Meet Mariam Musa Who Poisoned Her Own Step Son In Nigeria Just Because of Jealousy

It is not advisable to have a polygamous family, because of the so many issues and challenges that normally arise from that kind of family setting. There is always strive between the wives and thier children which sometimes can be very fatal leading to the loss of innocent lives.

We have heard of so many instances where step mothers maltreat and kill thier step children or children from thier fellow wives. A similar situation occured recently in Nigeria when one Mariam Musa was paraded for poisoning the food of her co wife’s son just because she was jealous of the attention the co wife was receiving from thier husband.

Mariam who was pregnant at the time and also the first wife had no male child and felt her husband was showing much attention and care to the second wife because she bore him a son.

According to her, thier husband who used to eat from the same plate stopped doing that and started treating her with disdain and that’s was why she decided to poison the boy even though according to her, she didn’t intend to kill him.

The young innocent boy of three years was rushed to the hospital where he later died on Thursday, December 31, 2020 just one more day to the new year.