Dear Ladies, Marriage Is A Scam And No Man Should Pay Bride Price To Marry You – Dr. Kemi

Almost everyone on Earth has the belief that marriage is a perfect institution ordained by God meant to be a union between a man and a woman.

While this is an established fact, you will bear me witness that a lot of marriages today have become a shadow of themselves as some are going through hell and ensuring it rather than enjoying it, hence people have different perception about marriage.

Dr. Kemi who is one of Nigeria’s famous investigative journalist took to her Twitter handle to caution ladies as to why they should not kill themselves because of marriage, here is what she treated below:

“Ladies, marriage is a scam, nobody should have to pay a bride price to marry you. Americans sign prenups but your husband’s family paying to marry you? You are a straight our SLAVE.

When domestic violence starts, do parents get a REFUND? QUIT this daft Nigerian tradition”

Check out some twitter users response to her tweet below:

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