Muslim lady, three others kidnap a Man for 5 million Ransom

“He refused to marry me so I kidnapped him for N5million Ransom” – Maryam confesses

A lady known as Maryam Mohammed has been arrested for kidnapping her ex-boyfriend who refused to marry her despite her efforts to convince him.

Maryam was arrested by the Kano State police operatives at Jaba quarters, Ungogo Local Government Area of the state.

According to report by Sahara Reporters, she said her uncle called Hamza introduced her to the business and their first victim was her ex-boyfriend who refused to marry her after several years of courtship.

A ransom of N5 million was collected from her ex-boyfriend’s family and she was given a paltry sum of N800,000 only.

She confessed that she used her share of the money to get an apartment in Jaba quarters, Ungogo Local Government Area, Kano State.

She Was Arrested Alongside 3 Young Men In Kano State,

The Muslim lady, Maryam Mohammed and the three men were arrested by men of the Nigeria Police Force. The suspects were captured over seizing of honest individuals.

From available reports, Maryam Mohammed and the three men were gotten inside a house at ‘ Kwanar Jaba’ region, Ungoggo neighborhood government territory of Kano state.

It was gathered that the four suspects have abducted numerous honest individuals in Kano state.

As shown by the photos above, numerous hazardous weapons were found inside the house.

This is undoubtedly an extraordinary accomplishment made by individuals from the Nigeria Police Force, Kano state.

The lady must have been promised marriage by her ex-boyfriend and when they quit, she felt hurt and angry.

Some ladies can be very wicked, this is also a lesson to young men, if you are not ready to marry a lady please do not date her for a long time.

Please young men, life is precious so you have to be careful.

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