Spiritual Intelligence and You

Train yourself to spiritual intelligence,don’t leave your life to chance.
A negative atmosphere is real! I have walked in it, so I can tell,
call it bad luck or misfortune.

Most people come from backgrounds where possibilities for success do not exist but through the operation of anointing somethings comes upon the lives of such people. A mantle or a mandate. This is how creation responds to us in different ways.

There are lives that will never rise until the right things are put in their rightful places.

When someone speaks negativity into you, don’t be ignorant about it. He or she is speaking from the strength of some kind of program.
Find out what the manipulating reality is and the key to change it.

Wicked and Unreasonable people do not speak out of ignorance.
Especially when someone is speaking to you from your village, don’t just say “it won’t happen” , Positive Confession is not enough. The Reality is attached to time. Sustenance of spiritual intelligence makes you superior to the other.

If that wonderful person says to you “Over my death body will you succeed” if you don’t know what to do that’s when you go panicking. Wicked people announce what they have finished even through their agents masquerading themselves as Prophets and seers in Man built temples. The saying “God forbid” does not count. Everything in your life has a representation in the realm of the spirit.

The spirits know the Laws that are working. In most environments that you walk into; in certain places, from opening prayer to the grace in fellowship you find instantaneous changes.

This is because they’re able to manipulate higher Laws of life to bring those changes. Even without your Prayers, Tithing, Offering, talking into being, you find certain things happening. It is based on the Covenant of that environment.

There are higher 👆 spiritual Laws contending against others. Most times you walked into such environments with pain in your body and left without such. In most cases on getting home the pain returns that is a sign that something needs to happen permanently in your life.

You have a responsibility to keep your breakthrough. No matter how born again you could be, the devil can still use you as rag if you lack a sound mind. Your level of enlightenment determines your Altitude.

2 Corinthians 4:18 says “While we look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen: for the things which are seen are temporal; but the things which are not seen”

Usually you say :
I Want money in my bank account
I need a Job
I need a good home
I need a Companion
In this greedy world, who taught you its that easy?
Why do we experience misfortunes in our lives?
Why is it that things are not working well in our families? 🤔

If nothing is working, it is because nothing has not been done in the right direction.

It is the will of God for you to triumph in this half of the year and every opposing force must give way in Jesus name, Amen

They are people the moment money enters their pockets, another Law picks it. The pocket is like a hole..

If you are experiencing such, say this prayer: In the name of Jesus, I take responsibility for creating the realities of things in my life, circumstances will not determine the outcome of my life, I will harness them to my advantage in Jesus name. Amen

If You desire a change, don’t just sit down 👇 and say “one day he go better” . You need help 😣 ;Helpers don’t arise like that, they are called. Don’t leave your life to chance. Chains have to fall off your head.
Declare to yourself : If i am not part of the programming, I can’t be a victim of the manifestation. Dont say “if God wants it”.
Arise and take full responsibility of your life

I believe in vengeance. The Bible says in Isaiah 63:4 KJV
For the day of vengeance is in mine heart, and the year of my redeemed is come.

The keys to this mastery of Spiritual Intelligence include ;
Prayer :
James 5:16 The effective prayer of the righteousness is dynamic in it’s working especially if the prayer is initiated by the Spirit of God himself and not just at your usual time
If you pray when there is an urge to pray the spirit of God searches the heart of God for you. Prayer is a mystery that can help you reprogram reality.

Sacrifice can equally reprogram your life. In Psalms 50 :5.
It took sacrifice to place your family in that state.
It’s not necessarily a sacrifice of finance.

It could be a sacrifice of praise, dance, honor, seed🌱
Don’t steal from the house of God: Remember Gehazi who carried Leprosy.

Issac, when he wanted to release a blessing on Esau asked for Venison
Appreciate little gift given to you by God”s servant if any, place a value on it. It is meant to reprogram your life.

Most time you have terrible experience because of who you met.as Men of God. Pay attention to how your environment treats you spiritually.

Be careful who Lays hands on you. I have seen Pastors, Prophets, Deacons and Deaconess lay hands on the people and took away their glory, most times they took away their grace leaving them in shame. Satan is a smart businessman, he does nothing for free.

Flee from every appearance of evil 😈. Your body is God’s temple, they are unethical practices you should avoid.

Identify a need in line with God’s word and meet in the house of God, in your environment and even societally. It should be done according to his leading and your ability. God sees your heart ♥

Prophecy can change situations when done properly
One of the benefits of being in the house of God is to avail yourself of Prophecy to intercept the undesirable things in your life
When you are in the right environment you triumph.

A little Prophetic guidance will break you out of some Levels
1 Samuel 9, 10
For deliverance to happen, There has to be a level grace upon that Man of God (Minister)

The grace to pray and reprogram your life is available, it is not automatic, you need to pray to bring down his glory. If you do nothing, you get nothing, anointing doesn’t just come to you. It is provoked. You can easily pray your way out of every curse, out of every limitation using the name of Jesus

If you earnestly desire this higher life,
Then Pray/Declare:
■In the name of Jesus, 2× Every limitation placed over my life, placed over my destiny, l reprogram you now
●Oh God of heaven, the father of spirits remove every embargo manipulated by preisthood over my life, over my Career, over my marriage, over my business, on my ministry, over my Children.
●In the name of Jesus, every door, every gate in the realm of the spirit assigned to open for my good that has been closed, I prophesy upon you be opened now
●Door of the next Chapter of Breakthrough, I realign you
●In the name of Jesus, I speak to Spirits, I speak to covenants, I speak altars holding my life, holding my destiny, by the Covenant of the blood release my destiny now.
●In the name of Jesus, every physical reality reoccurring in my life that I do not like what ever programed you in the realm of the spirit, I cancel that programming now
●In the name of Jesus I declare that every element of the supernatural that has been hijacked by the power of darkness to work against me, I come against you with the wrath of a higher priesthood, I stop your operations now.
●In the name of Jesus, any spiritual and human agents who are in partnership to fight me, I release Judgment against you.

●In the name of Jesus, Oh earth hear the word of the Lord, oh wind hear the word of the Lord, I declare to all the elements of the supernatural; bring my breakthrough, bring my blessings, bring my favor, I speak to the earth, I provoke my Portion. 
●In the name of Jesus, I speak to my helpers, every Law, stopping you from coming to my help, I release you now, manifest in my life 
●  In the name of Jesus, Covenants associated with my family, every altar associated with the pains of my family, as an Ambassador, I stand on behalf of my love ones and I cancell those ordinances. (Ordinances of death, badluck, poverty... Negative ordinances). 
●In the name of Jesus, Father visit and break negative patterns, repeated negative patterns of my life . 
●Every negative voice that speaks to my spirit making me believe it is the voice of God, be silenced 

I challenged every Anti-Christ voice mascurading as the holy Ghost giving you instructions, misleading your spirit, activating wrong laws to act against you, I release Judgment upon it now.

I Command that blinding spirit to leave you now… In Jesus Name
I prophesy upon your life, carry favor in Jesus name… Amen