See where a man hid cocaine before NDLEA found out at Muritala Muhammad airport in Ikeja

One really needs to be extra careful when traveling abroad or if someone says they should help deliver something abroad for another person. A secret place was found out by NDLEA about where cocaine was kept and to be transported abroad for sale. It’s a suprise that cocaine could be hidden in a T-shirt so as to by pass security.

As we all know, taking cocaine is illegal so also is trafficking it for sale. It’s why it is always been concealed from the securities at all times. Who would ever thought that a cocaine could be hidden in a T-shirt. The vigilant operatives of the NDLEA Nigeria were very much at alert. They seized the Cocaine concealed in T-shirts at Muritala Muhammed International Airport in Ikeja, Lagos State.

A video was made to show how it was carefully concealed. It was hidden in front of the logo in front of the t-shirt. This is a warning for people who likes collecting things from people to help deliver abroad.

See Video footage 👇