Clergyman Sets Beauty Queen On Fire In Church Claiming God Asked Him To Do So- The Story Will Marvel You

Pandemonium ensued at Celestial Church of Christ (CCC) on Unity Street in Abule- Egba, Lagos, when a prophet set a member ablaze during service with the claim that, God asked him to do so

The victim, whose was identified as Madam Bosede, is currently nursing the pain in the Korle- Bu Teaching hospital.

It was gathered that the prophet in his sermon claimed he got a revelation that God was in their midst and He God ordered him to do so to glorify his name, adding that if the woman was set ablaze she would not suffer burns as said in his vision.

The victim, Madam Bosede, who joined the church a month ago told The Nation yesterday: ” Our prophet said the spirit of God whispered to him that, ” I would not burn if he sets me on fire. When I came out, they poured kerosene on my body and set me ablaze. But, unfortunately, I was burnt beyond recognition and before the other church members could get water, the deed had already been done. “

However, the cleric claimed that he clearly heard a voice instructing him to set a member on fire to prove and confirm that God was in their midst.

” I heard the voice clearly, but I don’ t know what happened after we set fire on her. God has been speaking to me since and it has been working, so I wonder why now, ” he said.

Some members, however, left the church, doubting their prophet’ s credibility, adding: ” We cannot worship here again, who knows who the spirit will ask him to burn next. “

A resident, Irene Ohekina said, ” I don’ t pity her; she was the one who allowed herself to be deceived by the prophet. Why did the prophet not try the fire on himself or any of his family members? “

A whole lot of laughable comments was whispered among the church members where majority claimed to stop the church for what has happened for no one knows who will be next to be burnt.

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