Sakawa boys fight Kasoa women for killing snake that slithered from Benz car to vomit money (video)

Some two young men believed to be money ritualists known locally as Sakawa boys became angry with some women of Kasoa in the Central region of Ghana for killing a snake that had slithered from their Benz car to allegedly vomit money.

According to a report by Accra-based Adom FM, the unhappy ritualists fought female hawkers at Kasoa toll booth after they killed the said snake used for a ritual.

The report said that the said Sakawa boys packed a brand-new White Benz car at the toll booth but nobody knew what they were up to.

Then, suddenly, to the surprise of witnesses, a very huge snake came out of the car.

While some bystanders got frightened and tried to take cover, others were courageous enough to kill the reptile.

No sooner had the snake been killed than two boys descended from the Benz car fuming at them for killing their ‘Automated Teller Machine (ATM)’.

According to some witnesses who spoke to Adom FM, the snake appeared as though it was about to vomit money when it came out of the car.

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Money ritual is a fetish practice that which African youth resort to in a bid to get rich quick without toiling like everyone else.

The practice is common in Ghana and Nigeria as well as other countries on the continent, and it is on the increase because poverty and joblessness coupled with greed and laziness of some young people make them see money ritual as the easiest option.

Although some of them become miserable not long after temporary affluence and others die due to the inability to meet the conditions of their spiritual masters, money ritual remains attractive to some young people.

In other news, a Nigerian kidnap kingpin paid a ransom to secure his freedom from fellow kidnappers of another gang who kidnapped him.

The criminal but hilarious incident underscores the saying that what goes around comes around.

According to reports, Mohammed Ahmadu was forced to pay the ransom of N1.5 million after he found himself in the position of a victim and had a feel of what he and his gang members have been subjecting innocent people to.

Police Force spokesperson, Frank Mba, said during a media parade of suspects on Monday, January 11, 2021, that investigations revealed that Mohammed Ahmadu, a.k.a Confirm was the leader of a notorious kidnapping group in the northcentral region of the country.

He fell victim to another kidnap gang when he visited the gang’s hideout in the forest to sell live ammunition.

The 30-year-old was held captive and shot in the hand until his gang members paid the ransom of N1,555,000 for his freedom,

Police arrested and paraded one Abubakar Umaru, a.k.a Buba Bargu who was allegedly the armourer of the gang that kidnapped their colleague kidnapper Ahmadu.