Nemesis has finally caught up with a man popularly addressed as “Nwa Ezeakwu” and his wife. They were paraded around Eke Osumenyi market in Nnewi south yesterday after making confessions of how they killed a family of 5 through poison and others…… What a wicked world!

The evil man and the wife were summoned before the villagers where they made confessions

Recall in 2017, a man in Anambra state; Mr. Chukwudi Asor lost his 3 Children, Wife, and Mother to the cold hands of death in one day. It was said that his mother went to Eke Osumenyi market to buy powdered cassava (Aribo).

Chukwudi’s wife prepared the Cassava powder for the family, then ate with her 3 kids who returned from school. She kept some for her husband who was a commercial motorcyclist (Okada rider) and her mother-in-law who was not at home at the said time.

Before evening, Chukwudi’s wife and children began to complain of severe stomach pain. In the process, they threw up blood. They were about to be rushed to the hospital. Or, they were rushed to the hospital. But they all died.

Chukwudi lost his wife and 3 children the same day. That very day in Osumenyi Community was thrown into pandemonium. Every one was a suspect.

Chukwudi’s Mother was so heartbroken. His son was her only child. How could she be alive to bury her grandchildren and a Daughter-in-law who were supposed to stand beside her grave when she is no more , she thought to her herself.

When everyone left the house, Chukwudi’s mother took from the same cassava powder made fofoo, took from the same pot of soup and ate. She did that because she said she was the one who bought the cassava powder.

When she finished eating the same meal, she also complained of severe stomach pains and died. The woman who sold the cassava powder became the prime suspect. The people went to the market where she sells and held her.

The poor woman collected a pot and made a fire in the market. There, she mixed all the powdered cassava she was selling and stir in the market. She ate it in big quantity in the presence of everyone in the market. But nothing happened to her.

Although she didn’t die, many people didn’t still believe she was innocent. People avoided buying from her until she ran out of customers and packed from the market.

It was a gruesome sight on that fateful day in Mr. Chukwudi Asor’s compound in 2017 as 5 graves were dug for five coffins. One by one, he saw his mother, wife, 2 sons, and a daughter laid in the grave. Their killers were rejoicing while he was mourning.

People like us who came to mourn with him on that very day, pleaded with him to forge ahead. We suggested the soup could have been infested with wall gecko or centipede. We didn’t the killers were among us.

Until the 12th of January, 2020, Mr. Chukwudi’s kindred was sharing meat given to them during a traditional marriage. Two men were arguing and confronting themselves. One said to another; do you want your life to be like that of Chukwudi’s? Do you remember how miserable his life is now? In your case, I will snuff you into my nose like a snuff”. These were his exact words.

The man whom he was addressing grabbed him by the shirt. He was also fortunate that people around heard the threats.

The men around the place held him too and began to ask him to explain what happened to Mr.  Chukwudi Asor. He was taken to his house from the spot. The people saw pots of charms, people’s photos, names, and belonging. There spiritual mirror, Uji, all manner of items tied with red clothes.

The people began to beat him and he began to confess. He confessed he poisoned the family of Mr. Chukwudi Asor with the help of his wife. He said his wife bought the poison in the market and sneaked into Mr. Chukwudi Asor’s family and mixed it with the powdered cassava.

The man and the wife were paraded in the markets. He was made to untie the destinies of the people in the community which he has made useless. After so many parading and cursing processes, he was banished from the Osumenyi community.

But the second drama ensued when they got to the boundaries of the communities where they were to be banished. The youths of the communities got the information beforehand and waited for them at the boundaries.

The evil man and the wife were marched to the Osumenyi/Amichi Boundary in Nnewi South, the youths of the Community rejected them and drove them back. They were marched out to the Ebenator/ Osumenyi Boundary in Nnewi South, he was equally rejected. Utuh Community too rejected them. Finally, they were driven into Imo State via Urasi/Lilu boundary.

The woman who sold the (Aribo) Powdered cassava that was accused Shed tears of Joy for being vindicated

The wife of the evil man confessed that she bought the poison that killed Chukwudi’s family.