Fake Prophet brutally attacked for ordering women to undress before him and take a bath during a church service

There was pandemonium on Sunday when a Bluffhill ‘fake prophet’ was thrashed in Mbare for undressing and sexually abusing women during church service.

iHarare learned from H Metro that Prophet Jerico Nyika of Chariot of Fire ministries ordered three women from Mbare to undress before him and take a bath during a church service in Waterfalls on New Year’s Day.

One of the victim’s lover who was shown whatsapp love texts sent by Nyika to the victim lured the unsuspecting prophet into a trap.

When the prophet fell for the trap he was bashed thoroughly and asked to pay US$100 for his crimes before rear tyres of his Merceded Benz were removed.


He later got his tyres back after he paid the US$100 fine.

The lover who set the trap for Nyika said he wanted to expose the ‘fake prophet’ for his indecency towards women.

<p class="has-drop-cap" value="<amp-fit-text layout="fixed-height" min-font-size="6" max-font-size="72" height="80">It is a shame that married women are being bedded in the name of deliverance. This came to light after my girlfriend disclosed how they were treated at a house in Waterfalls.It is a shame that married women are being bedded in the name of deliverance. This came to light after my girlfriend disclosed how they were treated at a house in Waterfalls.

They were asked to undress and put on white cloths he claimed were anointed to remove evil spirits which he said were causing bad omen.

They took a bath sprinkled with coarse salt in different rooms where Prophet Nyika would monitor and when he came to my girlfriend he asked to help her in taking the bath and she refused.

He later sent a love message to my girlfriend admiring her body and gave a false prophecy that her lover was not serious with her.

My girlfriend showed me the messages and narrated how they were treated at a house owned by a lady whose husband is based in the United Kingdom.

We agreed to trap the prophet and he drove to this place expecting to take my girlfriend out for quality time.

We removed wheels from his vehicle and questioned him over his conduct to married women and church members and he apologised for making false prophecies and bedding his victims,” said the lover who refused to be named.

The battered and bruised Prophet told H Metro that he was beaten up by two men who odered him to pay US$100 for allegedly sexually abusing one of the men’s girlfriend.

He said he was going to report the matter to the police.

I was assaulted by two men and the other claimed to be a boyfriend to the church member I gave prophecies about her love affair.

The two assaulted me, took some photographs of me and threatened to take me to the border arguing that I was not a local Prophet and I have bruises as we speak.

They went on to remove the back wheels of my vehicle and asked me to pay them for my freedom and I gave them US$100.

They promised to expose me accusing me of bedding his girlfriend in Waterfalls along with three other married women.

His girlfriend told me that she was single and I gave a prophecy concerning her lover that he was wasting her time.

I conducted prayers with the four at a house in Waterfalls; that is true after discovering that they were being tormented by marine spirits.

Uyu musikana wake wacho akamanifester achiratidza kuti ane mweya wech*****bi.

I have since informed my cousin Paradzai who is under CIO and he instructed me to lodge a police report against the two but I do not know their names and if they stay in Mbare where the lady stays.

I saw it better to give my side of the story since I am now living in fear following the assault, said Prophet Nyika.