months rent
Ms Spikes grappled with an accumulated rent arrears of $13,230 for half of last year despite being a girlfriend of Africa’s richest man at the time.

Despite being a girlfriend of Aliko Dangote, Africa’s richest man, Autumn Spikes got evicted from her North Miami apartment in Florida, U.S., after piling up unpaid rent for six months in 2020,

Ms Spikes and Mr Dangote dated secretly for nearly 10 years until recently when the business mogul broke up with her and subsequently sued her in a court in Florida for allegedly trying to extort $5million from him.

Africa's richest man, Alike Dangote

But while the affair was going on fine most of last year, Ms Spikes was grappling with accumulated rent arrears of $13,230 for the months of March to August 2020, court documents.

The landlord of the property, The Shoreline at SoleMia, 2301 Laguna Circle, North Miami, Florida, issued Ms Spikes with a 30-day ‘Pay or Vacate’ notice on August 5.

Ms Spikes neither paid the debt nor vacated her apartment number 1708.

After the expiration of the 30-day notice, the landlord, on September 19, 2020, filed an eviction suit against her at a Miami Dade County court, in Florida,  the same court where Mr Dangote would later sue her in January.

The complaint, notice of debt, the lease and other documents filed as exhibits by Ms Spikes’ landlord in the suit that is now closed.

The landlord’s complaint in the eviction suit reads in part, “Plaintiff owns or is the lessor of the real property, the premises:

“The Shoreline at SoleMia, 2301 Laguna Circle Apt 1708, North Miami, FL 33181.

“Tenant retains possession of the premises under a written lease requiring rent of $2,215.00 per month to be paid the first of each month.

“A copy of relevant portions of the lease is attached hereto and incorporated herein as plaintiff’s Exhibit A.

“Tenant failed to pay rent for March, April, May, June, July and August.

“Tenant owes plaintiff rent the months stated in paragraph 6 herein in the total sum of $13,230.00

“Plaintiff served tenant notice to pay or vacate the premises on August 5, 2020 as shown by copy or copies of the notice(s) attached here to and incorporated herein as plaintiff’s Exhibit (s) B, but tenant refuses to do either.

“In accordance with Fla. Stat. (Florida Statutes) Section 83.60(2), if tenant fails to deposit the sum of $13,230.00 in the court registry, plus rent which accrued during the pendency of this action, then plaintiff is entitled to a default judgment for removal of tenant and to recover a judgment for rent due and owing costs in accordance with Fla. Stat. Sections 83.59 and 83.625.

“Failure of tenant to pay rent as due caused plaintiff to retain undersigned counsel and incur reasonable attorney’s fees and costs, which tenant should pay pursuant to Flat. Stat. Sec 83.48 and the lease.

“Wherefore, plaintiff demands judgment for possession of the premises, rent, due, court costs and attorney’s fees against the defendant and other available remedies in accordance with Fla. Stat. Section 83.625 and for such other relief this court deems just and proper.”

Ms Spikes serially unreachable

Ms Spikes’ consistent absence from the apartment could be gleaned from the affidavits of failed service deposed to by court officers throughout the period the suit lasted.

Ms Spikes

The period of her accumulated rent and the court action coincided with the grim period of COVID-19 and attendant restrictions last year.

All attempts to have Ms Spikes personally served with the documents issued at every stage of the suit failed.

For instance, the court’s process server made two failed attempts to serve Ms Spikes with the ‘Residential Eviction Summons’ and the landlord’s complaint on Ms Spikes on September 23and 24.

In an affidavit of ‘Return of Service’, a process server said after the two attempted service, she had to “post by attaching the true copy” of the documents “to a conspicuous place of the property” close to Ms Spikes’ residence.

As there was no response from Ms Spikes, the landlord on October 10, filed a motion for default judgment, a request for the court to deliver its verdict based on the plaintiff’s claims alone.

On October 21, the court delivered a default judgment in favour of the plaintiff.

The court, on October 24, issued a ‘Writ of Possession’ commanding the Sheriffs of the court “to remove all persons” from the apartment and restore possession of the apartment to the plaintiff “after 24 hours notice conspicuously pasted on the premises.”

But the Sheriffs said an attempt to serve Ms Spikes with the writ of possession failed.

Ms Spikes packs out

However, on October 30, 2020, the landlord’s lawyer wrote the Sheriff Department applying for the cancellation of the writ of possession on the grounds that “tenant vacated.”

External view of the North Miami house

Ms Spikes did not file any response in the suit when the suit was declared closed by the court.

Between Spikes and Dangote

Mr Dangote is currently embroiled in a legal battle with Ms Spikes following a dispute over the monetary terms of a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) demanded by Africa’s wealthiest man after breaking up with her former girlfriend.

Mr Dangote filed the libel suit on January 20 about 19 days after Ms Spikes posted a video clip through a January 1 Instagram post showing her seated beside the Nigerian businessman with part of his buttocks revealed to viewers.

He alleged in his suit that Ms Spikes threatened to launch “an onslaught” of exposing his “family and private” and social media and media talk shows if he failed to pay her $5million.

Ms Spikes, in an Instagram post, denied issuing such threats even as she said she  had rejected $15,000 and $2,500 “insultingly” offered her by Mr Dangote in exchange for an NDA over their affair.

Our correspondent gathered that Mr Dangote, through his U.S based lawyers, recently applied to the Miami-Dade County court where he filed his libel suit,  to issue a gag order against Ms Spikes.

The court has tentatively fixed February 9 for the hearing of Mr Dangote’s preliminary petition.

See What Nengi Did That Got Elites Dragging Her

The reality TV star, Nengi Rebecca Hampson has been dragged again by Erica’s fans, known as Elites on social media saying she does not practice what she preaches.

It seems the Elites have started releasing Laycon’s name off their mouths and now channelling their energy more on dragging the beautiful BBNaija ex-housemate, Nengi.

They have been dragging the beautiful BBNaija star, Nengi for the past few days nonstop saying a lot of awful things about her.

Hours ago, one of Erica’s diehard fan took to his Instagram page to share a screenshot of Nengi following a Kayanmata brand alongside a screenshot of a news about Nengi saying she rejected an endorsement deal from the brand because her moral foundation won’t let her be in tandem with such aphrodisiac brand.

The Elite whose account name is Truth Icon in his post said she contradicts herself a lot during interviews, and that’s common in people who lie a lot.

See the post and some comments from the Elites below.

I Need A Man Ready To Take Me To Mama This Year : Lady

A lady on Twitter is in serious need of marriage.

If you are a guy and in serious need of marriage, look no further as a tweep Shola Omotola has got you covered.

She openly announced that she is in dire need of a man who can take her to his mother this year.

According to her, interested persons can slide into her DM and leave their application there.

Looking at how beautiful she is, many guys showed interest. However, she would be taken as seriously as she wants if she isn’t a slay queen but instead, a wife material.

You can also shoot your shot.

See below.

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