‘Aso Rock Cabal Has Signed A Document To Take Everything From Akwa Ibom’- Apostle Suleman Reveals

” The Cabal in ASO Rock has taken all that is owned in Akwa Ibom state in a document signed by the ” who is who” in the Federal Government, it has already been signed, it remains implementation, as I speak to you, nobody in the state knows, including the governor, soon Akwa Ibom may have nothing left, not even oil, no heritage for next generation, but we can pray and change it” Apostle Johnson Suleman prophesied.

The city of Uyo was on a standstill as Mboho Mpkarawa Ibibio Hall at Udo Udoma lane, Uyo, was filled to it’ s brim as the Restoration Apostle, Apostle, Prof Johnson Suleman, the Senior pastor of Omega Fire Ministry, caused trouble in the oil city of Uyo as expected.

In the year’ s program called ” Generational Impact” which is the Apostle’ s commitment to holding crusade in all Nigerian states, and also to meet up with the vision of the commission to connect 2 billion souls to God, it was Akwa Ibom’ s turn as the Apostle of Restoration was live in Uyo from 22nd to 23rd of June, evening and morning sessions respectively.

During the evening session of the meeting, the man of God highlighted a revelation he received from God as he slept, he said he saw the Cabal in Aso Rock take everything from the state and as he speaks, it was already signed in a document awaiting implementation.

Unlike other meetings, governor Emmanuel Udom was not there, speaking further, Apostle said, ” Me and the governor are neither friends nor enemies, so you can tell him if he cares”

As he concluded, he beckoned on the sons of the Prophets with host of other indigenes of the state to observe a fast for the state so that God will reverse it. The prayers was however taken the next morning session and the man of God prayed and declared words on the state as a father and cancelled it.