“Let My Wife Come Home’: President Biden Says His Wife Spending Too Much Time With Navajo Nation

Jill Biden travelled to Arizona and then to Navajo territory on Thursday in order to discuss recovery from the pandemic with tribal leaders – but it seems that she is needed back at the White House, as the president misses his wife and can’t stand spending a weekend without her.

US President Joe Biden went off on an odd tangent on Saturday, as he jokingly asked the Navajo Nation to “let his wife come home”, hinting that First Lady Jill Biden had been visiting Window Rock for too long.

“I just want to say one thing to Byrd of the Navajo Nation, let my wife come home. She likes the Navajo Nation too much. She keeps being out there. She’s been out there for two days. She was out there before. I don’t know. You know what I mean? I called her, I said where are you? ‘I’m staying another day’. So, you know, let her come home, okay”, the president suddenly said during the “Leaders Summit on Climate” 

virtual event.

Biden joked that it’s too far for him to commute, but then once again changed the course of his monologue, returning to the discussion about climate issues.