Woman Lands in Big Trouble As She Buys House, Car In N456m Mistakenly Sent to Her Account

A woman has been arrested for refusing to return money that was mistakenly wired to her by bank account
Kelyn Spadoni from Louisiana immediately used the cash to buy expensive things for herself and ignored calls, texts and emails pleading with her to return the cash.

According to the company suing her, she had signed a contract that demanded clients to return any overpayment funds from the firm.

A woman from Lousiana identified as Kelyn Spadoni has found herself in trouble after refusing to return $1.2 million (N456,600,000) that was mistakenly wired to her bank account.

The incident was reported to have happened in February, and the lady was also said to have ignored calls, texts and emails from the bank.

Spadoni, a 911 dispatcher, quickly bought a house and a car the same day she saw the money reflecting in her bank account.

Now, the lady’s brokerage firm, Charles Schwab, is demanding that she returns the full amount because the money was mistakenly sent to her due to a software glitch.

Initially, the company was meant to send Spadoni $82 (N31,201), but the bank ended up wiring $1.2 million (N456,600,000) to her account due to a software issue.

The young lady has been taken to court by Charles Schwab and charged for refusing to return money to the company.

They have also argued that she had from the onset signed a contract that said clients should return overpayment funds to the company. The spokesperson for the Jefferson Parish sheriff’s office said:

“She has no legal claim to that money even if it was put in there by mistake. It was an accounting error.”

Spadoni was arrested on April 7 and was released on an N149,812.73 bond.

On top of that, the firm has also repossessed the house and car that she bought and is expected to completely pay back the full overpayment amount or risk years in prison.

She has also been fired from her job as a 911 dispatcher.