See what a phone repairer found inside a spoilt phone that he was given to repair

We tend to see funny things that people do on the internet. I came across this video on instagram, and i find it very funny. A phone repairer opened the phone that a woman brought to him for repairs. What he found inside the phone was surprising to him. The husband of the woman is actually the owner of the phone. It is obvious that the husband was aware that she wanted to go and repair the phone. Since there was no way he could tell her not to go and repair it, and there was no way he could delete his whatsapp messages, he did something interesting

He wrote a message to the repairer on a piece of paper, asking him to tell his wife that he can’t repair the phone because she wanted to read his whatsapp message. He then opened the phone and placed the paper inside. He also put £50 for the repairer. That is a smart move from the man, because now she wouldn’t think he is trying to hide something from her.