Have You No Shame…” A Mother Reacts After Daughter Told Her She Is Looking For A Sugar Daddy

The tendency of young women dating older men for financial gain is not new in the world. While the name has changed from sugar daddy to sponsor recently, the act remains the same.

A young lady planning to date an old man will never tell her parents about the arrangement. However, a Kenyan radio presenter Natalie Githinji has gone viral for the same. She was jokingly informing her mother that she is looking for a sugar daddy. Mike Sonko, the ex-Nairobi Governor shared the conversation online, however, it has since gone viral.

The video shows Natalie setting up the camera before telling her mother. She then proceeds to say that she wants to date an older, moneyed man.

From the onset, you can clearly tell she wanted to capture her mother’s reaction to this very sensitive topic.

“Mum, I am looking for an old man with money, a potbelly, houses and vehicles. That is the type of man I want in my life…A man who can keep me,”she says.

The mother soon replied; “Keeping you what? Is there anything else you are thinking of aside from money?”

Like the mother’s straight reaction wasn’t enough, the lady further went on to say;

“He should be around 50 or 70 years old,”

The lady continues by saying she has a money problem. In a rejoinder, the mother tells her to instead look for a young boyfriend so they can build themselves up together.

The mother went to decried the high expectations young girls have of men nowadays.

“Have you no shame saying you are looking for a rich, older man? Can’t you look for a young man to start building with? The high expectations you young ladies have are the reason why some of you go crazy. You find a young woman who has not even given birth appearing even older than me because the brain is idle, building castles in the air. When you see a fancy car, you want to own it yet you have no means. You want to be sponsored, are you Kenya? Do you want sponsorship to build a road?”the angry mother responds.

Here are some of the reactions:

Samuel De Phineas:“It’s so sad to see that most of the relationships are based on wealth and riches ….nowadays true love is rare to find.”

MK Kibe:“The mother answered her candidly!”

Emilly Kimweru:“Kenya we are sponsored. Mum of the day!”

Sos Tioko Faulu:“It is just for fun and educational, no hard feelings people.”

Vallerierose Vall:“Money is not everything, true love en peace of mind very important.”