Side Chick Refuses To Leave a Woman’s House After She Was Caught With Her Husband

Marriage is not easy, it comes with different problems and struggles especially when married with a cheating partner. A lot of men go outside their home to mingle outside, some of them invite them to their home whenever the wife is not around.

A woman arrived at her house only to catch her husband with his side chick in their home, she became furious and took some of the side chick’s stuff and asked her to leave.

The girl refused to leave their house, saying that she has no right to touch her stuff and must give it back to her. The husband did nothing but support the side chick, which gave her audacity to insist on not leaving.

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After this video went viral on Instagram, many users reacted advising women to change the mindset of rushing into marriage because it is not an easy thing. They also expressed how annoying it is for the side chick to have such audacity. See some screenshots of the reactions below.