Randy lady caught on camera lifting up her dress to expose thighs as pastor preaches in church

A young woman was last Sunday caught on camera lifting up her skirt and showing off her juicy thighs during a church service.

The randy woman shared a video of her filming herself as she erotically pushed up her gown to show off her thighs as a pastor preached in church.

The lady shared the video online on her Snapchat account. The Snapchat video had a time stamp of 1/24/21.

The incident is thought to have happened during a church service in Nigeria last Sunday. The foolish woman was streaming her erotic session live on Snapchat as the church service went on.

In the video she shared on Snapchat, the lady is seen lifting up her red dress to expose hectares of thighs as the pastor is heard in the background preaching.

The disturbing video drew anger and criticisms after it was shared online by multiple Nigerian news outlets.

Watch the video below: